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When wonderful blog friend Ally, over at the From The Right Bank, asked her readers for wallpaper suggestions I immediately knew where to send her. It sounds crazy but I go all the way to Sweden, to a wonderful store in Malmoe called Tapetorama, for inspiration.

Their on-line selection is heavenly, I trust the Swedes to always be, tuned with current design trends. (And wallpaper is hotter than ever, people). They also carry a lot of historical & vintage papers. It struck me that I have not looked at their selection for almost a year, since I did some shopping over there myself. Here are a few lovelies:

 4. Nagoya
9. Sweet Bay, 10. By Mimou. Brand also represented at Tapetorama, 11. Magnolia. 12. Elisa, 13. Fashion
And here is something for all of you who are looking for uniqueness on your walls. Recently a dear friend introduced me to Elisabeth Westerlund. Elisabeth is an artist in Sweden who works a lot in paper. She has also taken her artistry into the world of interior design. And look what she does! She takes different kinds of wallpapers and puts together tailor made wallpaper collages for her clients. I have never heard of this approach before and I find it quite compelling!
Take this room for instance. The owner of this small 2 bedroom Stockholm apartment wanted her home to look like an English 18th c. mansion. Elisabeth put together her unique one-of-a-kind wall paper collage with a range of different patterns and styles. Didn’t it turn out great?!
This is what Elisabeth herself is saying about her work: “We live with so many conventions in interior design. Even if not identical, we all have pretty much the same things in our homes e.g a sofa, a sofa table, a book shelf etc. Same with wallpaper. I just took what I know from the art world and applied it to the world of interiors. It is a crossover between art and home design.”
Look closely and try to see how many different kinds of wallpaper she has been working with. Whether you like wallpaper or not. You’ve got to admit that Elisabeth has a great feel for color and composition. I am looking forward to seeing  more of her work.
I just love all the talented and creative people that I get to meet in my blog corner of the world. You all make my life so much richer!

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