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We escaped for a few days. The whole family hopped on a plane to Santa Cruz, (where I first met my husband and where we also have a family vacation home – right across the street from that lighthouse) California, to attend a lovely family wedding. I enjoyed every second together with close family and friends. I am very blessed to be part of such a warm, fun, and loving family! My husband has 8 siblings (!) and they are the best of the best (a very talented and well educated bunch, all nine of them, yet very humble). My children have 30+ cousins (!) on my husband’s side and zero on my side! Could be quite a culture shock but the family eases new members in with lots of love and compassion. And they love diversity! Needless to say the computer was not used at all for most of the week. I was busy catching up with family members and close friends!

At the wedding, one of my husband’s many nieces (hi beautiful Laura!) thanked me for a gift I had sent for her wedding. It was a set of three glass candle holders from the Seattle based glass company, Glassybaby.


 It has taken me a few years to even be slightly interested in these hand blown glass holders. I felt I saw them everywhere in Seattle, and I do not like to have what the rest of the world has! But I have to say, I am now a convert. The company comes out with new colors all the time (slight variations). They are all hand blown, unique and there is a good cause  behind the business. The glass vessels can be used for candles or flowers.

I have given several as gifts (the company ships all over and packs them very nicely) and this week I am getting my own (first) set with fall colors in mind. Perfect for all the upcoming fall holidays.

These would be lovely. But they look even better when they are lit (you use tea candles). That is when all the colors and different dimensions come to play.



What makes these well made and almost indestructable glass cups extra special, is that the founder of the company Ms. Rhodes, a mother of three and three-time cancer survivor, found her artistic calling in making glass holders for friends and family and spreading the light. That was shortly after she gave her former husband a glass-blowing lesson as a gift and then, inspired, took one herself. She is now engaging local glass blowers and has quite a production going.

A portion of Glassybaby’s proceeds go to different kinds of cancer research and charities.

Happy new week! I have some serious blog hopping ahead of me this week!


Images: No. 1 via Ultra Down loads,  no. 3 via Remodelista, all others via Glassybaby.

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