I Would Like To Move In With Tommy Smythe!

Hope that you all are well rested and happy in the new year. I am personally really excited about 2011. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year! 

I spent this past weekend, the first days of the year, fixing and organizing and fixing some more. Out with all clutter and disfunction and headaches. I wanted to start the year fresh and in control! (Tons of bags are being sent to goodwill and other places. I am so done with stuff).

Mr. Tommy Smythe’s (one of HGTV’s great designers) home has been making the rounds in blog land. But when I was thinking about which home or room to kick-off the new year with — I kept coming back to his lovely Toronto apartment. I have a serious design crush on this guy and wish I could move in with him — permanently. I would be so happy here! I find his home beautiful, playful, relaxed, interesting and yes, pleasantly organized!

I like every single thing in this area. But the striped area rug really makes the room.

How fun with the yellow table as an unexpected splash of color.

Matches, pencils, monochrome collectibles — all have their place. (I wish that had been my home when I was frantically running around the house for a box of matches, I don’t now how many times, during the holiday!)

Every room needs at least one black item, for a little bit of glamour and drama. That chair in the background calls my name. What a beauty.

A bright and happy eating area, with a red table lamp for cozy factor. Love it!

Old and new. Splashes of color. Personal touches. Harmony. And a lot of white.

This is how I am marching into 2011. With fresh eyes, a lot of curiosity and a strong desire to try many new things. To live a little!

Warm hugs to you all. It is good to be back and I look forward to seeing what all of my blog friends are up to.

Image of Tommy Smythe via Reynolds Still. Images interiors via Apartment Therapy.

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