Domino Magazine Nostalgia Part I – Window Treatments

Did we not all cry a little when the design publication Domino Magazine folded a year and a half ago? How were we going to survive? There are several terrific on-line magazines today (my favorites are listed under “Must Reads”) that fill that void to some extent but there is nothing like getting a great magazine in the mailbox. I just spent a week going through tons of Domino issues and ripping out articles I liked — before I plan to get rid of those magazines for good. And I am sitting on a pretty tall pile of goodness!
Since I am all in curtain mode thanks to William’s bedroom makeover (here and here), I thought I would share some brilliant ideas for window treatments.
This is a must try! And I plan to engage hubby. He gets to make a plywood box like this for me. A posh looking valance, don’t you think? Fabric was staple-gunned to the box and ribbon was hot-glued into a criss-cross. The box was attached to the ceiling with small L-shaped metal brackets. I am thinking I want to try this in our guest room. 

Who says curtains have to match? Look at this orange-and-pink combination. It makes the room!

This is such a beautiful room. The cheery “Limoncello” curtains really add a lovely splash of color in the background. (White curtains would have been too predictable). Just a touch of mellow yellow. I like it.

I can not remember exactly who’s lovely apartment this belongs to. Only that the owner is a hip gentleman named Olsen. But I do remember that he took a plain white roller shade and painted black stripes on it! Can’t see the room without that brilliant touch!

Over time I will keep sharing other Domino articles that I have ripped out as inspiration for my own home. They are all classic ideas that never will go out of style.
And yes, I have the Domino book as well — The Book of Decorating. And it has tons of dog ears in it!

Warm hugs to you all!

Images: No. 1 altered via Splendid Willow. All images scanned from old Domino Magazines.

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