Dreaming About These 3 Things For My Home

Hello friends! With the air getting cooler and the leaves starting to change colors, I find myself getting more cozy at home.

My family is going to do a lot of nesting in the next few months. So, now more than ever, I am thinking and dreaming about lovely furnishings and updates to our house. Here are a few things that caught my attention in just the last few days.

A cozy dining area. Banquette/bistro style. What a lovely corner this is to relax with friends and family over a good meal! Imagine this nook in the evening with only candles lit. I am not totally hooked on the wired chairs but I agree with some contrast to that upholstered settee. Love all the art. And the rug. And the fact that this area does not feel too styled and frou-frou. (But in my case I might need some more chairs and a larger table!).

I have been wanting to start a pottery collection for a while. All in one color. I kind of started a white collection, which still has some ways to go. Now, I see these black lovely objects on display and it reminds me that it would be really nice to re-start that idea, now when the days are getting darker (and I have nothing better to do! Ha!).

These two rooms are part of Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin’s sanctuary, filled with midcentury furniture and cherished keepsakes. (That girl has terrific taste).

Ok, we have seen a lot Union Jack design items this past year+. Pillows, rugs, artwork etc. But I have never come across this Union Jack Ottoman before, via Cox & Cox Interiors. Wouldn’t this be lovely in a white room! And I think it would go quite well with my blue painted chest.

Thank you for stopping by today. Live well!

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