A Warm & Inviting White Room

I keep coming back to this room. I lust for more white walls in my home. But I also want to keep the warmth. These colors and textures (love those chairs!) are perfect. Add a couple of myrtle trees and this room is MINE, mine, mine!

Happy weekend to you all.

P.S I sometimes feel that a big TV screen on an easel looks way too contrived. But here it works beautifully.

Image via: here.

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White Wall Colors

With tons of brands and white shades out there, it is easy to get lost in white wonderland and never even get paint up on the walls! I have received a few e-mails from readers (yes, you are one of them Mrs. Landi!) asking for a good, safe white wall color.

I can’t say that I have tried them all but I  have tried a few and more will come up in some bedrooms that we will tackle at some point (we were supposed to have started right after summer – ha!). For those of you who remember we are adding a big dose of Swedish to our master bedroom. You know how light deprived the Swedes are (for many months of the year!) Bring in the light!

I personally tend to stick with Benjamin Moore. I feel they have a good selection and they are good at picking up trends. I like their Aura and Natura paints with little or no toxins. Pricier, yes. But it is worth it (especially in kids rooms).

White Dove and Mascarpone are two of Benjamin Moore’s best selling whites. (Mascarpone has way too much yellow for me. But it is warm).

Many designers like Decorator’s white, and I have tried it but I think its gray undertones are too strong.

I have also tried Cloud White and I like that one. It is a fresh, pure white.

If you are looking for a very crisp (almost stark) white – then Chantilly Lace might be a good choice.

Since I have kids and animals running around everywhere I usually pick an egg-shell finish for walls in living areas. (Better durability. Easier too clean). I don’t like too much sheen, but a flat sheen in this household is out of the question!

For trims I think super white is a good choice. (Satin finish or above).

And speaking of white — I found a cute little DIY project that I might involve my kids in. A WHITE book tree! Stuff a terracotta pot with styrofoam. Rip pages from an old book. Rip the pages into squares. Add the squares to a long skewer. Place the skewer in the pot and fill with green moss. Crafty and fun!

So, there. Some safe, white colors & a little project for me you.

Now, do you have a terrific white wall color up your sleeve? Would love to hear!

Hugs to you all.

P.S From White to Orange – Happy Halloween, folks!


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I Am Craving Light More Than Ever

How can I look at these stunning rooms from an old Danish home and not feel they should belong to me?! Me, me, me! I am on such a light kick right now. But I am really just going back to my Swedish roots? Or am I mentally preparing for the long dark months ahead? I clearly need something to off-set that mood! Light  — come on in!

(Also heart the light gray walls. And the large contemporary painting with a touch of orange in it).

Even the cats are perfect.

What a beautiful eating area. Imagine it lit with candles for the evening supper. I would never leave the room.

My Mom has always said: “Invest in a good pair of quality silver candlesticks”.

I’ve heard it a zillion times. But she is so right. Timeless beauty. They never go out of style.

Rust you can always trust for a pretty patina.

Love  it all.

Also L.O.V.E this oil painting “Gray Island”.

I purchased it from my dear blog friend-sis Michele’s Etsy store.

I found a recycled barn wood frame at a local framing store that I think works well with the painting. When I put the two pieces together the young sales assistant asked me:

“Did you paint this yourself”? “Nope,  a dear friend of mine did,  I said. “It is so cool!”, he exclaimed. It is more than cool. It is original and beautiful — and very affordable. A most perfect gift.

Hop over to Michele’s store here – and browse her other pretty art pieces.

“Gray Island” would fit right into any of the rooms in that beautiful Danish home. Perhaps above the linen chair to the right with the b/w cat on it. Look at that area again. It screams for just a bit of color and something that “embraces light” just like Michele’s paintings do.

In my next post we are going to talk about white paint colors. I so often get e-mails asking for paint recommendations. I am going to share some. And I hope that you want to share your favorite white shades with us. Yes, salute white!

Hugs to you all.

Images: Image no. 6 via Splendid Willow. All other images via Skona Hem.

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Calming Rooms & Objects

Is it this time of the year or is it me? All I long for is tranquility and serenity. I don’t want more stuff (as a matter of fact I want to get rid of half of my house), I don’t want noise. Stress has been kicked out the door (and is not allowed back in again!). All I want is easy living, peace & harmony. And to be able to sit — for real… Preferably in a striped wing-back chair.

Brown cottages and cabins have never been my cup of tea but look how lovely this wood paneled room is with all white slip covered seating. I would be phenomenally content here.

 I find a collection of Staffordshire ironstone and American stoneware calming.

And from now on I think that my kids can sit on simple, old milk chairs! (Admit that you will look for some at your nearest antiques fair!).

Happy 4th to all my American friends!

You will find me at a party — seated — and with my shoes kicked off!

Images: No. 1 via Note to Sarah, 2,4 and 5 scanned via Country Living July/August 2012, no. 3 scanned via House & Home July 2012.

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Fresh, Bright & Soothing Living

I see this and I just want to re-do my entire house. Simple, fresh and soothing. Edgy and interesting — all with a relaxed feel. But it really just comes down to the space being decluttered (farewell unnecessary stuff!) and the light floors. (Yep,  similar floors are moving into our master bedroom this year. I crave a calm bedroom).

Take note of the pretty vignette in the back of the room.

Also, pay attention to the emerald color on the old door glass. A little goes a long way.

Busy, busy times over here. School finals, parties and graduations x 3 kids. Summer officially starts for us on June 22nd. Can’t come soon enough!

Finally, HAPPY, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all wonderful Dads and Dads in training out there!

 Warm hugs to everyone!

Images: Inspiration and image 1-2 via Purple Area. Image no. 3 via The New Yorker.

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