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For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you have heard me talk several times about the iconic Danish porcelain company Royal Copenhagen. Royal Copenhagen, a purveyor to Her Majesty The Queen Of Denmark, was established in 1775 and is considered one of the most luxurious porcelain brands in the world.

I started to pick up my first Royal Copenhagen pieces at antique auctions in Sweden when I was just a young cat, and over the years I have built a nice, little collection that I never grow tired off.

All of Royal Copenhagen’s products are handmade in Denmark and my personal opinion is that is is hard to beat the quality and the esthetics — timeless understated elegance. Always right. No surprise that my husband and I picked Royal Copenhagen’s “Princess” as our wedding china (I was old enough to know what works for me! No mainstream nor mass produced here!).

Some 10 years ago a very brilliant young Danish design student, Karen Kjældgård-Larsen, had a vision (and a lot of courage & nerve, I must say!) to put a modern twist to the iconic Blue Fluted pattern which has been in production in Denmark since 1775. Karen Kjældgård-Larsen beautifully modified & enlarged elements of the original pattern and gave it a modern look. Since its introduction, Blue Fluted MEGA has become a major success with its fresh, updated look while still honoring the Blue Fluted 18th century.


For those of you who know my style well — marrying old style with new, and doing it well, always impresses me.

Produced in the same shapes and sizes as the original and using the same techniques, Blue Fluted Mega can be mixed in to supplement the original service. By mixing and matching the patterns and eras you get a personal, unique and historical collection that will be appreciated for generations to come.

Now, to the news.

It is my great honor to announce that as of today Splendid Avenue is carrying many of Royal Copenhagen’s pieces. We offer their porcelain goods that have been in production since 1775, as well as many from Karen Kjældgård-Larsen’s “new-classic” MEGA Flute series (comes in both blue and black).

You will find them under our store category Fine Dining.

More products will be added, including my own wedding china – Royal Copenhagen Princess (here below).

Do I even have to tell you how excited I am to be working with such an iconic and beautiful brand?

A brand I am already so crazy passionate about. And Scandinavian too! I am very proud of that too.

Thank you for stopping by. Hugs to you all.

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White Wall Colors

With tons of brands and white shades out there, it is easy to get lost in white wonderland and never even get paint up on the walls! I have received a few e-mails from readers (yes, you are one of them Mrs. Landi!) asking for a good, safe white wall color.

I can’t say that I have tried them all but I  have tried a few and more will come up in some bedrooms that we will tackle at some point (we were supposed to have started right after summer – ha!). For those of you who remember we are adding a big dose of Swedish to our master bedroom. You know how light deprived the Swedes are (for many months of the year!) Bring in the light!

I personally tend to stick with Benjamin Moore. I feel they have a good selection and they are good at picking up trends. I like their Aura and Natura paints with little or no toxins. Pricier, yes. But it is worth it (especially in kids rooms).

White Dove and Mascarpone are two of Benjamin Moore’s best selling whites. (Mascarpone has way too much yellow for me. But it is warm).

Many designers like Decorator’s white, and I have tried it but I think its gray undertones are too strong.

I have also tried Cloud White and I like that one. It is a fresh, pure white.

If you are looking for a very crisp (almost stark) white – then Chantilly Lace might be a good choice.

Since I have kids and animals running around everywhere I usually pick an egg-shell finish for walls in living areas. (Better durability. Easier too clean). I don’t like too much sheen, but a flat sheen in this household is out of the question!

For trims I think super white is a good choice. (Satin finish or above).

And speaking of white — I found a cute little DIY project that I might involve my kids in. A WHITE book tree! Stuff a terracotta pot with styrofoam. Rip pages from an old book. Rip the pages into squares. Add the squares to a long skewer. Place the skewer in the pot and fill with green moss. Crafty and fun!

So, there. Some safe, white colors & a little project for me you.

Now, do you have a terrific white wall color up your sleeve? Would love to hear!

Hugs to you all.

P.S From White to Orange – Happy Halloween, folks!


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Thin Striped Fabric On My Mind

It feels like we have been seeing fabrics with really thick stripes for years (especially black and white and dark blue and white). When I came across this image in the latest issue of House & Home, I had to stop and stare for a while. I realized that I had forgotten about my early love –  thin striped fabric! In vogue or not — who cares. I will definitely add more of this to my own home. Simple, calm, casual and classy.

I might also need to add some pretty & festive bulbs to my chandelier for the winter holidays.

Hugs to you all!

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Minimal Fall Decoration At My Home & Busy Times At The Shop

Are you holding on to your hats, folks? (In my case a helmet). Speedy season is here. Gas pedal pressed down hard. Woosh!

I don’t know about you, but I have hardly had any time to focus on new fall decor. I am keeping everything pretty much the same as last year. I did manage to carve out a few minutes though to dress up a few vases around my house with cheesecloth, burlap and jute ribbon. I added berry branches from a local grocery store. Not much, but I like the look. Rustic, simple and “fallish”. Then when winter comes I can just replace the branches with thick pine branches. (I am a practical Swede after all!).

My Austrian grandfather, Max, once went on a hike in the Alps and found a pretty and rare Edelweiss flower. He had it dried and mounted into a brosche that he gave to my mother with her name engraved on the back. I added it to the the arrangement and now it has so much more meaning.

I put some mini pumpkins in a candle holder dressed in burlap.

So a little bit of fixing & relaxation at home… (with a little bit of music to work to)…

… and a lot of things happening on the store front.

First, thank you to the chic People Magazine’s Style Watch (in stands through November) for putting our store and the Ilse Jacobsen boots we carry in the limelight.

Second, as a Thank You to all of our followers and readers, we are offering a splendid giveaway. It is a Facebook sweepstakes. It is easy. All you need to do is to like us on Facebook.  One lucky winner will walk away with a $350 gift certificate to spend on anything in our store. Not bad, right, before the big holiday seasons! Sweepstakes ends on Friday October 26th. Enter here.

Fall season means rainy season — at least here in Seattle. We have added Ilse Jacobsen’s latest models and colors to our store. The new 3/4 length coats are selling like mad. (Europe is almost sold out!)

More jewelry has been added. I personally like precious metals but I don’t want my jewelry to be mass produced. Astrid Bjork’s wonderful sterling silver ring is a Swedish design classic. She has been making that ring for 18 years. Timeless and stunning.

Also new in our store are a few pieces by the popular Swedish brand Sahara. I wear the earrings almost daily – and get compliments all the time! (They look even better on than in the picture). Sahara was founded by the talented Swedish gal, Lovisa Wester Bäckström in cooperation with Camilla Läckberg, who is a mega big suspense author in Sweden. To date she has sold over 5 million books. An added bonus since I am a big time Suspense Novel reader!


We are delighted to say that we have added a whole new lighting line to our store! We have picked styles that are current and timeless and lights that are affordable. There are many handsome light fixtures to chose among — and more will be added!

More goods for the kiddos have been added.

And more new items will be unpacked in time for the holidays.

We are happy for one of our great designers, Emma Sjogren, who just had one of her beautiful wall hangings (print on linen) featured in the leading country homes magazine in Sweden (Go, Emma Go!). We are the only store in the US to carry many of Emma’s popular designs.

From walls to floors. We are now carrying Brita Sweden’s immensely popular handwoven plastic rugs. If you are looking for a rug/runner that can handle lots of traffic and spills – this might be your solution. (I have thrown away too many sisal rugs because their natural fibers can’t handle stains!). Brita Sweden uses plastic that contains no heavy metals or toxic softeners.

The birthday tees have been flying off the shelves. More colors have been added. The lovely and talented Stacey with Design Addict Mom just shared images from a photo shoot with her readers. And her adorable son Ian was dressed in one of our tees. Awww, Stacey! Ian is so precious!

A brand new store category Ewa and I are working on right now and that I am personally very excited about is — “Splendid Dining”. I am looking to add unique, good quality tabletop items for my own home for the upcoming Holiday Season. I am (as you know) picky, picky and I gravitate toward forever pieces. You will see what we have added to our store in the next couple of weeks. All I can say is – top notch.

So there. A little insight into my hectic (but fun!) daily life. My post about white wall colors will appear next week. I got a little side tracked! I hope you understand.

Fall hugs to each and every one of you.

Image no. 1 via Handmade Spark, images 2-4 via Splendid Willow.

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Affordable Gray Homegoods

When I moved into my first home in the US, in San Francisco (a long time ago),  I looked all over the nation for good gray linen to turn into 12 (!) non-frilly roman shades for my many living room windows. Ended up schlepping linen with me from Sweden and had shades custom made — simple Euro style. I don’t have to tell you that that little design adventure came with one hefty price tag…

I am happy to see that Restoration Hardware now offers wonderful ready-made roman shades in all kinds of pretty linen — incl. gray. Looking good! And the prices too.

Also liking Ikea’s new gray linen style fabric for its classic upholstery line, Ektorp (sofa, ottoman, chair). Bullet proof for rooms where kids (and messy husbands) rule! In my opinion, great value for the price.

And speaking of Ikea. My friend Erika Storm Wasser (also a good friend of Splendid Avenue) is on a roll. She hosts the design show “Spaces” on YouTube which quickly attracted some 3 million views. One of her fun segments is called “Splurge or Sweden“.

You can view it here. Pop over and say hello from me if you have a moment.  She is one fun gal to hang with!

Hugs to you all.

Note: to all my blog friends. I have had absolutely zero, zip, zilch time for blog hopping lately. Whatever you think, it is not you!
Somehow, somewhere I need to find more hours in the day…

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