What I Brought With Me From Sweden

After having been on this planet for quite a while I am still not sure I understand the concept of traveling lightly… Ask my great long time friend Sanne (I love you girlfriend!), who always kidnaps me from the city to her lovely home outside of Stockholm for a night or two before I fly back to the US. We adore hanging out together but after knowing each other for some 30 years (!), Sanne still raises her eyebrows everytime she sees my luggage! (Not to mention what my Hubby says when he picks me up at the airport…).

This time the suitcases were filled with gifts from family & friends, design things for my store, things from my Mom’s home, many gifts for loved ones, Swedish designer clothes and shoes, Swedish food & books, and some extra special things just because I can’t find them on the other side of the planet! Trust me when I say that I am normally not a shopaholic EXCEPT when I go back to my Mother land. I do tend to go a little nutty then.  (Perhaps I am desperately trying to hold on to my roots? Who knows…).

Just a few highlights:

1. A few new stunning Asa Lindstrom ceramic cups (handmade with 18K gold rim). I slowly keep adding to my collection. I don’t “collect” many things — but these cups I go absolutely crazy for.

This is where they hang out. I plan to fill all 25 cubbies!

 2. An old, original letter from 1649. Just pretty. (I framed it when I got home).

3. This little Swedish ceramic guy. A fox with an attitude perhaps? He puts a grin on my face and he lives in a cup. That is funny to me!

4. Chocolate from the fine chocolate store, “Chokladfabriken (Chocolate Factory) a few steps from my Mom’s home. A store bestseller is Swedish liquirice dipped in chocolate with a tad of sea salt on top. Only a true Scandinavian (or someone brave) will appreciate that!

5. A few classic mini glass vases from Svenskt Tenn (the most classic interior design institution in Sweden). I wish I could have brought a sofa with me…

These glasses are called Acorn” vases. The founder of Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Ericson, had gigantic acorn trees at her summer house in the 40’s. She designed this vase specifically for acorn growth.You are supposed to let an acorn sit on a moist piece of paper towel for a few weeks (preferably in the refrigerator). Once the acorn starts to sprout, you pop it into the vase and then watch a simple green branch start to embrace life.

That is all I dare to share today.

Do you also go shopping crazy when you travel? Please, let my Hubby know that I am not alone!

Happy long weekend! (Monday is President’s day here in the US).

 Image credits: No. 1 via Bon Appetit Hon, no. 2-6 via Splendid Willow, no. 9 via HouseMartin.


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