Shopping & Shipping & Mr. Sting!

Hello all. Feeling a little frazzled here! A hectic season indeed!  Between my family, my shop, 1000 holiday activities and many evening gatherings & parties, there has been zero time for my blog. I don’t know how you do it all but I need 10 more hours/day – at least!

I have also made a promise to myself to refocus a tad and really enjoy the season this year. So, what a treat it was to, in the midst of all holiday stress, join hubby and go listen to this guy, my FAVORITE !, Mr. STING!!! I LOVE HIM!!!

When he started talking from the stage at this quaint little Seattle Theater, I got all weepy. I am listening to Sting’s real voice – and he is standing there, right in front of me!! He is so humble and professional and his brilliant songs lift my mood. I have had a serious crush on him for a very long time. He is the real deal.

My tree is now up but it is kind of empty underneath (I have been focusing on making customers and friends & family in Europe happy!)… I have some serious shopping ahead of me. Mainly for the kids.

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child has many lovely gifts for the young ones. And their styling/photography is so nice.

My own little shop is keeping mega busy! You have to place orders this week if you want to get your items in time for Christmas.

I have finally added a professional e-mail alert with STORE NEWS & DEALS. Sign up here – if you want to receive first hand information from my store. I want to keep the blog and the store as separate as possible. They both fulfill different needs.

Speaking of store, my good & stylish friend Jeanette (looking forward to your party, girlie!), just opened a little on-line boutique (Cute Like Mad) selling beautiful Swedish Sami Bracelets.

These handmade, leather bracelets have an intricate weave of silver threads and two leather cords. The buttons are made of hand carved reindeer antler.Very Swedish and very pretty! Hop over and visit here!

Happy New Week Everyone! (I know, I know… I have some serious blog catching up to do!). 

Image no. 1 via Nancy Grayce Blog.


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In The Spotlight x 3

I am putting the spotlight on this image, which I can’t get out of my mind. A classic Tolix stool turned plant table. Brilliant! I want this for my own kitchen. Call me crazy but I am going shopping for that stool for that reason alone (it is also a design classic). My good friend Katrine told me that Design Within Reach has a good sale this week. Hoping to find one there.

Also putting the spotlight on something new in my store — Splendid Willow Avenue. These Swedish designed egg cups (a set of 4) straight from Sweden. I adore them!

I actually bought a set a couple of years ago for my good friend Mariana (I am still upset that you moved back to Europe, my friend!) and I have been wanting the same set for myself ever since. In Sweden, breakfast is king and we like to start our day with a good healthy meal and the newspaper.

It seems that concept is hard to translate into US daily living (even for me!) but on weekends, at least at my house, we make breakfast a nice affair.

I am so excited to be the first store in the US to carry these beautiful and well made cups. They can also be used as Snaps cups! (: More information here.

Finally the real spotlight. Something totally new I have been working on and which I am very excited about! Here you see my close sister-friend Stacey and a well established designer in action. And that is all that I am going to say for now… You will learn more soon very soon!

Warm hugs to you all!

 Images: No. 2 scanned via House & Home (Oct. issue). Images 3-5 via Splendid Willow.

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Swedish Summer Home Dreams

It is May people, summer is around the corner and this it when I start dreaming about a second home in Sweden. It is not in the cards right now but my wonderful husband is convinced it is going to happen in our lifetime! And if he says so… (!). Winter time I dream about a city apartment in Stockholm and this time of the year I am lusting for something light and airy with a view. Just came across these lovely homes in Sweden.

The Swedes are, in my opinion, masters at embracing light (for many months they must make do with very little or none at all) and making living less complicated. And the love and respect for mother nature is part of the Swedish DNA. Just look at  the earthy colors and organic materials in these images and so synonymous with Swedish design. (You won’t find a lot of plastic here…).

This is a boat house with its upper floor converted into a guest suite. Not so shabby!

Here is a brave Swede who added a touch of color to go with all that fresh white!

And speaking of Mother Nature. Here is a summer DIY project for you. I have seen tree trunk turned side tables in the past. But nothing as grand as this one and on wheels! I know what I will be hunting for this season (hoping to find something similar in the woods). Admit that you are tempted too!

I don’t know about you but my week has been insanely busy. I am trying very hard to keep up with everything and everyone but 24 hours/day only takes me so far… I hope to come up for air soon.

Warm hugs to you all!


All images via Skona Hem.

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Fantastic Ikea Chests DIY Makeovers

All over blog land there have lately been many posts about talented people taking their ordinary, mass produced Ikea chests and turning them into fantastic, unique pieces, with just a little creative thinking and some elbow grease.

Here are two classic Ikea chests/benches you see being used often — Besta for $125 and Rast (all pine) for $29.99.

Now, look at this.

A VERY talented home owner & blogger (Tina with Signed by Tina) wanted this chic style and look but not the $2000+ price tag.

So… she went to work on her Ikea Besta bench (without legs) equipped with a hammer, upholstery nails and some paper for drawing the pattern (and a very precise eye!).

How fantastic is that!

Tina also took on her bathroom cabinets.

Thank you for the inspiration lovely Meera!

And look at these Ikea chest transformations:

Yep, this would be that pine Rast chest — now looking chic and fabulous.

And here is another Ikea “Rast” project by my lovely blog friend Nancy.

She painted two Rast chests black, added stenciled details and changed the hardware. Drool worthy, I know!

And here is that sad looking “Rast” again.

Transformed into this:

Thank you for the inspiration, Bright Will!

And here is yet another great project.

A plain Ikea chest.

Turned it into this! Can’t believe it is the same piece.

Thank you lovely Jill for the inspiration!

I am very tempted to try this myself. I envision a couple of nightstands in the guest bedroom or a long white hutch in our big bonus/play room. Would love to make something similar to this:

Perhaps a fun summer project to work on outside in the backyard with grass between the toes.

Warm hugs to you all.

Last image via Marcus Design. All other photo credits found as part of the text.

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