I Am So Tufted

This blue tufted bench at the foot of our bed has been with me for 15 years, people! When I like, I like — and I stick to it (boringly long).

If you ask me what is important in a bedroom I will answer, the people (!), a high-end mattress, quality pillows, muted wall colors (for serenity) and yes a tufted bench. (An old Swedish bench would be lovely but if feels too precious with lively family members).

So why this bench? It is stable — kids and four legged friends can use it as a stepping ladder to your bed (oh no, perhaps not what you want!), cats take long morning naps on it, hubbies put on their fancy shoes from it (not me — I never have time to sit down) and if it has a timeless look (I like mine tufted and long with rounded corners plus casters) it will always work and be current. A classy piece can always be re-upholstered over and over.

Here are some other tufted benches that get my stamp of approval:

I want this as a sofa and as an ottoman. The perfect fabric.

Simple and always right.

Pretty, pretty.

I like this one too!

And this one! A different and more masculine look. I can see this in an all white bedroom with white wooden floors.

A fun touch of color.

One day I will schlep my ottoman into my dream library!

Yes, I snuck away from blog land for a few weeks. I so needed it, the kids needed it and now I am rested and ready for a fun and inspirational fall.

Hello and welcome to all new subscribers! Thank you to blog friends checking in and thank you to all of you who sent in your Home Inspiration images (see previous post).

I am off to see what I have missed in blog land!

Warm hugs.

Images: No. 1 via Splendid Willow.



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