So Much Great Design Reading & Inspiration At The Moment

Hello friends. Today’s post is all about reading material.
First up, my guest post over at the wonderful Space For Inspiration where I am sharing my thoughts and ideas for the fall. (Thank you for the opportunity sweet, Swede Charlotta & splendid blog sis!). Hop over, when you have an extra moment!
And then over to magazines. For a while it felt like every design magazine worth paying attention to was folding and gone without a proper goodbye (Domino, I still mourn you!) . From there it might have been an inspirational disaster/void if not for the creative crowd of bloggers, that is all I can say! Then the  lovely on-line magazine Lonny, popped up and filled some of the space.

And the latest buzz in blog land is the most anticipated magazine – Rue Magazine (I really like the name), by bloggers extraordinaire – Anne ( I once won a giveaway over at her blog that made me giddy for a week) and Crystal. These two girls (with their teams) rock and have so many fun and creative things up their sleeves. Yes, almost every blog I follow has mentioned the launch of this on-line magazine, but since the vast majority of my readers are non bloggers – take it from me and follow this magazine!

Sweet Paul, food & prop stylist/blogger, Prince Paul, just lauched the Fall issue (second issue) of his magazine Sweet Paul Magazine. Another must-read with tons of inspiration. Be prepared to drool — literally.

And then finally. Ms. Grace Bonney (behind the one and only — DesignSponge!)  is getting ready to launch her design inspiration (hard copy) book this fall.  From what I understand this book will be a fabulous mix of design chic meets “real” people. I am so going to pre-order it! I will let you know when it is available.

Photo by Anna Wolf.

So, tons of more fun reading again and excellent on-stop shops for great design inspiration. (And yes, there is room for you all. Just keep on being creative and go your own way!). I could not be any happier!

I am investing in a good pair of new glasses (thick, square Prada, in case you are interested), since my eye doctor says I am going bi-focal.  (Yikes!) Then I will be reading in style again —  and with all of this lovely design material —  like a very content cat.

Hugs & happy reading to you all!

 Image no. 1, via Flickr.

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