Candle Sleeves

Yes, this genius product has received a lot of attention in magazines and on blogs for quite some time but I still think it is worth mentioning because it is current, fun, functional and so brilliant!

I would say that especially here in the US (don’t ask me why), most homes come with a variety of standard electrical candle light fixtures such as chandeliers and sconces. Not only does it feel the same old same old, same old everywhere but the artificial “candles” themselves look so dull.

The Seattle based company, KaarsKoker, came up with a clever solution by designing a whole line of vibrant and sophisticated candle sleeves to be put on top of the existing sockets. Instantly your light fixture has a more personal look that takes it from “so yesterday” to “so today”.

The price for a pair range from $10-$20.

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Posh Nail Polish

I found this nail polish Butter London at Fireworks, a fun design shop here in Seattle. (But the line sells all over the web). I was drawn to the cool and current colors and the fact that it does not contain any harsh and dangerous chemicals.  (And the bottle is square and fancy). I picked  the color “Tramp Stamp” a few weeks ago and my toe nails are still pretty! I will definitely buy some more colors. (About $14 each).

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Hanna Werning Adds Color to Rorstrand

Hanna Werning is without a doubt one of the leading designers in Sweden. Whatever that girl touches – whether it is wallpaper, textile or ceramics, it is almost guaranteed to be an instant success.

I worked with Hanna when she was still studying design in London – before she became a major design name in Sweden. She helped me with the corporate graphic design elements for the company I ran marketing for. I remember back then being absolutely blown away by her creativity, talent and professionalism. Today, I so enjoy watching all her design endeavors. I hope she conquers the world!

The Swedish ceramics manufacturer Rorstrand (the company was established in 1726) just launched the latest shade to its ever-popular Hanna ceramic series. The new color pattern is called Hanna lilac.

I love the color and I guess I will have to ask my dear Mom in Stockholm if she would be interested in going on a shopping expedition.

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The Perfect Wedding Gift Dilemma

Gunilla Dear – this is not for you to read!

My lovely friend Gunilla is getting married and I am on the hunt for that perfect wedding gift. I want it to be something she and her husband to be will treasure for life – and I want them to think of us every time they use it. I am definitely going classic & functional. Now the big question is what…

(If you have any fabulous gift ideas – please speak up. I can really use your help!)

Wedding gift candidates – so far:

Elegant Champagne Flutes from Orrefors’ Avanti collection. These glasses are made of lead-free crystal by master glassblowers and cutters in Orrefors’ Swedish glassworks.

Classic and modern salad servers from the world renowned Danish designer Arne Jacobsen for Georg Jensen.

Salad plates from Royal Copenhagen (the company was established in 1775 and this is its most recent series called Fluted Mega – a contemporary twist on the classic Flute model). The plates are assembled, painted and glazed by hand.

“Nobel” linen napkins from the Swedish linen mill “Klassbols“. These napkins are being used by distinguished guests at the prestigious Nobel Banquet, held in Stockholm annually.

Am I being too conservative? Help!

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Stainless Water Bottles

There are so many fun stainless water bottles on the market nowadays. And don’t we all need to stop buying those plastic water bottles that end up in landfills for generations to come (not to mention all the plastic chemicals that leak into the actual drinking water we think is so good for us)?

Stainless is the way to go.

I particularly like the designs from the San Francisco based company EarthLust.

At the fun online store  Kir De Vries, prices for these bottles range between $15.20 for a 13 oz bottle and $19.95 for a 32 oz bottle.

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