O’verlays, Bemz And Ikea

Did everyone see this, except me? Overlays. Two smart ladies (Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick) came up with the brilliant idea of designing chic overlays which customers can buy by the square foot to give furniture unique custom looks. The idea became a business under the name O’verlays. O’verlays are lightweight, decorative fretwork panels that come in several patterns and sizes. The panels are made of a composite material that allows greater flexibility and less splintering than original wood panels. Just paint and glue them on.

 I think this would be a perfect DIY project for a room where a little bit of glamour is needed (and how perfect for dorm rooms)! The solutions are endless.

Another company which I am sure most of you have heard of is Bemz. Bemz has created a fruitful business around the furniture giant Ikea. Bemz make slipcovers for most of Ikea’s classic upholstered furniture. So now your armchair can also have a very custom look. The slipcovers are now sold and marketed in 35 countries. Impressive business idea, I must say.

Yep, a Bemz slipcover for a basic Ikea sofa.

 Bemz founder and CEO, Lesley Pennington says:

The covers are simply a means to an end. People today want to express their individuality through their lifestyle choices. They want to take a mass-market product like an IKEA sofa and create a unique ”one of a kind” product, which reflects their individuality and personal style.

Bemz has teamed up with several well known fabric designers. You can now get a slipcover for your Ikea headboard in Designers Guild’s colorful and luxurious fabric.

Lovely fabrics my Katarina Wiklund.

I actually ordered some slipcovers for Ikea’s Parson (Henriksdal) chairs a few years. This post reminds me that I should dig them up. They have survived a few washes and they are gray!

Happy New Week.

 Images: no. 1-5 via O’verlays, no. 6-10 via Bemz.

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