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Happy Monday blog friends! Say hi to my blog friend Susann who is the face behind one of my favorite blogs in Sweden –  Purple Area. This is a must read blog for anyone who is interested in a contemporary, more minimalistic design style with a Swedish slant. Talented Susann who has had her well read blog for several years also runs her interior design company and is busy writing regular blog columns about design for a couple of leading Swedish morning papers.

When I need to check the design temperature in Sweden, Purple Area is one of the first blogs I go to. And when I need some new but simple design inspiration for the winter holidays I also trust Susann will provide some great ideas. Let me share her take on holiday decorations with all of you!

Susann, what is your design approach for the winter holidays?

I love decorating for Christmas, without going overboard. Less is definitely more for me. 

I like it simple and enjoy using natural materials and objects like wood, fleece, fir branches, moss and nuts which give a room a genuine and earthy feel. Holiday knick knacks are not my thing, instead I prefer real candles, beautiful flowers and something that lights up my windows. I tend to go with fewer things, of larger scale to make an impact.

 Anything in particular that inspires you this year?

This year I feel that the trend has been somewhat divided. I have seen a lot of pure white but also black and strong colors. I also see a lot of nostalgia going back to a more 50’s and 60’s retro look with a lot of vintage and great patina. The retro patterns with dots, checks and flowers are so in vogue. But so is also wood.

Personally, I am drawn to a white palette which I combine with things from nature. White is so elegant and green adds a lovely freshness. A large, classic star will hang in my window as usual. A plate with simple candles and walnuts and clear vases with pine cones and Christmas bulbs are all very appealing to me.

(I am so going to copy this wonderful December idea. Just attach vintage metal numbers and strings to simple white candles and place them on a tray with walnuts. I love this idea! -Monika’s comment. Image via the Swedish blog Hemmariket).

How do you decorate for the holidays at your own home?

Lots of hyacinths, amaryllises and poinsettas that I plant in clear vases. Both for the look and the wonderful smells. I use lots of candles, stars in the windows and of course a real tree. I will decorate the tree with white bulbs, silver stars in metal and a few things with sentimental value that my children have made.

What can you not live without during the season?

My family, the tree, the open fireplace and something good to eat is pretty much all I need! A few years ago we decided that we would not bring a lot of musts to this wonderful season and run around all stressed. We only do what we really enjoy, prepare food we have a hankering for at the moment and only decorate with things we like. It is pretty much only the kids’ gifts that are still a must. Since we always celebrate at our house – the rest of the extended family gets to share in the same way of celebrating. And they don’t seem to mind!

 Any special design gifts on your wish list?

I have just ordered a gray, lovely sofa that will arrive in the new year. I guess that will be my Christmas gift! But I wouldn’t mind some things from Swedish designers such as Filippa K. and Ingegerd Råman. Or why not some wonderful pillows from Day Home to go with my new sofa!

Thank you so much Susann for sharing some great holiday ideas. Happy holidays to you and your family! Please make sure to visit her blog here. Finally, below is an image of Susann’s stair case and book shelf at home. She lives as she teaches! Simple and lovely!



Interior Images:  Image No. 1 Bordsdekorationer (table decor), Image no. 2 + 8-11 Susann’s private, No. 3-4 Trine Thorsen, No. 5 Living Etc, No. 6, Tine K, No. 7 Hemmariket,No. 12 Ahlens via Purple Area, No. 13 (sofa) Eilersen DaCapo, No. 14 (Filippa k) Dukat Bord, No. 15 Orrefors, No. 16 Day Home, No. 17 Photo by Peo Olsson for Residence.

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