O’verlays, Bemz And Ikea

Did everyone see this, except me? Overlays. Two smart ladies (Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick) came up with the brilliant idea of designing chic overlays which customers can buy by the square foot to give furniture unique custom looks. The idea became a business under the name O’verlays. O’verlays are lightweight, decorative fretwork panels that come in several patterns and sizes. The panels are made of a composite material that allows greater flexibility and less splintering than original wood panels. Just paint and glue them on.

 I think this would be a perfect DIY project for a room where a little bit of glamour is needed (and how perfect for dorm rooms)! The solutions are endless.

Another company which I am sure most of you have heard of is Bemz. Bemz has created a fruitful business around the furniture giant Ikea. Bemz make slipcovers for most of Ikea’s classic upholstered furniture. So now your armchair can also have a very custom look. The slipcovers are now sold and marketed in 35 countries. Impressive business idea, I must say.

Yep, a Bemz slipcover for a basic Ikea sofa.

 Bemz founder and CEO, Lesley Pennington says:

The covers are simply a means to an end. People today want to express their individuality through their lifestyle choices. They want to take a mass-market product like an IKEA sofa and create a unique ”one of a kind” product, which reflects their individuality and personal style.

Bemz has teamed up with several well known fabric designers. You can now get a slipcover for your Ikea headboard in Designers Guild’s colorful and luxurious fabric.

Lovely fabrics my Katarina Wiklund.

I actually ordered some slipcovers for Ikea’s Parson (Henriksdal) chairs a few years. This post reminds me that I should dig them up. They have survived a few washes and they are gray!

Happy New Week.

 Images: no. 1-5 via O’verlays, no. 6-10 via Bemz.

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William’s Bedroom Makeover Unveiled – Finally!

Long overdue, I know. It is not a perfect magazine feature room, people — but William is happy and that is all that counts!

Remember, how it started? With a sad little boy pleading for a big boy room with a bed! (My 4 year old Prince had been totally neglected. His sisters got all the fancy stuff and he was still in an old crib… with a broken mobile hanging over his head. (There used to be six birds).

Help!!! Anybody out there?!

We finally got the message and went to work. This time I wanted a room with a more Scandinavian feel. Simple, light, easy to clean and soothing (soft colors, good lighting and and a good vibe). We also decided to be a little budget savvy. (I think Ikea is perfect for kids’ rooms! Scandinavian look & feel and so cost effective).

What really made this room take so long, was waiting for this wall sconce! (Boston Library light via Circa Lighting). Waiting for its arrival and to have it installed. I know, I know, hardly low budget.  We splurged on this one, I admit. But it is so handsome and I think it is the perfect accent over the chalkboard wall.

The red cabinet is pretty much one of the few thing we kept from his old room. Antique doors built into a new cabinet. We’ve gotten so much use out of that piece.


The chalkboard wall turned out to be quite the project. A lot of tries with different red chalk paints and it was hard to get the paint even. But I did not want William to stare at a black, gloomy chalkboard (he is only 4) — so it was worth it. Hubby got the frame up and I stained it gray/blue. Our first little DIY project as a couple — it was fun!



Note William’s interpretation of his Mommy!


This is the first room in our house with pure white walls. But I had the ceiling painted in a very soft blue for a little bit of contrast. Still staying very simple Swedish, though!

A view from the door. (I now wish I had ironed all the bed linen!) Slipcovered headboard from Ikea (so easy to wash) and also the bedlinen. Love the dots and stripes.

The big wall map also from Ikea gets a lot of use at bedtime when we talk about places we have been, places we are going and what makes the world go around. I highly recommend it.

Bed buddies (And the not so ironed bed linen. I am not perfect!).


I did not want curtain panels and was ready to order some fancy linen Roman shades (and I might still do that) but a designer friend reminded me, that we have perfectly new and functional white wooden blinds plus it is hard to clean fabric shades. So, no need to take them down — yet. So instead my husband got to build this wooden valance (first time ever!) which I padded and put some striped fabric on from — yes, Ikea!



I hope I haven’t lost too many reader now. Yikes!

Remember the vintage wooden crate I found at a garage sale for nothing? All clean and equipped with casters it now makes for a perfect toy bin.

And the same fox as in the first image is here. So I guess the circle is complete.

I warned you! Nothing fancy, no extravaganza. But hopefully personal and livable for a 4 year old with a simple Scandinavian touch!

I am taking a week+ off from blog land. We plan to have some fun in the sun as a family. I will check in with my friends a tiny bit but I hope you understand and don’t think I am ignoring you if you don’t hear from me for a few days.

When I get back I will have some store news!

Warm summer hugs to you all!

Images: All images via Splendid Willow.

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Ikea’s Latest Photo Shoot Rocks

Happy new week! (I am sorry for my absence in blog land last week, but now I am back with more energy!). This past Friday I went to a fun evening event with a bunch of lovely ladies (Thank you Ms. Eva Delishhh!) and at 1:00 am (!) Ikea came up as a topic. The hostess’s laptop was quickly turned on and I shared some photos from one of Ikea’ s latest photo shoots (courtesy of my close & creative friend Mia from Solid Frog). And now I am sharing them with all of you.

This is Ikea, people! I think the images are absolutely gorgeous. And the stylists hit the mark by incorporating the industrial vintage trend that is so hot right now.

BRAVO Ikea! I am totally inspired by each and every image and I am so heading to that Swedish mega store this week! Maybe I will run into you there!

Inspiration + images via Solid Frog.

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Ikea Lovelies

Hello. I’ve missed you this past week. Last minute we scooped up the kids and headed to wonderful Bandon Oregon were we spent a week of quality time with close family. The computer Gods decided to not be on my side but in a way I am glad because I got more time to dive in sand dunes and fly kites!

On our way home I had plenty of time to browse through the new Ikea catalog. Here are a few things that caught my eye: (I am most definitely getting the gray Orchid pots this week!)

1. Alvine Flora Pillow. (Check out the latest design with yellow, black and gray flowers – not shown here). $24.99.

2. Drömmar. Horse-shaped (Swedish national symbol. A must for true Swedes!) baking tins. $6.99/set of 2.

3. Mandel plant pot. $4.99/set (pot + saucer).

4. Spraka. Spice mill. $19.99.

5. Engan chest with 2 drawers. $99.99.

6. Gunilla fabric. (Hello girlfriend Gunilla!).  How lovely this fabric would be together with white! $7.99/yards.

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A Special Table For My Orchids

I have an on-going love affair with white orchids. For a very long time I have been looking for the perfect table to display a cluster of these planted orchids. I had almost given up and was ready to design my own. Now I am thinking that Ikea’s Trollsta Tray Table might just do the trick! What an unexpected contrast with the elegant, simple classic plants on top of this lacquered both modern and gothic looking table.

If I can fit at least 4 planted orchids on the removable steel tray, I will be pretty happy! Now, of course I would have loved to see this table in a gray color but for the price of $99.99, I might just get 2 and try to paint one in that perfect gray myself!

I think the table is perfect for plants with its extra wide edge and high sides. The removable steel tray can handle water spills and the table is easy to fold up and easy to move. Diameter: 22 1/2 “, Height: 17 3/4 “.

I will let you know if this works or not!

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