Lovely Swedish White Rooms

I can never get enough of Swedish white rooms (although I don’t have one single white room in my own home. How is that for being a true Swede! But I have several light gray rooms if that counts!). Just looking at these images calms my somewhat stressed december/holiday nerves. And as always I love mixing old with new. It makes for such wonderful contrast. Don’t you agree? Happy weekend wonderful blog friends!

All images via Skona Hem

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Swedish White Rooms

Happy Monday lovely blog friends! Are you crazy busy like myself this time of the year? (I find myself running around in circles). A dose of Swedish might just be what we all need. Here are some lovely Swedish white rooms to keep you calm and collected this busy season!

This apartment is for sale (wish I could buy it today as our retreat when we go to Sweden on a yearly basis) and it is located in the vibrant neighborhood “Vasastaden” in Gothenburg (the second largest city in Sweden). My very first own apartment was located in Vasastaden in Stockholm (same vibrant neighborhood, same look and feel). Maybe this wasn’t such a good post after all. Now I get all emotional and home sick…!

Post inspiration via Designfragment

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Objects Of Desire – In White

It must be the long, dark months ahead here in Seattle (not to mention in Sweden!) that give me an urgent need to brighten my home as much as possible. And right now I am swooning over these white objects. They can move in with me any time!

You have most likely seen these vessels several times before. They don’t tire me. I absolutely love these modern pieces by Sara Paloma and I am now ready for my own little collection of pottery that she describes as the “LA skyline”.

Image from Authentic Africa

Image via Designalogue

Yes, they have been featured in many design magazines but I don’t care! They are still so lovely to me! These beautiful feather headdresses, so called Juju hats, are handmade in Cameroon and worn by prominent members of society, as well as Juju dancers. I love the organic feel and the round shape. They come in many lovely colors but a white one will be moving in with me soon. I have a perfect spot for it in my living room.

Shady Tree is this lovely pendant from DutchDesign.  It is designed by Nicolette Brunklaus. The shade is lined with woodland imagery that appears when the light is switched on, casting a rich range of lovely shadows.

Here is a mirror (“Mirror Mirror”), also from DutchDesign that I think is so much fun. Simply gaze into this mirror and get something to read while you are styling your hair. The text is engraved on a special mirror glass surface, offering optimum reflective coverage.

Jonathan Adler’s scented Muse Blanc Candle is set in a a porcelain vessel that glows as the candle burns. After the candle is gone, the vessel makes for a perfect flower vase. The candle is 3.5″ high.

The Facetta bowls from Kähler are so beautiful. A nice lamp and this bowl are all you need on your chest of drawers. The bowl is designed by Søren Thygesen from Denmark. The bowls are available in three sizes. They can be purchased from Illums Bolighus among other stores.

Also from Illums Bolighus are these classy candleholders crafted in brass, plated with 24 carat gold, from Georg Jensen. They are designed by Regitze Overgaard. Aren’t they lovely together with white candles? This image is going into my personal style file!

And here are two bedrooms with plenty of white to recharge any sun deprived body & soul. (Images from Skona Hem).

Happy Monday lovely blog friends!

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Stockholm Living

The styles may vary but you can be sure to find the following design elements in a Stockholm apartment:

  • White. Swedes embrace gallons and gallons of white paint.
  • Hardwood floors with individual rugs (we stopped using wall to wall carpeting decades ago).
  • State of the art kitchens (yep, nearly all of family & friends back home have fab kitchens!).
  • State of the art bathrooms.
  • Books! (See my earlier post).
  • A great mix of old and new. Just look at that old Swedish wood burning stove and the old beams. A true Swede will rather have no furniture at all than to get rid of historical elements.

Images: Lagerlings

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Attic Bliss In Stockholm

Here is some eye candy for you. This incredible attic apartment in Stockholm is owned by the interior architect and artist Carouschka Streijffert. I am going to keep quiet for a change and let you go through all the details yourself. Take your time.

Okay, just one comment! Let’s talk about books for a second. I do not know of one home in Sweden (unless they are somehow staged) where books are not prominent. Back home we surround ourselves with books and display them with pride. I get totally nervous when I don’t see books in a home. I am so pleased to be reading more and more about how formal living rooms in the US are fading away. People instead are opting for libraries. Yeah! I hope that trend stays!

Images via Skona Hem

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