Back From Sweden With Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots In My Suitcase

Hello friends. I have missed you all! I am finally back and settled after my whirlwind trip to Stockholm. A very social and fun 10 days that turned into 14 days after I missed my flight back!

Those extra four days gave me a mini vacation outside of Stockholm where I stayed with my close sister-friend Sanne in her lovely home and finally got to breathe somewhat normally after my hectic city program and enjoy the summer in Swedish style (think laying in the hammock and reading Swedish gossip magazines, enjoying long walks by the water and eating wonderful Swedish food).

The plan for my departure was that I was going to go to bed early in the evening before I had to head to the airport at 3:00 in the morning and fly back to the US. That plan was interrupted at 10:30 pm by major thunder and lightning.

We are talking I thought the entire house was going to be whisked away! Only Sanne, her son Ludvig and I were home and the three of us huddled together in our pyjamas near the front door while we listened to sparks in the electrical cables along the floors and saw the house at times light up like a major Christmas tree! Sleep was no longer on the agenda.

(My dear friend Sanne and her son stick together during severe lightning!)

After that major lightening show came the rain. And boy did it pour.

Rain had already been on my mind. I had been looking all over Stockholm for some stylish “city” rain boots to wear in my rainy home town Seattle. I like the Hunter boots but this petite lady has stubbornly muscular calves and can’t get slim fitted boots to fit nicely. Just a couple of days before my departure I settled for some stylish rain boots by the Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen. (She also makes lovely shoes and clothes).

The rubber boots come in all kinds of lovely colors.

I was eyeing the blue ones but came home with a pair in camel color. I love them!

There you have it. My first post after my fun trip. And all I talk about is rain boots! But I have lots more to share with you from my trip.

Before we meet again I would like to thank my beautiful blog friends from Laura Casey Interiors, Belgian Pearls, A Perfect Gray and The Zhush for filling in while I was trotting the streets of Stockholm. You are always the best!

And to all my wonderful readers — enjoy your week and thank you for the lovely comments while I was away. You are all very generous!


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