IXXI Wall Eye Candy

I can only take trendy wall coverings in small doses — small room, accent wall etc. (Timeless, hand painted wall coverings are a whole different story). But this wall hanging I like. Both trendy and classy!

A Dutch design trio is behind “ixxi“, which is an innovative wallpaper/room divider product. The group has teamed up with several well known institutions and designers to create unique patterns like this one showcasing original Rijksmuseum (The National Museum of the Netherlands) ceramics. The different plates are actually individual cards, printed on both sides, that you put together into a larger wallpaper pattern.

The cards are connected with module x’s and i’s, so you can create your own interior product in any size you like. This also allows you to turn the cards into a hanging room divider.

The cards are moisture resistant and tear-proof — which is perfect for a kitchen area.

The company also lets you send in your own illustrations and photography which they turn into ixxi cards. (They ship worldwide).

How refreshing to not have to battle tons of wallpaper glue on large chunks of fragile paper. (I have done my share of wallpaper hanging, folks!).

Always a lot of fresh, creative design ideas coming out of the Northern parts of Europe, I have to say!

Hugs to you all.

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