Happy Easter & Say Hello To Color!

From my home to yours — wishing you a Happy, Colorful Easter!

And with colors in mind, did you all see Julie Paulino’s home in the latest issue of Rue Magazine? She is a good friend of mine and I am always so proud of her! Her home feels so grown-up relaxed, warm and inviting.

Those raspberry leather chairs should really be living with me…

She has a most fantastic eye for mixing colors and textures. I mean come on! Look at her happy eating nook!!

Another close friend of mine, Interior Designer Jill Sorensen (who I have on speed dial!) is also a star when it comes to creating vibrant chic and pleasing rooms. I call her “The Colorful Swede” (which of course makes me look very gray and dusty…).

She just added gray to her own Jill Sorensen bed linen brand. And her Marks rugs now come in new vibrant colors. All current and sassy!

Make sure to visit Julie here, and Jill here. They are fab & fearless!

Ok, folks. I am off to tend to sick kids. We might stay home in our PJ’s and scrap the CA trip we had planned for Easter. Bohooo! I hope the Easter bunny will find us…

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Gray, Scandinavian Must Have Decor

I can stare at this beautiful vignette from a Danish home all day long. The long, gray old table is the glue between the old and new decor. The image went straight to my personal inspiration folder.

And when I came across this gray throw from the Danish store, Munthe Plus Simonsen, I also quickly added it to my ever growing wish list. Simple and stunning. Look closely at the details.

Every time I buy a pot for a plant I quietly mutter and wish I was back home in Sweden. I swear they have the best flower pots. And of course — mostly with gray patina! (A pain to bring with me every time I fly back though. Yes, I am one of t.h.o.s.e who take up way too much overhead compartment space!).

Colors come and go. But I will always remain faithful to gray.

Happy new week to you all!

Image no. 1 via Blissful blog.

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I Go Nuts For

Sorry for my absence in blog land lately. Busy, busy with business and new projects. All good and very fun! I will share soon.

Design magazines have been piling up — and quite a few have dog ears in them. Here are some top design contenders that ended up in my personal inspiration folder.

1. Contrasting side tables

This pretty, soft pastel infused London home has made its rounds in blog land. What immediately caught my eye are the pretty side tables. I want them all. 1) A section of a plaster pillar, 2)Marble topped (Heavenly!) iron table (I am thinking perhaps a little DIY project?), 3) Curvy bronze side table. The three together = home run.

2. LOVE the color palette

(and any r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g living room)

Lots of white mixed with warm rust, orange, brown and black. Fresh, crisp and inviting. Wanna put my feet up.

3. Le Corbuiser’s iconic leather chairs

I sigh every time I see them. Designed in the 20′ s folks, and still going mega strong. And you know how nutty I am for Cognac colored (sounds WAAAY more interesting than Cinnamon – cheers!!) leather. One of these days…. They only look better after years of wear.

4. Rustic bench

That’s it! Next time I see a large, pretty, rustic bench at a flea market/auction — I am grabbing it and moving it inside! A functional statement piece.

Hugs to everyone. I have some serious e-mail & blog catching up to do.

Images: no 1. via Splendid Willow, no. 2 via Living Etc., no. 3 + 4 via Skona Hem, no. 5 scanned via Domino Small Spaces Spring 2013.

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Local Delights

We have a great magazine in Seattle called just that Seattle Magazine. A thick, flashy, must-read, covering local happenings, art & culture, food, fashion & design.

So fun to see our boots as part of a lovely photo shoot with the headline: “Fashion Forecast. Spring runway spoke to our Pacific Rim sensibilities, with Japanese inspired shapes, graphic brights and stripes that nod to the city’s Scandinavian heritage. (Yep that would be us!).

Furthermore: The tall Ilse Jacobsen rain boots are available in a rainbow of colors from local e-tailer Splendid Avenue, for a dose off style and comfort.

A big thank you to Seattle Magazine and its well respected Style Editor Ali Brownrigg, a Seattle Design Mover & Shaker!

Also easy to like the food at the newly opened local Seattle restaurant Tanglewood Surpreme — a tiny, friendly seafood bistro earning great reviews by picky food critics.

Hubby took me there for my birthday last week and OH MAMA the food was A. M.A. Z.I.N.G. Fresh, local seafood with a modern, unique twist. One local food reviewer said he “did not want to share the name of the restaurant to keep it a local secret for the few. But sadly he felt he had to — the food is that good”.

Finally, I have to laugh at a myself. I can get ridiculously giddy happy over the smallest things. Yes the Arco lamp (see previous post) will be nice and the an updated kitchen will make me so happy but yesterday I found a new little bestie — and this one is for my kitchen drawers. A “Forma” stainless “over the cabinet” hook (no screws) to hang kitchen towels, pot holders, etc.

You see, I tend to not like racks for any kinds of towels. I go bananas if towels are not straight. (Yes I know… some issues there….). Hooks are perfect and towels get to freely hang straight (more forgiving in my opinion). And this hook I can move around in the kitchen. Who knew a $3.99 find could put such a grin on my face. Make for great socking stuffers too. Functional design rocks!

Wishing you a delightful week.


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High Up On My Wishlist

Iconic. Been around since 1962. I have been drooling over this Italian floor lamp off and on for decades. Of course I am talking about the Arco lamp by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos.

It is back in my head again after having seen it in a lovely customer’s home and now in this stunning home (inspiration via Vintage Mulberry). And in gold too!

Stately yet sassy.

Sigh, and sigh again. $2950 for this puppy but this lady works HARD and I intend to make this dream a reality in not too long (and my kids will  thank me later for this timeless piece of modern, functional art).  I will place mine in our dining room and get rid of the antique, Swedish chandelier above the gray Swedish table. Yes really! (Love the beautiful almost library like light it gives off).

Busy times over at the shop, Splendid Avenue. Lots of new things in stock. For those of you who are interested, here are a few recent additions:

We have a hard time keeping the high quality Swedish reindeer hides in stock. A new shipment finally arrived (I will tell you about importing nightmares some other time! The goods got lost in Paris!).

The immensely popular birthday tees — now in several new lovely Spring colors.

Ilse Jacobsens’s classy leather bag now stocked in a lighter spring color.

And lots of Easter goodies!

The perfect tin eggs for all those Easter treats!


And finally we have added adorable satin fabric carrots to our Easter offerings (yes I have been using them as Easter decor for years!). Hang them on Spring branches or as I do (on the Swedish chandelier) for some extra Easter fun!

Wait!? Didn’t  I just say that I am moving that chandelier!? Wherever I move it — carrots will follow every Easter. Ha!

Visit our store, Splendid Avenue — here.

Hugs to you all.

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