The Best DIY Design Minds – Via Sweden

It is time for another smart & creative person to be added to my portfolio of the best DIY minds. (You will find others in the collection behind the button in the right side column).

This time I am putting the spotlight on my friend Anna-Malin behind the gorgeous Swedish blogHelt Enkelt“.


I have known Anna-Malinfor a good while in blog land but have also gotten to know her outside the cyber world. This lovely lady is unbelievably creative, her house is like a dream and she comes up with projects around her house that are all magazine worthy. (She is also a great photographer). I find her home and DYI ideas incredibly inspirational.

Her design motto:

“Mix old with new. Let high-end design meet flea market finds. Trust your own style. Be brave and decorate from the heart.”

Anna-Malin has introduced her readers to so many lovely projects that it is rather difficult to pick just one. I decided to show you a collection of images perfect for the holiday season. And here is the thing, Anna-Malin is a busy mother, wife and teacher and yet she takes the time to do what she is passionate about and puts her heart into and takes on big things and small that really add beauty to daily life.

For instance this natural arrangement that she literally put together in a few minutes, when she realized she had no advent holder for December. Easy (once you come up with the idea) and stunning.

Or these linen and paper ornaments she worked one day “just because she felt like it”. I need to carve out time for projects like this. But my brain does not seem to be wired that way.

One day she decided to paint some milk glass bottles and use them as Christmas candle holders (jul = Christmas). First she painted them black, then soon after, she decided to paint them white. I can feel the love and creativity all the way to me in Seattle!

And when Anna-Malin wants some added, extra fun, she makes it, rather than buys it. Like this fleet of flags. She made them out of linen fabric and stencils. This inspires me to make my own! (Oh, and she painted the cabinet as well. A weekend project).

There is something so peaceful about Anna-Malin’s projects. She takes the time to sit down and work with her hands (and camera) with the family all around her. I applaud her for that.

When asking Anna-Malin about her own favorite project she picks her dining room table.

It is special to me because I put it together with little effort and with little money and yet got the simple, lovely look I wanted. I am very pleased with it and its personality.”

And here it is in its full glory. With a friend’s help she put together the planks. She sanded the top lightly and put a Swedish “drift wood” varnish on it. The base is simple Ikea table legs. Just screw them on and there you have it! It took her 2 hours to put the table together!

Some more amazing projects to add to the DIY portfolio. And projects to be inspired by and hopefully tackled by yourselves. (I know that I am and will try).

Anna-Malin, thank you so much for taking part in this series. It has been an honor to feature you.

I Salute You And Your Incredible Design Mind.

Happy new week to all of my readers.

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Warm hugs to you all!

 All images via Helt Enkelt. (DIY button via Splendid Willow).

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The Best DIY Projects (new series)

I am so excited to share my new series — The Best DIY Minds (on the planet!) with you all. And I am doing this for selfish reasons! I want the best DIY (Do It Yourself) projects collected on my own blog, so I don’t have to hop all over blog land for inspiration and tutorials. You will find the DIY portfolio button on my front page and I hope to fill it with tons of inspirational projects that we all can tap into and actually tackle ourselves.

Let me introduce you to Janell with Isabella & Max Rooms. I have known this generous lady for quite a while in blog land and I can so relate to both her design style and her life attitude. This talented girl shares amazing DIY projects (mainly out of her own home) on her blog and she both inspires and pushes me (and I am sure all her readers!) to be much more creative with my head and hands!

This is how Janell sees her style: “If I had to describe my decorating style I would classify it as transitional with an eclectic edge. And interestingly, I am happiest with the rooms in my home that have a masculine aspect to the design.”

Janell’s blog is jam packed with wonderful projects but the one that stands out the most for me (perhaps because I need one myself) is her headboard project.

She took this.

… and this

To this.


I absolutely love what she did! And it inspires me to get my husband involved and tackle this project together.  Seriously, this I must try!

For the full tutorial, go here.

And this is Janell’s favorite project (so far).

“The lamp makeover project is a favorite of mine. I had been looking high and low for a pair of ivory gourd lamps at a decent price. I kept finding lamps I loved, but at a price I couldn’t justify. Then I went to HomeGoods. The pair I found were a bright blue, but the shape and size perfect! I knew spray paint could easily fix the color issue and the gloss finish gave the lamps the high end look I was after. The finishing touch was to cover the lampshades with a Chinoiserie fabric and contrasting trim. I couldn’t be happier with the fun yet sophisticated result.”



The lamp in its full glory!
For a tutorial of the lamp project go here. (And yes, the red chalkboard dresser is also a project of hers).
Amazing projects, right! Admit that you, just like me, want to roll up your sleeves and start working away!

Thank you, Janell for taking part in this series.

I Salute You And Your Incredible Design Mind!

All images via Isabella & Max Rooms. DIY Design button via Splendid Willow.

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