Must Adopt These Ideas Myself

Ok, this I must try. Splashing black paint on a white painted chest (perhaps purchased on Craigslist? That would be a first for me). How fun to bring a little bit of personal punk into the home! I can actually envision a nice, antique gold mirror above it. So now, in prime summer time, my backyard can be turned into a paint-splash playground. I could have a lot of fun with this!

And who knew that blackish/gray painted wood boards could be turned into a really pretty art composition. Extra nice if the boards have some sentimental meaning. Decorative and a tad masculine, right? (Love the height).

I so regret that I have not saved tickets to rides and shows and events I have been fortunate to be part of all over the world. I am stupid. If I had, I could have created a really fun and personal conversation piece. Tell your kids to start saving tickets to special and memorable adventures – now!

And I hope this is the year when I FINALLY get my act together and get my herb bench! I wrote about it last summer – the idea is so simple, useful and attractive –  and now with the sun up high I better turn this into a real project. A little bit of a herb haven where I can easily go and snip, snip, snip some fresh basil and thyme for all of our Alfresco dining. So lovely.

Hugs to you all!

(Yes, yes, yes… I know that I am painfully behind with my blog hopping. Too many distractions. I will get to it.).

Images: no. 1 via Photobucket, no. 2 via Desire to Inspire, no. 3 via Best b-Day Ever, no. 4 via Splendid Willow.

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Ideas & Inspiration For The 4th Of July

But first… I have been spending as lot of time lately thinking and thinking & thinking some more about what this fall could should hold for me (in a perfect world). You see, all my kids will then be in school full time and I will be able to give whatever I am doing my 100% focus. Going back to a fun corporate job would be one option. I have actually have been interviewing with a really cool company that likes me and where something might bare fruit. An alternative is to (continue) to take charge of my own destination and drive it without fear and with lots of determination & new energy. And that is where (in the last week) I have landed!

I am now working on some really fun and much bigger things for this fall. I am more excited than e.v.e.r and you will all be the first to hear!

Passionate I am, yes. And energy I have. But for those of you who don’t know me personally, I am actually a pretty cautious girl. I don’t easily jump in with both feet without first doing some serious thinking. But once something feels right in my gut — then I am pretty quick to grab the opportunity. So far I have been very fortunate in life. So I guess I am sharing this with you to say:

If I can do it (a little Swedish immigrant equipped with a SwEnglish accent and the wrong body type and eye color – short and green eyed! Ha!) – you can do it too. Follow your gut and your passion. Put the energy out there. Work hard and magical things will happen.

Ok, it is early June and for all of you preparing for fun 4th of July parties, now is a good time to stock up on supplies & ideas.

How about a fun DIY wreath adorned with tiny flag toothpicks from the local craft store? (I like it!).

Moving quickly over to the food buffet. I am not much of a burger girl. A clambake is my perfect 4th of July food!

With fries in white buckets (from Pottery Barn).

And a really good drink such as Blackberry Mojitos. (This I will ABSOLUTELY try). Recipe here.

A great dessert idea.

Or why not a simple, patriotic ice cream treat?

Rattan color is pretty to mix with all that red, blue and white. Fun mini chalkboard placeholders. (From Williams Sonoma).

I also like these simple seagrass napkin rings (from William Sonoma). Perfect for the outdoors.

And remember what I always say — simple is beautiful.

I hope this post brings you some inspiration.

Warm hugs!

Images: No. via 1 8 Ballons, no. 2 via Factory Direct Craft, no. 3 via Martha Stewart Living, no. 4 via Pottery Barn, no. 5+6 via Pinterest (but no source, sorry), no, 7 via Martie Knows, no. 8 + 9 via Williams Sonoma, no. 10 via Acme Party box.





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Inspirational Entertaining For The Backyard

Ready for some outdoor entertaining? Here are some of my favorite bar setups for the backyard. (Note the pancake bar above!).

Ice cold tea from a dispenser and Mason jars (these ones with handles from Pottery Barn). Add a jar for lemon and another one for raw sugar and you are in business.

Drag the bar cart outside.

A casual but still inviting set-up.

For those of you with beach property. Thank me for the idea later!

Ohhhh Myyyyy! An open kitchen/outside bar. All white and fresh. Some happy owners there I’d say.

Yes, I mentioned this one years ago. Still one of my favorite set-ups. Note to myself: Need to f.i.n.a.l.l.y get a pair of rustic wine barrels!

Moving over to the food bars.

What a perfect popcorn set up for an outside movie night with friends!

An attractive S’mores bar!

Something cheesy. (My kind of hang-out).

And of course something desserty. Check out these creative set-ups.


Need to get a vintage shutter like that (and paint it midnight blue). It sets the mood.

A dessert buffet nestled under a pretty tree. A white tablecloth and lots of wondrous treats. I am in.

Which set-up, if any, will you copy speaks to you?

Hope the sun is shining on you all! Happy rest of the week.

Images: No. 1 Sweet Occasion,  no. 2 Scanned via House & Home (June 2012), no 3. via Chinoiserie Chic, no. 4 via Sarah’s Fab Day, no. 5 via Style Me Pretty, no. 6 via Simple Blueprint, no. 7 & 10 via Splendid Willow, no. 8 via The Party Dress, no. 9 via Martie Knows, no. 11 via Lemon Sprinkle Events,

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Old Fashioned Clothespins

Nothing smells better than sheets that have been dried outside in fresh air breeze. And preferably in a setting like above. (Good thing I don’t have a jealous bone in my body…).

My Mom would always make sure that our bed linen and towels and my cotton dresses smelled like summer during the warm months in Sweden. Whenever possible clothes were hung on a long white clothesline in our backyard. But I never seem to remember to take that time.

Perhaps these Swedish hand carved wooden clothespins can get me in the groove. (Or a summer home in Sweden… Hear that Hubby!).

These pins can also be used as napkin/place-card holders. They are so adorable! (You know how much I detest plastic and mass produced…).

My good friend Piper over at One Sydney Road invited some shop owners to join in her Paris Pop-Up shops. Piper did a “Trez Magnifique” job putting it all together. (That girl is so talented and such a design whiz that she blows me away).

Hop over and grab a discount code for my store, Splendid Willow Avenue. It will give you an additional 15% off on anything in my store. (Note: ends on May 30th!). You will also find discount codes for many of the other lovely stores. Visit Paris 1 and Paris 2 — here.

(FYI: the high-end Jarbo collection I carry, will soon be switched to cool and chic summer fashion. I look forward to showing you!).

Warm hugs to you all.

Images: no 1. via Desde My Ventana, no. 2 via Joy’s Blogg, no. 3 + 4 via Wildlife Garden, no. 5 +6 via Marie Elisabeth’s room.


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Lara Melchior Jewelry – Yes, Please

Mon Dieu. Good thing I live far away from Paris, because this jewelry designer would make me go broke… My Mom instilled in me, at a very early age, “only buy good quality jewelry (if needed you can always sell) and less is always more.” I’m still faithful to her wisdom.

I found the works of Lara Melchior over at my good friend Mia’s blog. It was this ring that first caught my attention. Two gold/diamond sets brilliantly linked for a full finger look.

Sophisticated sexy or what!

Simple and beautiful.

More pretty rings.

Honeycomb inspired pieces are part of her unique signature look.

Stunning bracelets. Gold and diamonds.

This is Laura Melchior herself. (Oh no, I could be her Mom!!).

And this is her studio in Paris.

Again. Incroyable! To it all.

Hugs to you all and Happy Long Memorial Weekend to all my US readers. I will see you back on Tuesday!


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