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I have not browsed Etsy for quite a while. But I just spent some time over there last night and found, as usual, so many lovely handmade things. I am starting with this utterly hilarious hand colored print by Kate Pugsley, which I also purchased! 

Haha! This print illustrates so well how I feel from time to time and it makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it (and as we all know, laughter cures ugliness both on the inside and outside)! I think it is so hysterically funny, that I decided to buy a second print to whoever of my readers is first to leave a comment on this post saying “I want it too!” You need be honest and committed. If you only like it so-so (or you don’t care for my dry sense of humor) then let someone else get the chance to receive it). This is an out-of-the-blue spontaneous gesture of love from me to my readers. Good humor needs to be spread around!

Here are some more Etsy lovelies that caught my attention.

How about a unique felt Mustache on a Stick? A fun prop for party guests or for a less formal photo session. MaroDesigns offers several different and fun models. Each and every piece is handcrafted with precise detail and care.

I love acorns as a symbol for the fall. I was instantly smitten with this adorable acorn pin offered by Worty Goods. The pin is felt “acorn”s attached to real twin acorn caps and with a pin-back. How cute on that fall sweater!

Here is a perfect little hostess gift. A simple and contemporary porcelain sphere creamer by RouDesigns. A unique and handsome creamer to put on display.

My kids would find eating eggs at our family breakfasts even more interesting with some adorable egg cozies! This hand crotchet frog cozy by Missus D would be perfect for my Prince William!

Not everything on Etsy is brand new. You will also find many lovely, unique vintage pieces like this pretty 60’s cake/display stand from Barking Sands Vintage.

People, I am sorry for always babbling about this item, but my favorite Etsy scarf still has a special place in my heart (and around my neck!). I bought mine 1.5 years ago and I still use it all the time! (It gives any outfit that extra spunk, I so like). Karlita in Belgium, is behind these hand felted beauties.

There you have it. Some fun, unique and well made things from Etsy. Can’t wait to see who I get the honor of sending the print to!

Hugs to you all!

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Fall Is In The Air

…everywhere I look around…

Photos: Flickr – “Wanderlust”

… and I am drooling over all the lovely things that I have come across that will keep me warm & very content while the air is getting crisper and the days much shorter. Imagine me whistling when I am putting together the list of some of my fall FAVES!

Fall = boots! ! A lady needs a nice pair of boots! How about these lovelies from Coclico.

Image via the lovely blog Bliss

I also like these from Cole Haan.

I have a real crush on these boots from Italian Fiorentini & Baker. I can’t obtain a good image, so go to Barney’s if you want to take a real good look. (Check out the image with the cool zipper!)

It won’t keep me warm – but very happy! – this lovely leather and silver bracelet called Jumbo from Hermes. Simple. elegant equestrian.  Not cheap. But I am a hard worker – so, yes, please!

This sweater from Nordstrom would keep me both warm & purring!

And of course anything from Swedish Odd Molly will do. I was a lucky owner of this cardigan below (in a different color) but it magically disappeared from the back of my chair at a fancy bistro… I am still mourning it and am determined to  get a new one. ( I know that Mint Julep, among others, sells them).

This gray dress from Odd Molly together with boots. It would make me pretty happy!

I bought this scarf from the Etsy store Karlita last year. People went nuts over it. It is still one of my favorite scarves.  It looks so good with jeans and a simple shirt or sweater.

I am eyeing this one in rust for fall.

My husband can’t stand strong artificial scents. (What is wrong with him anyway?!!) So, when he is on business trips it is my chance to indulge! I love the elegant Mandarin Tea collection from Aquiesse. Their soy based candles are handmade in the US.

Fall = curled up in a cozy chair right next to the fire place reading a really good book. A nice throw is then a must! I love this one from Swedish Inredning Etc. It is a high quality wool throw made on Gotland, my favorite Swedish island. (The store ships internationally). Let me know if you need any help with the Swedish language.

Also from Inredning Etc are these adorable baby slippers! What a cute gift! (And they are not too expensive).

With my good book and throw I also need a great cup for my green tea. This one from Dean & DeLuca in NY can move in with me anytime.

I recently ran across this tea infuser from the MOMA store in NY. Very slick!

Sheep skins have been on my mind a lot lately. They are warm, cozy, and make so many of the minimalistic chairs so much more comfortable and inviting. (How lovely during cold winter months).  I am saving up for a whole bunch. And I will only get them from my lovely Gotland where sheep farming is a key industry.

Photo: Stellan Herner for Elle Interiör. Stylist: Tina Hellberg.

Photo: Flickr – Scott Dungan

Now I am ready for fall! Are you?

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Silhouettes + David Hicks’ Wallpaper

I found a fantastic (so professional and friendly) lady (Patti) on Etsy who runs the store PR Pictorials. Patti cuts the most beautiful silhouettes by hand. You send her a profile image of anything you want a silhouette of and she will cut away, capturing small details really, really well. I was so pleased with the outcome of my 3 images (each almost 8 inches tall).

But I have to tell you that those poor silhouettes were sitting in an envelope for the longest time because I could not figure out a good way to display them. Not being into “very cutesy things”, I one day decided to mount them on top of a favorite wall paper I already had in my hallway then frame them behind glass. They came out even better than I had hoped!

This way I get to continue a little bit of a theme with that stunning handmade wallpaper “Hexagon” by the famous David Hicks (designed in the 70’s) that I never get tired of. And when we are moving to our next house I will bring some of that gorgeous paper with me!

Say hello to Patti from me if you decide to have some silhouettes done yourself. She also makes personal note cards and ornaments among other things with silhouettes as the featured images. I think they make for really lovely gifts for close family members.

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Amazing Paper Cut Art

I can’t draw to save my life. I really admire people who can. So, when talented people can create wonderful art with a sharp knife and a pair of scissors I immediately take my hat off. Just look at these amazing pieces, all hand cut.

Lets start with Peter Callesen, Paper Artist Extraordinaire. Peter is from Denmark and has exhibited his paper cuts and paper sculptures at many prestigious galleries worldwide.

Above: “Broken Flower”

Above: Holding on to myself”.

Above: “Nature’s Maze”.

Above: “Human Ruin”. For more of Peter’s amazing portfolio click here.

Here are some other artists and their paper art. I find these pieces personal and fun and they don’t cost a fortune. All genuine and original, I think they make lovely gifts. (Note: make sure they are not machine made).

“All Trees” (on rice paper), from the Toronto based Etsy store, PaperCutDieCut. Measures 21″x 21″ and costs $100 (frame not included).

“Life”, also from PaperCutDieCut, measures 7″x7″ and costs $18 (without frame).

Yet another talented Etsy seller is, Papercuts By Joe. The piece “Branches” measures 2″x6″ mounted to 8″x10″ and costs $35 (black Paper on White Illustration Board).

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Lovely Four Seasons Egg Cups

I have for quite some time been looking for really handsome (4ever) egg cups – and I finally found them!

I am so happy that the Etsy store Bailey Doesn’t Bark is offering mini cups of its popular “Four Season” cup line.

I have been eying the larger cups –  but am even happier with the minis! (They work well with large eggs).

The porcelain cups are hand decorated and the decals are fired. The mini cups are microwave and dishwasher safe. A set of 4 costs $59.

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