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Did everyone see Mr. Genious himself, Eddie Ross’ bulletin board? He used sisal rope and a recycled fiberboard material called Homasote, which makes pinning up memos easy. Click here for instructions. I absolutely love the look (look at the rope around the frame) and I love his color choices (orange against navy walls — how sexy!).

It got me inspired to try something similar to display the family’s winter holiday cards. I see gray linen and rope and little bit of red. I want to make mine quite large. Hmmm… something is already brewing in my head. I must try this. (Give me a nudge if you have not gotten a status report by the time the first snow falls!).

I am so proud of my very good friend Jill with Live Like You who this week is launching her new signature bedding. Hello?! Who can casually claim that???! A signature bedding line! This girl has excellent taste and is so creative and hard working and (+ has a really good heart). I wish her nothing but tremendous success.

Photo credit: Tanya Malott

Her stylish KEY line comes in 4 different colors.

They will go perfectly in my guest room and I am thinking that the navy blue (what else?!) color will be lovely. If you see something you fancy and want to order from her store. Just tell her that you are coming via Splendid Willow and she will graciously offer you a little “That’s Splendid” VIP discount.

Happy rest of the week!


Images: No. 1 via Eddie Ross, no. 3, via Tanya Malott, 2-5 via Live Like You.

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