2 Cents On Lovely Design Trends (via fab friends)

If I could, I would have blog friends over for dinner all the time. There is so much talent to tap into and by nature I’m a very curious person. I love to learn.

 Today, I am starting a brand new series, I’ve named:

“Two cents” on topics I personally want to learn more about.

 This is as close to a dinner conversation as it gets with virtual friends.

I am kicking off the series with these four wonderful, kind, smart and incredibly design savvy blog friends. I seriously want to live inside their heads.

Today they are sharing 2 cents on ONE design trend which they have really taken to heart.


P.S Can I tell you just how thrilled I am to start building an extensive portfolio on my blog with personal thoughts by really great & talented people! The button for this series will permanently be listed in the right hand column of my blog.

My 2 cents on a design trend I seriously heart; the perfect pairing of old and new, modern and vintage, sleek and rough … I can’t get enough of this beautiful layered look. It combines a good dose history with a touch of modernity. These rooms give us the feel that pieces have been added and altered over a long period of time, rather than selected from the same store and plopped into place all in one afternoon! I adore the tension between old herringbone floors and a clean-lined sofa, or the sparkle and shine of a crystal chandelier juxtaposed against a lovely raw wood table. This look is very fitting with the ‘Rustic Glam’ trend that has really taken off this year, and I have been itching to attempt a little bit of this striking contrast in my own home!

You will find the talented Nancy over at Marcus Design.


Just the word alone elicits feelings of grandeur and glamour. Say it quietly to yourself….gold. An instant feeling of warmth surely transcends. From the very beginnings of history, gold has signified wealth and prestige. Molded into opulent jewelry and made into furnishings fit for royalty, gold has always elicited great reverence.

It is this historical root that makes gold such a delicious trend. Timeless and safe from faddish whims, gold enjoys a stable desirability that makes it a perfect choice.

On a personal note, I’ve been exceedingly drawn to it recently because of its unabashed glamour. Gold makes no apologies for being what it is. Pure, sexy and undoubtedly gorgeous, this precious metal is the definition of confident style. Even a touch instantly elevates a space, a mood, a look to a place it couldn’t have reached without it. Gold. A trend that is by definition not trendy. And is thus, perfection personified.

You will find the talented Christine over at Bijou and Boheme.

A trend that I’ve been loving for a while is oversized drum shade pendants. I just love the great impact they make and also how versatile they are. They can work with any style of room and just about any space – as long as the ceiling height is there. Doesn’t the light just make this room? Short and crisp — my 2 cents!
You will find the talented Ally over at From The Right Bank.
More than a trend, a design principal that I much, much love is: layers, layers and layers. It could be applied to walls or on floors. There is no space-restriction issue involved in the process and it transforms a home instantly by adding interest to your existing colors and textures. It’s also an easy way to update your home year-round for the different seasons. Did you fall in love with a Kilim at the grand bazaar in Turkey? There is always space on your existing rug to layer it on. How wonderful is that?  The same case with a mirror, by hanging art or a contrasting mirror in front you are instantly creating that “behind the scene” feeling of expansion and dynamism that makes any home far more interesting and collected.

You will find the talented Julie over at Belle Vivir.

Thank you so much friends for sharing your personal design thoughts with us! I’m really looking forward to building a great archive on many topics from around the blog world. Perhaps enough so I won’t have to stress about going to all the magazines to keep current (ha!). 

All of my blog friends will be involved — sooner or later. They are sitting on a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Warm hugs to you all.

Image credits: No. 1 (2 cents button) via Splendid Willow. Images via Bijou and Boheme: {via Elle Decor, Left in the Dirt, Pinterest, From Me-To You, Everything Fab, This is Glamorous,  World GalleryErin Ever After, The Die Line, Lonny, We Heart It, Design Crisis, Desire to Inspire}. Images via Belle Vivir: (no. 1 via Hamish Bowel’s house , no. 2 via  Michael Bruno’s house).

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