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Iconic. Been around since 1962. I have been drooling over this Italian floor lamp off and on for decades. Of course I am talking about the Arco lamp by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos.

It is back in my head again after having seen it in a lovely customer’s home and now in this stunning home (inspiration via Vintage Mulberry). And in gold too!

Stately yet sassy.

Sigh, and sigh again. $2950 for this puppy but this lady works HARD and I intend to make this dream a reality in not too long (and my kids will  thank me later for this timeless piece of modern, functional art).  I will place mine in our dining room and get rid of the antique, Swedish chandelier above the gray Swedish table. Yes really! (Love the beautiful almost library like light it gives off).

Busy times over at the shop, Splendid Avenue. Lots of new things in stock. For those of you who are interested, here are a few recent additions:

We have a hard time keeping the high quality Swedish reindeer hides in stock. A new shipment finally arrived (I will tell you about importing nightmares some other time! The goods got lost in Paris!).

The immensely popular birthday tees — now in several new lovely Spring colors.

Ilse Jacobsens’s classy leather bag now stocked in a lighter spring color.

And lots of Easter goodies!

The perfect tin eggs for all those Easter treats!


And finally we have added adorable satin fabric carrots to our Easter offerings (yes I have been using them as Easter decor for years!). Hang them on Spring branches or as I do (on the Swedish chandelier) for some extra Easter fun!

Wait!? Didn’t  I just say that I am moving that chandelier!? Wherever I move it — carrots will follow every Easter. Ha!

Visit our store, Splendid Avenue — here.

Hugs to you all.

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Scandinavian Holiday Decor Inspiration

(Love the irregular moss hearts. This one is for you Michele!).

When I went to Sweden I bought a ton of design magazines filled with inspiration for the winter Holidays. Do I even have to tell you that I ear marked just about every page? Those Scandinavians — they do know a thing or two about decorating so it looks & feels fresh, inviting, chic effortless, simple and oh so beautiful. Gotta tell you. This gal is very proud of her Swedish genes.

Enjoy the eye candy.

A great spot for gifts. And 2 different mirrors look so pretty together.

On my next outing with Miles I am so picking up sticks so I can make my own mother nature star.

Hyacinths and red tulips are my two favorite flowers for Christmas.

Oh, and I need to make a pinecone & nut heart as well! So simple pretty.


For those of you who are interested in what’s happening at the store. Here goes.

Make sure to order on or before Tuesday 19th, if you want to receive the shipment before Dec. 25th.

And please enjoy a little store treat.

Just use SPLENDIDTIMES at checkout. Enter our store here.

New things are coming in almost daily.

The NEW Danish Bride & Groom rabbits are simply adorable! Well made and unique.

We love the Royal King and Royal Queen in their fabric towers! (Easy to carry around too!).

The lovely Odd Molly Sweaters/cardigans are hopping away fast.

And the Swedish moccasins are getting raves everywhere!


The popular Swedish egg cups are FINALLY back in stock. (And they come in a nice, black gift box)

My own kids’ favorite Holiday book has also been added to the store — “Findus At Christmas” by Sven Nordqvist. Adults and kids laugh out loud! (I will be saving my Nordqvist books for my own grand kids – a long ways down the road…).

We are almost completely sold out of the real reindeer antlers wine stoppers and bottle openers. Very Scandinavian!

Enter our store here.

Alright then. Off to handle business. You will see me in extra good form next week. I am ready for some good Holiday celebration myself.

Happy weekend to you all!

Images (all scanned) via: 1 + 6 Lantliv, no. 2 via Tove Älskade Hem, no. 3 + 5 via Hus & Hem, no. 4 via Underbara Julhem.

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STORE NEWS + Get Your Bicycle & Feet, Summer Ready

It is heating up. Spring is finally here (this is Seattle, folks). Summer is around the corner. Prime time to head outdoors.

In most major cities around the world, walking and public transportation are how you get around. I was fortunate to grow up in beautiful Stockholm where biking is also a big part of the city planning. There are bike lanes everywhere in the city. You bike to the office, you bike to a date with your friends, you bike from bar to bar! When you visit oh-so trendy Stockholm in the summer you will see gorgeous and fashion conscious people everywhere, proudly parading their city bikes.

The concept is harder here in the US where so many cities and towns are built for cars only, it seems. But I have a bike, and I’m dusting it off as we speak. And that is how the kids and I will get to many coffee shops, parks and libraries this season.

A functional bicycle basket is a must for most bike loving Scandinavians and I am glad to see the trend catching up here in the US too.

Orders for trendy Swedish bicycle baskets are just starting to trickle in to my shop – a good seasonal sign!

I carry 3 colors. Black, white and green. (I have the green one myself).

This is also the season to get those feet ready for public display.

Brand NEW in my store are Ilse Jacobsen’s (Danish fashion icon) rubber flip-flops. No bad & unfriendly plastic here.

These well made rubber flip-flops have a braided texture. They are cushioned and very comfortable. I’ve picked 6 muted colors for my store. They all have a touch of sparkle on the straps for some summer glam.

(As you can see from my own picture above, the sole is more substantial than the following pictures, taken with a camera from above, show. Please note that I do not carry the YELLOW color in my store).


Stone Blue

Rose Pink



I will only carry a limited supply. When they are gone, they are gone. The sell for $39/pair.

On their way to my store are also these Danish Princess/Prince, Bride/Groom bunnies. They are so adorable and I can’t wait to push my kids away and play with photograph them!

Fairly new in my store, but I have not mentioned them to you before, are the Cowboy and Native American mice + Tee-pee. Yes I know. Super adorable and guaranteed many hours of imaginative play for the young ones!

Find all the items in my store Splendid Willow Avenue – here.

 Hugs & sunny thoughts to all of you!


Images: no. 1 via Fun Xite, no. 2-4 via Skeppshult Bikes, no. 5 via Posh24, no. 6 via Zimbio, no. 7-18 + 20 via Splendid Willow Avenue, no. 19 via Maileg.

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Latest Additions To My Store

I am slowly adding more things I go nuts for to my store, Splendid Willow Avenue. Every single item is hand picked and making me very happy and proud.

NEW for the kids:

A 24 pocket garland to count the days to Christmas. Kids love it! Fill each pocket with a personal note, a treat, or tangerine and the kids will think you are the best!

COMING LATER THIS WEEK. A Danish wooden cheese house for the mice boxes (sold separately). You know how much I dislike plastic. This one is so witty and adorable! Pay attention to the Swiss cheese roof! (The house comes with the table, “thread spool” chairs, kettle, mugs, table cloth and small rug).

Note: I only have a few of these and probably some of the last in the US (and no more will be made). Let me know if you want to reserve one.

ALSO coming this week – the Vanilla colored Danish Reindeer. 100% cotton. How irresistibly handsome is he!

NEW for the home. This stunning oversized wool blanket, hand-vowen in Finland. Well made and gorgeous. Landing in my store in the next few days. (You bet I am getting one myself!).

NEW jewelry by the Swedish jewelry designer “Asa”.

Chunky bead necklace with a silver cross.

Now pay attention – who is my model if not my dear blog friend Michele with Hello Lovely Inc.! It is a fun family business, people – all with good energy. Doesn’t she look stunning! I adore her!

Also new from “Asa” is this Earthy Necklace with three pendants (sterling silver cross, a piece of bamboo coral and Asa’s sterling silver tag).

You can see most of the new items in my store now (and more will come later this week).

Enter my store, Splendid Willow Avenue, here, if you want to learn more.

Thank you’s are in order.

EXTRA BIG HUGS to my close blog friends Paula (Two Ellie)

And Ally (From The Right Bank)

Out of the blue came their shout-outs for my little store. Amazing ladies. Amazing friends. What unexpected treats. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hugs to everyone.



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