Lara Melchior Jewelry – Yes, Please

Mon Dieu. Good thing I live far away from Paris, because this jewelry designer would make me go broke… My Mom instilled in me, at a very early age, “only buy good quality jewelry (if needed you can always sell) and less is always more.” I’m still faithful to her wisdom.

I found the works of Lara Melchior over at my good friend Mia’s blog. It was this ring that first caught my attention. Two gold/diamond sets brilliantly linked for a full finger look.

Sophisticated sexy or what!

Simple and beautiful.

More pretty rings.

Honeycomb inspired pieces are part of her unique signature look.

Stunning bracelets. Gold and diamonds.

This is Laura Melchior herself. (Oh no, I could be her Mom!!).

And this is her studio in Paris.

Again. Incroyable! To it all.

Hugs to you all and Happy Long Memorial Weekend to all my US readers. I will see you back on Tuesday!


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