This week I Am Extra Consumed By Swedish Style

Hello friends. Happy new week!

On Thursday I am guest speaking at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle.

I feel so honored (thank you Stina!). The stage is mine for 2 hours and and I am looking forward to sharing all I know about Swedish design, how to bring Swedish style into your home and what to  invest in when it comes to Swedish design. (I will also share a couple of DIY projects in time for the holidays). Appetizers & Drinks will also be served at this evening event — so I am looking forward to some happy hours! (:

I feel I know the subject fairly well. Interior design has been a life long passion of mine, I have decorated many homes, I have had my own Swedish antiques business for a few years and now with my blog I feel I am even more up to date. One book about Swedish design that I have just picked up, is the newly released book Scandinavian Design by Lars Bolander.  I’m so glad I did.

What a treasure trove of great information and wonderful pictures about Swedish style from a successful US based Swede with impeccable taste! Bolander has such an amazing  eye for mixing old style with new. I find Lars Bolander so brave with his design contrasts and he is definitely someone I admire. I read in The New York Times that: “Wherever Bolander goes, “Bronfmans and Vanderbilts follow.” I believe that.

Preparing for my presentation I have also spent some time browsing through two books that I already own by the very talented design duo behind Eleish Van Breems Antiques Edie Van Breems and Rhonda Eleish. I have known them on a more personal level for a a few years (when we still lived in LA). I adore them and have a lot of respect for their way of decorating beautiful rooms. I am hoping that yet another beautiful coffee table book about Swedish design will come out of their camp before too long.

The more about Swedish style and design — the merrier.

Hope your week is off to a good start. I know mine will be full, busy and exciting!

(Note to bloggers: I will be a little slow with my blog comments this week. Just give me a few days).

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