Happy Stockholm Will Make The US Happy

Happy Stockholm is the name of a small trio design company based in Stockholm, Sweden. I just found out that their products are now being represented by a bunch of resellers in the US and of course anything new and lovely from my old Stockholm gets my support!

Behind the company are 3 creative design specialists within textile, glass/ceramics/iron art and silver. All the products are designed and made in Sweden. Here are a few of their offerings:

Very pretty pendant necklace in silver. I love the layered look.

Lovely table runner in linen. Both classic and modern.

A clever and handsome trivet/pot holder in iron. (I’ll tell you – a lot fancier than the round beat up ones I got!)

Beautiful earrings of silver and white freshwater pearl.

Another table runner that I think is so pretty. (Also offered in pillows and towels).

For their whole product line, visit here.

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Pattern Designer Lisa Bengtsson

You might have heard of the Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson, who definitely is someone to remember and keep and eye on – and for good reasons. She is very talented and creative. Her main focus is pattern design but she also works with graphical design and illustrations. Lisa’s first wallpaper products were an instant hit. I meant to share her portfolio with you a long time ago – but here you go!

This fall Lisa launched her collection  “Sir Harald” for Mairo. Harald is Lisa’s grandfather and the pattern is a tribute to his life. Nice! And Royal blue is such a hot color right now.

My personal style is simple, edgy sophisticated, but I love to add a little bit of drama here and there. Not a whole house, not even an entire room, but a splash of unexpected drama is so much fun. And this wallpaper above, La Rose, fits the bill!

This was Lisa’s first wallpaper design, “The Family”, which put her name on the design map. Just add your family photos right on the wall.

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Asshoff & Brogård Design

Good Monday morning to all my dear blog friends!

I have seen products from the Stockholm based design company Asshoff & Brogård in the past but this is the first time I have visited their website and got the whole selection.

Their own corporate description: “Asshoff & Brogård focuses on functional products that tell a story and creates a poetic and dramatic everyday scenery. A shared interest in construction and magic brings life to their works”.

Pay attention to these two prize winning designers – Johanna Asshoff and Hanna Brogård!

I like this bookshelf with an over-sized crest. Not the same old same old for sure.

Newly released are these wooden hooks inspired by flowing tears or dripping rain.

Here is an interesting product in stoneware. A dining set for 4 people designed to be stacked on top of each other when not used and turned into a sculpture. How easy to set the table! Who needs cupboards!

“The Green House” – a paper/garbage bin shaped as a house. The front porch is the pedal. When you step on it the roof opens up.

I had no idea that A&B is behind the design of Ikea’s Trollsta sideboard.

But of all their products, this got to be the most unique of them all. An office concept for funeral directors called “A Beautiful Farewell”. A complete environment dedicated to loss & memories. Interesting.

Urns for ashes.

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