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Is it this time of the year or is it me? All I long for is tranquility and serenity. I don’t want more stuff (as a matter of fact I want to get rid of half of my house), I don’t want noise. Stress has been kicked out the door (and is not allowed back in again!). All I want is easy living, peace & harmony. And to be able to sit — for real… Preferably in a striped wing-back chair.

Brown cottages and cabins have never been my cup of tea but look how lovely this wood paneled room is with all white slip covered seating. I would be phenomenally content here.

 I find a collection of Staffordshire ironstone and American stoneware calming.

And from now on I think that my kids can sit on simple, old milk chairs! (Admit that you will look for some at your nearest antiques fair!).

Happy 4th to all my American friends!

You will find me at a party — seated — and with my shoes kicked off!

Images: No. 1 via Note to Sarah, 2,4 and 5 scanned via Country Living July/August 2012, no. 3 scanned via House & Home July 2012.

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Fresh, Bright & Soothing Living

I see this and I just want to re-do my entire house. Simple, fresh and soothing. Edgy and interesting — all with a relaxed feel. But it really just comes down to the space being decluttered (farewell unnecessary stuff!) and the light floors. (Yep,  similar floors are moving into our master bedroom this year. I crave a calm bedroom).

Take note of the pretty vignette in the back of the room.

Also, pay attention to the emerald color on the old door glass. A little goes a long way.

Busy, busy times over here. School finals, parties and graduations x 3 kids. Summer officially starts for us on June 22nd. Can’t come soon enough!

Finally, HAPPY, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all wonderful Dads and Dads in training out there!

 Warm hugs to everyone!

Images: Inspiration and image 1-2 via Purple Area. Image no. 3 via The New Yorker.

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William’s Bedroom Makeover Unveiled – Finally!

Long overdue, I know. It is not a perfect magazine feature room, people — but William is happy and that is all that counts!

Remember, how it started? With a sad little boy pleading for a big boy room with a bed! (My 4 year old Prince had been totally neglected. His sisters got all the fancy stuff and he was still in an old crib… with a broken mobile hanging over his head. (There used to be six birds).

Help!!! Anybody out there?!

We finally got the message and went to work. This time I wanted a room with a more Scandinavian feel. Simple, light, easy to clean and soothing (soft colors, good lighting and and a good vibe). We also decided to be a little budget savvy. (I think Ikea is perfect for kids’ rooms! Scandinavian look & feel and so cost effective).

What really made this room take so long, was waiting for this wall sconce! (Boston Library light via Circa Lighting). Waiting for its arrival and to have it installed. I know, I know, hardly low budget.  We splurged on this one, I admit. But it is so handsome and I think it is the perfect accent over the chalkboard wall.

The red cabinet is pretty much one of the few thing we kept from his old room. Antique doors built into a new cabinet. We’ve gotten so much use out of that piece.


The chalkboard wall turned out to be quite the project. A lot of tries with different red chalk paints and it was hard to get the paint even. But I did not want William to stare at a black, gloomy chalkboard (he is only 4) — so it was worth it. Hubby got the frame up and I stained it gray/blue. Our first little DIY project as a couple — it was fun!



Note William’s interpretation of his Mommy!


This is the first room in our house with pure white walls. But I had the ceiling painted in a very soft blue for a little bit of contrast. Still staying very simple Swedish, though!

A view from the door. (I now wish I had ironed all the bed linen!) Slipcovered headboard from Ikea (so easy to wash) and also the bedlinen. Love the dots and stripes.

The big wall map also from Ikea gets a lot of use at bedtime when we talk about places we have been, places we are going and what makes the world go around. I highly recommend it.

Bed buddies (And the not so ironed bed linen. I am not perfect!).


I did not want curtain panels and was ready to order some fancy linen Roman shades (and I might still do that) but a designer friend reminded me, that we have perfectly new and functional white wooden blinds plus it is hard to clean fabric shades. So, no need to take them down — yet. So instead my husband got to build this wooden valance (first time ever!) which I padded and put some striped fabric on from — yes, Ikea!



I hope I haven’t lost too many reader now. Yikes!

Remember the vintage wooden crate I found at a garage sale for nothing? All clean and equipped with casters it now makes for a perfect toy bin.

And the same fox as in the first image is here. So I guess the circle is complete.

I warned you! Nothing fancy, no extravaganza. But hopefully personal and livable for a 4 year old with a simple Scandinavian touch!

I am taking a week+ off from blog land. We plan to have some fun in the sun as a family. I will check in with my friends a tiny bit but I hope you understand and don’t think I am ignoring you if you don’t hear from me for a few days.

When I get back I will have some store news!

Warm summer hugs to you all!

Images: All images via Splendid Willow.

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Quiet, Beautiful and Peaceful

Hello friends. No words needed here. I am going to be almost quiet and let you wander in this lovely summer home of Terry John Woods. What an eye for beautiful things. What incredible ability to put together simple and gorgeous rooms he has. Many of the treasures are flea market finds. Take serious notes friends.  For those of you who prefers a more modern look, envision some of these rooms with a just a few added contemporary pieces and accents. That is the beauty of an old style with simple lines and neutral colors. They can be easily mixed.

Against the wall in Terry’s living room rests this old, green door with a window louver attached to the top. Terry uses it to display art. Beautiful. (Donna, my friend, I think of you when I see this).

This is why I love Terry and his design approach:

“I love old prints and having water damage or stains have never stopped me from bringing them forward to be enjoyed. This print I found in Maine for a song and a waltz and it is one of my favorite to date. Perfect things are so boring. Who wants to be perfect. Not me”.

Layered ironstone plates.

I love this room. It feels very old Swedish to me. Look at the washed painter cloth slip covers. Terry painted the mural himself. He wanted a tiny bit of color and a reminder of where he likes to be, by the sea.

I am slightly envious of this metal cupboard. He says it is handmade and comes from a naval ship yard. It was most likely used to store tools.

Terry, you are lucky to be living on the other side of the coast! Because if you lived anly closer to Seattle I would have been stalking you on a regular basis and trying to tag along on your shopping trips, hoping to learn a lot more about design and styling. You are brilliant.

Happy Wedneday to you all!

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Quite Simply Swedish

When I need to declutter my mind and find some peace in & harmony I often gravitate towards my old home country. Swedish interiors can at times be considered cold but when done right and with some heart, I find those rooms calm, serene and easy to breathe in. They are often filled with less stuff but instead things with a purpose. Let me introduce you to such a home in beautiful Sweden.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Anna-Malin is a friend who I have met in wonderful blog land. We have been sharing e-mails cross the Atlantic about  life issues and thoughts on design. Not only is Anna-Malin a wonderful person but she is also highly creative and talented. Her home is so inspiring and so is her Swedish blog Helt Enkelt. Take a deep breath – this is not staged, this is how she actually lives. Lovely or what?

Anna-Malin loves mixing Scandinavian design classics with heirloom pieces and vintage finds. She is an expert at taking flea market finds and turning them into must-have objects.

Just take a look at this vintage chair (Anna-Malin is well aware that I have a very serious crush on that particular chair!). She found the chair at a Swedish flea market, nobody wanted it (where was I!!), she paid about $40 dollars and voila. Hello?! Can a chair get much lovelier?

And now that chair lives here. In her kitchen. With sheep skins and everything. Oh no, that was 2 weeks ago! Anna-Malin changes furniture around on a daily basis and the kitchen of the week now looks like this!

                                                                                                                                                                                     She constantly moves things around and prefers to try new ideas before she would even consider going out and buying anything new.

As with most Swedes, Anna-Malin finds inspiration from nature. She is drawn to simple lines, organic materials and neutral colors. And she like to be good to mother nature by reusing things. She says: ” Being from the very North of Sweden, I get good energy from white and cripsy snow, complete quiet and branches from simple, wispy trees”.

Who said you need a whole roll of wall paper to make an impact? Just a little piece will take you a  long way!

My friend is a resourceful lady who is not afraid to use a hammer and nail on any given day. This sofa table is one of Anna-Malins own creations, put together on a weekend. (Maybe Hubby was involved in that project too, I can’t remember).

Another dining/work area in the family room.

All over the house you will find cozy and calm areas to relax and just be.

The rooms of her two boys are no exceptions.

I hope this gave you some good food for thought. Just writing this post got me so inspired that I am heading to a nearby consignment store – today! Thank you Anna-Malin for your friendship and all your wonderful ideas & inspiration! Happy Monday blog friends!

All images, curtesy of Anna-Malin @ Helt Enkelt.

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