Three Perfect Books To Give Away

The girls finished their last day of the school year yesterday and I have my life back (with some extra strands of gray hair…).

A lot of parties and events lately and I have given away many books as small tokens of appreciation. Here are three of my favorites (the first two I also gave to Moi!):

1.  One Line  A Day

One Line A Day — a pretty little Tiffany blue book with some purpose. Write a sentence a day and go down memory lane and compare that entry with five years of entries in total. What did I do and how did I feel that very same day 2012, 2013, 2014 etc.? I write a sentence every night before I go to bed. A sentence. Anybody can do that!

2. Q&A A Day

Hubby and I went to a fun Seattle restaurant this past weekend (Poppy) and the evening ended at the legendary Seattle book store — Elliott Bay Book Company. I found this pretty little thing with a similar five year diary concept called Q&A A Day — 365 questions — 5 years — 1,825 answers. I like the questions. Can’t wait to fill out August 6th – Who Am I? (It will be interesting to see what I have to say five years from now!).

3.  For kids – anything Sven Nordqvist

Sweden can be very proud of the very many fantastic authors they have shared with the rest of the world. Swedes have a great sense of humor (witty dry!) and it lends itself very well to children’s books. We have bookshelves packed with great Swedish children’s books at our house and an author that all Swedes know about — and you should too — is Sven Nordqvist. His texts and illustrations are ingenious and readers, young and old, will spend happy hours pouring over them and laughing out loud.

Pettson is a Swedish farmer who lives alone with his spunky & creative cat Findus and as a reader you will be part of their delightful adventures. Sven Nordquist adds funny little bonus characters on almost every page.

In one of his books “A Rumpus in the garden”, Findus is trying to get the hens aways from the meatball he’d just planted (hoping to grow meatball plants?;).

And just last night (after reading this book for the 50th time!), I discovered these three little characters on the left hand side corner of that page. They have paid for tickets to watch the drama unfold! Ha ha! Now that is funny to me!

Several of Sven Nordqvist’s “Pettsson & Findus” books have been translated into English. I go to Amazon Elliott Bay Book Company for mine.

There. Three perfect little book gift ideas — and none of them have anything to do with design! (:

Off to see what my good blog friends are up to.


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