My Weekend Halloween Project

Hello new week!

A busy but fun weekend (I miss you Kendra!) over at our household (incl. 4 family members hit with a nasty bug) but I still had a little bit of time to finish a humble project in preparation for Halloween. I was totally inspired by this image from the Pottery Barn catalog.

Do you remember my Easter Project, when I (to my husband’s confusion) wrapped an entire branch in pages from an old book? (Decoupage). I have gotten so much use out of that large branch!

So, inspired by Pottery Barn (and perhaps also by lovely Erin’s chandelier!) I ripped out some more pages of that, by now, well used book and went to work equipped with stencils, stickers, ribbons etc. and created my very own personal Halloween ornaments.

I used a special tag stencil for this ornament. And glued the book paper on each side.

Perhaps not the fanciest Hallowee tree in town, but personal and made with a lot of love! And I had fun doing it. The cat stencil is my favorite of them all! ( I used a black marker to fill in the color). Make sure to re-enforce the hole where the ribbon goes through, so it won’t rip.

A handsome snow owl from one of my favorite gift shops in Seattle — Common Folk Co.

I found the crows on sale at a party supply store for $1.99/each. The glass vase is very tall and I plan to fill it with more mini pumpkins.

Hope you enjoyed it! What about you — are you working on any fun Halloween projects?

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