My New Christmas Tree Decorations

I was purring like a cat when I saw this image just yesterday over at my good friend Tina’s blog. This is exactly the look I am going for on our Christmas tree!  A rustic theme celebrating family and mother nature!

I have never had any glitzy, shiny red and green ornaments in my tree (not even when I grew up). I guess I am more used to a simple, quiet, Swedish look. But not until  recently did I come up with a theme close to my heart. We are huge animal lovers at our house and we already have quite a few adorable animal ornaments but this year I am tying everything together with colors and adding some new, forest themed tree ornaments. Here is a sample of what I have been collecting and what is going on the tree.

Adorable mushrooms. A bought a whole bunch — love them!

Bird houses, acorns and more animals.

 Light green berry branches (just like in the top picture!).

Jute reindeer (simple and so cute).

Burlap ribbon.

And for the kids I created my own simple little ornaments that I hope they will appreciate for a long time to come. I simply wrote their initials (I used stencils) on some burlap fabric and put them in rustic frames. I also placed some b/w baby pictures in frames and wrote love testiments on the back.

Oh, and hubby always refers to our three kids as “squirrels”. Found some cute ones that are also going on the tree!

I really enjoy this look. It suits us and I know that it will be a very loving tree!

Hugs to you all.

Image no. 1 via Komma Hem.


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