Swedes And Their Black Design Accents

White, crisp walls, yes. But don’t think that gray is a Swedes favorite accent color to go with all that white (just because I babble about it all the time). Black is always a top choice. Yin and yang. Perfect harmony. I want my summer home to look & feel like this. Fresh, airy, harmonious, current — all embracing simple uncomplicated living.

P.S Admit that you feel tempted to paint a piece of furnishing black.

Images: Via Tidningen Lantliv.

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Announcement: Taking My Store To The Next Level

I am back from our wonderful & lazy family vacation on the Oregon coast. I have not forgotten any of you and I am looking forward to checking in with all of my friends to see what you have been up to!

For the last little while I have been a busy summer Mom and I have also been preparing to take my little store to the next level.

Today I am proud to announce: 


NEW: Store makeover, its own separate domain name, more product categories and still staying true to my mission of:

 Offering Unique, Well-Made Products With A Scandinavian Twist


I now offer even more colors and models from Ilse Jacobsen’s sophisticated line of high-end rain gear.

I now also carry some unique and lovely things for the young ones. Scandinavian design, of course.

I am very proud to be the first on-line store to carry Swedish native, Asa’s, fantastic jewelry.

And I could not have a store, offering the best I know from Scandinavia, without also carrying pelts from Gotland sheep –- desirable sheep skins from sheep from a rural Swedish Viking island in the Baltic Sea, where I used to spend all my childhood summers.

Not a jam packed store, just a few things that I am personally very attached to and very proud to represent. More to be added as I go along.

Welcome in! Enter Splendid Willow Avenue here.

I hope you like what you see.  If you do, perhaps you will help me spread the word by telling a few of your friends.

This coming Friday I am celebrating the launch of my recharged store with a fun and unique event with two very dear blog friends. I will remind you later in the week. You won’t want to miss it!

Warm hugs to you all and thank you for all your support. YOU are the ones who gave me the courage and wings to fly (and I am flying!). I am grateful to every single one of my friends/readers/supporters and Splendid Willow Avenue team/partners. Thank you all very much!

Warm hugs!

All images belong to Splendid Willow/Splendid Willow Avenue.

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Ikea’s Latest Photo Shoot Rocks

Happy new week! (I am sorry for my absence in blog land last week, but now I am back with more energy!). This past Friday I went to a fun evening event with a bunch of lovely ladies (Thank you Ms. Eva Delishhh!) and at 1:00 am (!) Ikea came up as a topic. The hostess’s laptop was quickly turned on and I shared some photos from one of Ikea’ s latest photo shoots (courtesy of my close & creative friend Mia from Solid Frog). And now I am sharing them with all of you.

This is Ikea, people! I think the images are absolutely gorgeous. And the stylists hit the mark by incorporating the industrial vintage trend that is so hot right now.

BRAVO Ikea! I am totally inspired by each and every image and I am so heading to that Swedish mega store this week! Maybe I will run into you there!

Inspiration + images via Solid Frog.

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Garbo Interiors and “Ebba & Jag” – Two Stores To Visit

Hello friends! I could go on and on about my trip to Stockholm and virtually drag you to every interesting street and shop but I don’t want to bore you with too much Stockholm talk. Ok, just one one more post….!

There are literally a zillion fun stores in Stockholm but today I am going to share two of my “secret” shops that are must visits for me whenever I go back to my old hometown — Garbo Interiors and Ebba & Jag (“Ebba and I”). None of them are painfully flashy, overly trendy, nor intimidating stores. I just find them interesting, tasteful, inviting and filled with unique things.

Garbo Interiors is located in my Mom’s neighborhood, Ostermalm, a lovely and classy downtown neighborhood filled with many nice design destinations.

Garbo Interiors offers classic high-end Swedish antiques and vintage furniture mixed with lovely accessories for the home. This store has many followers among interior designers and stylists. And rightfully so. It is just a gorgeous store!

Ebba & Jag is situated in Sodermalm, the neighboord where I was staying on my recent trip. I love this happening area which is filled with vibrant and funky stores and good places to eat.

Ebba & Jag is more of a lifestyle store and the lovely owner Mona and I have connected over the years and always give each other warm hugs when I pay a visit. (And we both just learned that one of Mona’s close friend’s happens to be one of my big brother Erik’s old girlfriend’s who we loved and viewed as part of our family! A crazy small world!).

Mona mixes Swedish antiques and vintage furniture with fashion from young Swedish designers and a bunch of other things she likes from around the world. I buy something every single time I visit this store and I always bring back a fashion item as a gift to my dear girlfriend Stacey in Seattle.

On my last trip I came home with several pieces of clothing by the Swedish brand Melmelli. These thin, high quality long cotton tunics are super comfortable and and look fabulous on. I have been wearing these tunics a lot this summer.

So, when you visit Stockholm — please don’t miss these two lovely stores. And if you meet Mona with “Ebba & Jag”, make sure to say hi from me!

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Simply Scandinavian

I just purchased Simply Scandinavianby Sara Normann. What a page turner this design book is! I really recommend it. I could scan (didn’t find any of these images on-line) pictures all day long to share with you. Here are a few that made my eyes extra large and teary with joy.

Ok, this is my favorite image in the book. I am borderline jealous (even if I don’t have a jealous bone in my body). The cabinet in the background (be prepared now) was found on a beach in Denmark! It is an old safety box used by swimmers to deposit their valuables! Paired with Arne Jacobsen’s table and chairs, I think I am about to faint. I love it all!

Maybe a little on the boring side to some. But I love bedrooms that are calm and serene. Love the simple details including the striped pillows and box spring and the old portrait and bedside table.

Count the objects in this image? Not very many! But the eye can rest in this room and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Love this room with the two sofas facing each other! Look at those large windows! And the two different light fixtures (one propped up on pile of magazines!).

A calm & neutral room with many old classics gets some added color with a striking wall art piece by Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke. I love big and unexpected art pieces.

When I see all these images – I just want to book a large container and get rid of half of my house. The older I get – the more I appreciate less. Less is so beautiful in my book.

Happy weekend to you all, friends!


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