Some Lovely Gifts For Me

This weekend I was shopping for some extra chairs for our outdoor patio at Pier 1 and I ended up staring at some glass rings at the counter. I admit I like good quality jewelry and I would rather wear nothing at all than some cheap and mass produced, but some of these rings were really beautiful, chunky and fun.  Glass is such a  lovely material. I think over-sized, bohemian rings are perfect for all those summer parties. And they were on sale for, hold on to your hats, under $4!

I got one with a Emilo Pucci (The Lord of bright colors) inspired pattern and I love it! Who knew that a $4 dollar ring could make me so happy! I will be wearing it a lot this summer.

And if I was as super model, I would have been wearing these sexy lace-up boots to a party, without any hesitation along with the dress too. (Too bad I am a short, petite thing with soccer calves…) The designs are also by Emilo Pucci (the business is now run by Emilio Puccis’s daughter — and I absolutely love so many of their collections).

I have also been eyeing the fabulous Hunter’s Dominica Flats. (Thank you Jenny for the inspiration!). And yesterday bought myself two pairs — white and black. They normally retail for $180/pair but several stores like Nordstrom and Pipelime now have great summer sales were they are 50% off. These flats are so comfortable and city chic. (Nappa leather upper/leather lining/rubber sole).

(But as far as rainboots go the best maker of high quality rainboot is still Ilse Jacobsen — hands down. I am so proud to be representing that fabulous brand in my store Splendid Willow Avenue, which right now is undergoing some changes. You will see very soon!).

Through a gift (or rather a giveway) is how I met Marianne with Style For Living. She won my giveaway back in December. She e-mailed me her address and would you believe that the girl lives literally around the corner from me – like 15 minutes away! Scramble, scramble, a coffee get-together was quickly set up and we hit it off right away! I am so incredibly happy to have met her. Blogging can get lonely at times and it is sometimes hard for me who is a social type. What keeps me going are virtual connections like this which blossom into good friendships also in the real world. How wonderful it is to be able to call Marianne and just say “up for a drink tomorrow evening”? We have the best time when we get together! We like similar things, are very supportive of each others ideas and we laugh a lot together! How lucky am I!

Today you will find me over at her lovely blog taking part of her ABCs of her blog friends. If you are interested, you will learn a little bit more about me (yep, all the way from A to Z!). But more importantly you will meet Marianne. Hop over and visit here. And say hi from me!

Warm hugs to everyone!


Images: no. 1 via Portero, no. 2 via Splendid Willow, no. 3 via The November Girl and last image via Style For Living.

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