A Few Design Trends For 2012

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a fun December break. I took the time to really relax with family and friends and to be in the moment. I definitely have a new spring in my step (literally since I also started running again, more consistently. I have a torn meniscus in my knee and it has taken a long time to heal without some big time surgery). I am really looking forward to a healthy, creative and fun 2012!

All design magazines and experts are now talking about how to organize things better in 2012 or which trends to embrace in the new year. The latter seems more fun to me! This is what I have picked up:

Green is the new black. It is more than a trend and it is here to stay. We will see more furnishings designed by recycling, re-purposing, and reclaiming than ever. But we will see more elegant pieces. Not chunky and rustic all the way. More fine lines combined with a little bit industrial feel.

We will see a lot of retro tones in 2012, screaming nostalgia. Colors like brown, orange, yellow and purple in recurring combinations again will inspire the fashion scene, preferably in glossy satin fabrics or corduroy.  


So, no surprise that Pantone announced Tangerine – the color of 2012. I personally like orange and rust myself and for once I feel I am with the trend! (Last year’s color, Honeysuckle, never did it for me). Rust and orange work so well with gray and navy.

Boisterous interiors will be themed a lot this year encouraging parties and clubbing. Bring out the disco ball in your living room, people!

Typography. The design world’s love affair with typography will continue well into 2012.

A big trend this year will be warm metal colors – brass and gold. Goes well with the retro theme but it also reflects hopes for a better economy. Silver and chrome will fade as a trend.

Isn’t this gold Greek Key ceiling light stunning! I want it for my guest room. (I don’t dare to look at the price tag…). Source here – C Bell.

And when it comes to art, be prepared for more avant-garde art scenes. Harsh art designs (a lot of underground black) paired with organic shapes and the chocking 80´s colours contrast with the shiny metal of the 90´s. I expect many interesting, artistic ambitions in 2012.

Any specific design trends you have picked up on?
Warm hugs to you all. It is good to be back!
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