Swedes Love Affair With Simple Window Treatments

Swedes are light craving people (the country hardly gets any light for months at a time) so no surprise that windows in many Swedish homes have minimal window coverings. It is all about letting the light in! And since most Swedes like “simple style” you are hard pressed to find window treatments that dominate the room.

One thing (among a zillion!) that I love about Sweden is that you can go into almost any home decor store and buy ready to install blinds/Roman shades for different size windows. They come in great pure materials like cotton, silk and linen and in the best neutral colors – white, light gray, raw linen etc. And they are very affordable. Every time I go back home I want to stock up, but the dimensions of my own windows are so different.

The ones in the two pictures below are store bought. (As I am sure many of the other ones in the images I am showing).

Himla in Sweden sells nice Swedish Roman blinds such as this one.

If you are in need of darker rooms at night, these window treatments can easily be combined with simple roller shades with blackout linings.

As a contrast Swedes also love “a touch” of color with all that Swedish white though the actual design is always simple. Nothing frilly. And very rarely do you find heavy, full length curtains.

This blind with butterflies would look beautiful in my daugther’s bedroom. (A tad more colors but still soft).

If you are looking for very authentic Swedish 18th century style blinds, you can buy special kits that have all the components for these attractive blinds which allow you to recreate the same look found in Swedish castles and mansions centuries ago.

Here is a great little DIY window treatment project. Raw linen fabric (rough edges) on a simple rod with leather belts as fabric holders. I can see this in my future summer home in Sweden!

What do you think of window treatments, Swedish style? Too plain and simple or just right?

Hugs to you all! And…

Happy Mother’s Day to all beloved Mothers/Mothers in training & Daughters!

Images: No. 1 via Flex Inredning. All others via Skona Hem.


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