STORE NEWS + Get Your Bicycle & Feet, Summer Ready

It is heating up. Spring is finally here (this is Seattle, folks). Summer is around the corner. Prime time to head outdoors.

In most major cities around the world, walking and public transportation are how you get around. I was fortunate to grow up in beautiful Stockholm where biking is also a big part of the city planning. There are bike lanes everywhere in the city. You bike to the office, you bike to a date with your friends, you bike from bar to bar! When you visit oh-so trendy Stockholm in the summer you will see gorgeous and fashion conscious people everywhere, proudly parading their city bikes.

The concept is harder here in the US where so many cities and towns are built for cars only, it seems. But I have a bike, and I’m dusting it off as we speak. And that is how the kids and I will get to many coffee shops, parks and libraries this season.

A functional bicycle basket is a must for most bike loving Scandinavians and I am glad to see the trend catching up here in the US too.

Orders for trendy Swedish bicycle baskets are just starting to trickle in to my shop – a good seasonal sign!

I carry 3 colors. Black, white and green. (I have the green one myself).

This is also the season to get those feet ready for public display.

Brand NEW in my store are Ilse Jacobsen’s (Danish fashion icon) rubber flip-flops. No bad & unfriendly plastic here.

These well made rubber flip-flops have a braided texture. They are cushioned and very comfortable. I’ve picked 6 muted colors for my store. They all have a touch of sparkle on the straps for some summer glam.

(As you can see from my own picture above, the sole is more substantial than the following pictures, taken with a camera from above, show. Please note that I do not carry the YELLOW color in my store).


Stone Blue

Rose Pink



I will only carry a limited supply. When they are gone, they are gone. The sell for $39/pair.

On their way to my store are also these Danish Princess/Prince, Bride/Groom bunnies. They are so adorable and I can’t wait to push my kids away and play with photograph them!

Fairly new in my store, but I have not mentioned them to you before, are the Cowboy and Native American mice + Tee-pee. Yes I know. Super adorable and guaranteed many hours of imaginative play for the young ones!

Find all the items in my store Splendid Willow Avenue – here.

 Hugs & sunny thoughts to all of you!


Images: no. 1 via Fun Xite, no. 2-4 via Skeppshult Bikes, no. 5 via Posh24, no. 6 via Zimbio, no. 7-18 + 20 via Splendid Willow Avenue, no. 19 via Maileg.

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