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Happy Tuesday to you wonderful friends! (I took Monday off due to President’s day. All we did was to enjoy the sun which is not always out in lovely Seattle!).

I don’t know about you, but in these times of economic down turn, we are paying more attention to our budget than ever before. No unneccesary purchases. I am so tired of things anyway. I want less – not more. I want to surround myself with good quality objects and things I really LOVE. And for the first time I am so ready to take on some Do-It-Yourself projects not only for budget reasons but also to bring even more personality and heart into my home.

There are 3 things that I would love to start and hopefully also get finished in March. (Am I too ambitious?). And this is where I was going to show you a close-up image of my $37 (!) consignment wing back chair before it will get a makeover (and I know it is going to look fabulous once its done! Maybe like below).

Wherever I look – I see fabulous wingback chairs….

Image via House Beautiful

Image via Coco &  Kelly

I was also going to show you a fabulous mirror (found at the same store) that I am going to paint. But you see, Prince William (2.5 years) took off with the camera on Valentine’s day – and it is nowhere to be found! I have turned the whole house upside down. Zip, nix, nada. Camera is in hiding.

So here is a 1 year old image of the chair and me (with the criminal!). You can’t see much but at least it will give you an idea. (I will bring you more pics as soon as the camera has resurfaced! The chair has wonderful bones and is so comfortable. It is just in need of some love and a good upholstery makeover.

Camera thief – Prince William!

Here is another project that I saw over at A Perfect Gray. And now I want this in my home too! The talented home owner/blogger (yes, that is her lovely living room!) put together those wall panels with mirrors. Hello!! She had two of these lovely antique French panels. And on them she attached vintage  Sunburt mirrors. (I might visit my local antique restorer and have him make a pair of panels for me). How lovely! How personal! How Splendid! (And her white wingback chair looks like mine – pre-makeover.)

Any DIY projects you are extra proud of and would like to share with us? Please step forward, friends! We all want to learn some new tricks!

Image via Flickr

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