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I read a lot to find inspiration from all corners of the world. There is one post in particular from the always super fantastic blog Desire to Inspire (a daily must read people!) that I saw a few weeks ago that so inspired me and I simply can’t get it out of my head.

Take a look at these ordinary rooms which the talented and creative Canadian architecture and interior design company McGill Design Group were tasked to remodel. Would you believe the transformations! I mean are they even the same rooms? Yes they are! These before and after pictures got my own personal design juices to kick into over-drive.

Dining room before in an older Victorian home.

Dining room after. Yep, the same single window now dressed up with the perfect window treatments to create an illusion of several tall windows. And people, most hardwood floors can be stained if replacement is not in your immediate budget. I have done it many times myself (to that exact dark color).  Note the dark accent color and the lovely medallion in the ceiling.

Living room before.

Living room after.

True, they put some real effort into quality moldings and a built-in fireplace. But what a great investment!

Bedroom before. (This is my favorite transformation! Are you ready?!)

Bedroom after. Mama Mia! I absolutely love the look & feel of this bedroom. Both feminine and masculine. The colors are perfect. So crisp and fresh. Yes, the have spent a lot of money on quality built-ins, but the rest can be copied for a lot less if you are on a tight budget.

Do you like it as much as I do? Don’t be shy now! Your opinion counts!

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