6 Things I Go Nuts For

I am counting the days till this household is breathing normally again. Talk about T.E.M.P.O over here (or insanity). Kids’ last day is school in on Monday (of all days). Oh boy will I be celebrating with them!

But I took an hour off today in the sun and caught up on some magazine reading. Here are some things I immediately ear marked.

1. Book wall paper

You might recall this Andrew Martin wallpaper that I hung (yes, myself – mighty proud!) in my home office. Still like it a lot.

I have now came across this white beauty by Y & B. First time I see all white books on wallpaper. Very pretty and soothing. But how many wallpapers with books can a gal have?

2. An old b/w photo enlarged on canvas

Yes, we have seen zillions of kids and wedding images enlarged on big canvases but I am very tempted to enlarge a b/w picture of my parents in their younger days together. (My Dad passed away when  I was 14).

3. Worn shutters

I don’t have any old ones at home, and that is a shame. They can be used for so many decoration purposes and they can add a good backdrop for most vignettes. Don’t forget to snap some up if you come across nice ones with good patina at a local auction or flea market! Send me a picture if you do! (Or if you use some today as part of your home decor).

4. DIY lamp

My two girls are begging for separate bedrooms (they have been sharing a room for the last 6 years). I have finally caved in and we will give them separate rooms and create their personal spaces over the summer. I came across this DIY project and immediately pinned it. How pretty is this for a gir’ls room? The creative lady behind this lamp went to work with layers of paper flowers, butterflies and a glue gun! Add a sparkly branch and you will have one pretty and personal rice lamp. MUST TRY. (Learn more here).

5. One Day Design

I am happy to announce that my close friend/sis Marianne is (now also) offering a terrific One Day Design package for Seattle’ites (and those from nearby communities). She will help you with any of your interior design needs — and it will be money well spent. She is so talented. Go here to see what she offers. And say hi from me if you contact her!

6.  Blue tufted headboard

I thought I was going neutral linen for the headboard in our “new” master bedroom but then I stare at this pretty blue and start questioning my own design thinking. Doesn’t this color add so much happiness to a room? A soothing bedroom is a must but soothing does not necessarily mean neutral. I find this color soothing and happy! (Still going with whitewashed hardwood floors though).

Ok, off to climb back on the hamster wheel…  Next time you hear from me I will be much calmer and back to my social myself.

Hugs to everyone.

Images: 1 + 2 via Splendid Willow, 3-5 & 10 scanned via Living Etc. – June 2012,  no. 6 via Glue Arts, no. 7+8 via Marianne Simon Design.


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