A Less Is More – Vase

I have a new fave vase that I can’t get enough of. All my fancy brand vases have been pushed aside for this simple, non expensive, versatile, handsome and modern model from Ikea! I use this Blomster vase all the time.

The roomy size (Diameter: 9 ½ “Height: 6 “), the shape and the color are all perfect and the height does not block out people on the other side of the table. Guess what – it is only $9.99! (Give your friend a vase + flowers in it – and you will be extra liked!). Each vase is hand blown and has been shaped by a skilled craftsman.

I particularly like it with a monochromatic flower color scheme. Even your average, less expensive flowers all of a sudden look costly in this handsome vase.

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Celebrating Mothers

Coming up! Mother’s Day in the US on Sunday May 10th.

People who know me well know that I am more into giving things than receiving. But for Mother’s day even I would accept a little thing as long as it is simple, preferably handmade and/or Swedish! Here are a few splendid things to give (or get!) for Mother’s day:

To die for! (Ask my friend Krissy who just received a sample box). The Seattle based chocolate maker, Fran’s Chocolates, offers these award-winning Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels. All caramels are made with organic ingredients. 

Swedish native Lotta Helleberg has a store on Etsy called Inleaf. Her handmade sachets in natural linen (above with Geranium print) are so lovely and filled with only dried organic lavender buds.  Sold in sets of 2. Size: 4.5″ x 4.5″. Price $20.

Hard not to smile when you open your linen drawer and is being greeted by this happy fern sachet, also by Lotta.

Also from Etsy is the store, Lulu La Rue. They craft teeny tiny sterling silver necklaces with pendants. Being a proud owner of a similar peace pendant myself given to me by my friend Stacey, I think the message needs to be spread! The price for this organic peace sign necklace is $28.

A bud vase. The perfect little vase next to your bed. Yet another Etsy seller, MudPuppy, is behind this hand crafted white ceramic vase with a cherry wood saucer. Out of this world lovely when the actual flowers are hand picked by small little hands. Price: $40.

I like to have things organized and I do a lot of writing, so a large set of same colored pencils put in a nice cup or vase makes me totally happy. Low tech. High style. These from See Jane Work are perfect. There are 12 pencils in one set and they come in several nice colors. 3 packages of the Tiffany blue please! The price for one set is $7.

I hope you found some of these gift ideas helpful!

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Silhouettes + David Hicks’ Wallpaper

I found a fantastic (so professional and friendly) lady (Patti) on Etsy who runs the store PR Pictorials. Patti cuts the most beautiful silhouettes by hand. You send her a profile image of anything you want a silhouette of and she will cut away, capturing small details really, really well. I was so pleased with the outcome of my 3 images (each almost 8 inches tall).

But I have to tell you that those poor silhouettes were sitting in an envelope for the longest time because I could not figure out a good way to display them. Not being into “very cutesy things”, I one day decided to mount them on top of a favorite wall paper I already had in my hallway then frame them behind glass. They came out even better than I had hoped!

This way I get to continue a little bit of a theme with that stunning handmade wallpaper “Hexagon” by the famous David Hicks (designed in the 70’s) that I never get tired of. And when we are moving to our next house I will bring some of that gorgeous paper with me!

Say hello to Patti from me if you decide to have some silhouettes done yourself. She also makes personal note cards and ornaments among other things with silhouettes as the featured images. I think they make for really lovely gifts for close family members.

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Nifty & Artsy Wall Organizer

My friend Ingrid is very creative, and she always amazes me with new, simple design solutions for every day needs. One day I was using her computer at home and looked straight at this handy wall organizer. Only Ingrid can come up with something like this. She simply got tired of looking at her bills laying around so she made this version with extra deep pockets so she would not have to see them until they were needed. Instead she gets to look at something pretty and upbeat. How splendid!

She used a simple cork bulletin board (19,5″ x 25,5″) and with the help of some fancy fabric and some good sewing skills et Voila! All pockets are double sewed for sturdiness so no ugly threads can be found. A good little project for all of you handy people, otherwise I can put you together with Ingrid and she can make one to suit your style and color choices. I am putting in an order myself! Makes a great gift too!

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Amazing Paper Cut Art

I can’t draw to save my life. I really admire people who can. So, when talented people can create wonderful art with a sharp knife and a pair of scissors I immediately take my hat off. Just look at these amazing pieces, all hand cut.

Lets start with Peter Callesen, Paper Artist Extraordinaire. Peter is from Denmark and has exhibited his paper cuts and paper sculptures at many prestigious galleries worldwide.

Above: “Broken Flower”

Above: Holding on to myself”.

Above: “Nature’s Maze”.

Above: “Human Ruin”. For more of Peter’s amazing portfolio click here.

Here are some other artists and their paper art. I find these pieces personal and fun and they don’t cost a fortune. All genuine and original, I think they make lovely gifts. (Note: make sure they are not machine made).

“All Trees” (on rice paper), from the Toronto based Etsy store, PaperCutDieCut. Measures 21″x 21″ and costs $100 (frame not included).

“Life”, also from PaperCutDieCut, measures 7″x7″ and costs $18 (without frame).

Yet another talented Etsy seller is, Papercuts By Joe. The piece “Branches” measures 2″x6″ mounted to 8″x10″ and costs $35 (black Paper on White Illustration Board).

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