Green Is Really Growing On Me

You would think that I, coming equipped with deep green eyes, would appreciate the color green — not so. Green has been my absolute least favorite color for a very long time. But for the 12 months or so I have slowly started to warm up to the color. And on my last trip to Sweden, I bought not one, but two pairs of green slim fitting jeans (just need to find a way to get into them!).

Now I find myself actually imagining myself looking at a room with greens in it. I don’t look away. I even try to think about how I can incorporate a tiny bit of green in my own house. What a concept! What a change! (And green goes well with gray too, folks).

For all you green lovers out there – I finally get it. I see what you see. I am just a late bloomer.

(In the room below I would only do the green grass cloth wall coverings and skip all the other green accents. I can’t go green all out – yet! But brown and green are so pretty together).

A very pretty dark sage green.


Green wallpaper in the powder room. If done right — very nice.

Very mellow green. The room would not even be the same without it!

Perhaps the most blogged about dining room. But what a statement room! And see how green and gray work great together.

Green and gray again. Me like.

This vignette (an old classic) makes me literally green with envy.

Also an oldie. But if it works it works. Green and gold play well together.

Green, linen shades. Pretty, pretty and so friendly.

I saved my favorite to last. Swedish of course. So fresh and soothing. I LOVE that wall paper with simple Lilies of the Valley. Both a classy and a modern room. And my old 18th c. Swedish chairs (like the one in the picture) can now also function as bedside tables!

What about you? A thumb up for green — or not? I am quite curious.

Images: No. 1, 2, 4-6 via House Beautiful, no. 3 via Elle Decor, no. 7+8 via Apartment Therapy, no. 9 via FFFfound, no. 10-12 via Saucyhelp, no. 13 via Skona Hem.

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Ikea’s Latest Photo Shoot Rocks

Happy new week! (I am sorry for my absence in blog land last week, but now I am back with more energy!). This past Friday I went to a fun evening event with a bunch of lovely ladies (Thank you Ms. Eva Delishhh!) and at 1:00 am (!) Ikea came up as a topic. The hostess’s laptop was quickly turned on and I shared some photos from one of Ikea’ s latest photo shoots (courtesy of my close & creative friend Mia from Solid Frog). And now I am sharing them with all of you.

This is Ikea, people! I think the images are absolutely gorgeous. And the stylists hit the mark by incorporating the industrial vintage trend that is so hot right now.

BRAVO Ikea! I am totally inspired by each and every image and I am so heading to that Swedish mega store this week! Maybe I will run into you there!

Inspiration + images via Solid Frog.

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Accents In Vogue

I am sure that you are already aware that the declared design color of the year is Turquoise. I must have overused it in the 80’s ( I remember strutting around in high gloss turquoise shoes together with a green and turquoise jacket! No wonder I never looked back!). And I have never really reconnected with that color shade since. Until I saw this room. Just the right amount of turquoise with all that crisp white and with a little bit of black as a contrast. I think it really works well. Maybe we will become friends again!

Turquoise and light blue are quite lovely paired with brown (as in pillow no. 2).

And pink, people! I see pink/violet everywhere.

Perhaps the new purple.  Lovely nevertheless.

Words, numbers and quotes as acccents in wall decor continue to go strong. Here is a fun one.  A limited-edition oak framed print with quotes from well known movies.

This image I have saved in my great gift file. My husband is an avid cyclist. How fun would it be to present him with this table on his upcoming birthday!

Don’t take your interiors (or yourself) too serious! And go with your heart.

Happy rest of the week, friends!

Images: 1. Burcu Avsar via Desire to Inspire, 2. Burcu Avsar, 3. Desire to Inspire, 4-6 Living etc, 7. Coulson Macleod via Lotta Agaton

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