Vacation Notice – Stockholm Here I Come!

Dear readers. You will not hear from me for a week because I am on my way to my wonderful home city Stockholm to bring back my mother for a visit with my family for the summer. I can’t wait! I will get to spend quality time with my family and many wonderful friends back home and to check out all the latest within the design scene.  I will bring back lots of material and a few surprises – only for you! Enjoy your week!

P.S Do you see the Royal castle in the background? On my first day in Stockholm I will run into its nice gift shop with a specific purchase in mind for my two beautiful girls. I will share with you later!

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Peter Frie

Peter Frie (born in Sweden 1947) is arguably one of the leading landscape painters in Sweden today. He has won many prestigious awards worldwide. In Sweden he is being represented by the internationally renowned art gallery, Galleri Lars Bohman.

“Peter Frie’s paintings are rooted in the long tradition of landscape painting, and especially in the way of depicting the landscape as a powerfully charged mood. The paintings manifest a powerful sense of place, but they also have a metaphorical dimension, so that any overly explicit link with a certain place tends to become blurred. Frie does not reproduce views, but paints memories. Peter Frie frequently arranges his painted theme so that it is part of a white painted ground, leaving this ‘empty’ space to act as a balancing factor that emphasizes the landscape theme. The large white areas flanking the depicted image permit a sense of expansion, like a screen behind which a continuation of the landscape will be revealed. They also have the capacity to concentrate the image, to intensify the spectator s scrutiny and his emotional response”. Jeremy Lewison, Director of Collections, Tate Gallery, London 1998.

In the manner of the nineteenth century British artists J.M.W Turner and John Constable, Frie creates contemporary landscapes that are unashamedly beautiful and intensely arresting. In the tradition of German artist Caspar David Friedrich, Frie’s landscapes are simultaneously intimate and expressive. His work also shares an affinity with other Northern Romantic artists such as the Norwegian painter Johan Christian Claussen Dahl (1788-1857) who sought to convey human emotion through his landscapes. (Oil on canvas on wood blocks from The New Art Centre in the UK).

Since 1988 Frie’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe. His work is included in the collection of the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, and the Friesichen Museum, Leeuwarden, Holland as well as private collections in Europe and the United States.

If you ever get an opportunity, do not hesitate to visit one of his exhibitions. I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. Peter Frie is a master painter and his abstract landscapes really capture the brilliance of the Scandinavian terrain.

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Living Well With Art in Sweden

Here is an opportunity for all the Swedes (or people interested in moving to Sweden!) who have a real passion for art, have some money under their mattresses and are looking for something meaningful to do. Maybe getting ready for a complete life change.

Take over this thriving art gallery situated in the most beautiful surroundings with its own cafe and wine cellar and get your own lovely living space on top of the gallery! The “Kabusa” art gallery is located in Glemmingebro along the popular and beautiful cost line Osterlen, in the southeastern parts of Sweden.

Life is short. I am a bit tempted myself! I really hope this lovely piece of property & history ends up in great hands and that it continues to do well.

The main building, built in 1899, used to be an old starch manufacturer but was in the 1900-hundreds turned into an art hall/museum. The building is situated on a huge lot, part of the most idyllic scenery. (Skeppsholmen Makleri is the real estate agency behind the listing. See here for more information).

This would be your new art gallery! Almost a royal feel with the old, beautiful stone floors and high ceilings with old rustic wooden beams.

The gallery is famous for its wonderful atmosphere and light.

A lovely and friendly cafe is part of the gallery, serving only good home made comfort foods and treats.

Summer time the cafe doors are open to this lovely and unpretentious stone terrace. How peaceful.

Welcome to your new living quarters! The area is designed to showcase your own private art collection.

State of the art kitchen. You are in Sweden after all.

Huge living room connected with the open kitchen. White walls and white washed hard wood floors capture all the light.

Spacious, private office.

Master bed room with lovely views over the property and breathtaking surroundings.

Master bathroom. Clearly not the same old, same old. Wonderful materials. It even has its own sauna.

Guest bath room.

The water and the long beach within a short distance. The Kabusa art hall is situated right where the water begins to meet the lightly sandy hills. I can breathe that fresh air. I can feel new, wonderful beginnings for someone really, really lucky!

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PA & Co – My Favorite Restaurant in Stockholm

There are so many fantastic, hip and fun restaurants in Stockholm, it will makes my head spin. Stockholm is undoubtedly a hot spot for contemporary and really good food.

But the one I think of as “my restaurant”, year after year, is PA&Co. A small, cozy Swedish bistro with a HUGE reputation. PA&Co serves modern takes on traditional Swedish dishes.

Every time I go back to visit my home town I will make sure to pay PA&Co a visit. They never ever let me down.  The people watching is good too. Many famous faces here!

In 2007 PA & Co came out with its greatly anticipated cook book. It became a instant success and was awarded the Grand Prize of “Best All Categories” for Meal Literature of The Year by The Swedish Meal Academy. I am definitely picking up a copy on my next visit to Sweden (so far only written in Swedish).

The jury’s motivation:

”After having built its popularity on continuity for more than 20 years, PA&Co is a classic restaurant which has fine-tuned its unique cuisine of powerful flavors, gusto and elegance. This beautiful book sums up the dining room’s cultural spawning ground and the kitchen’s bold crossing of Swedish home cooking, The Mediterranean and Asia in the straightforward, no-nonsense manner which has become the restaurant’s signature.”

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Heiberg & Cummings = Splendid!

There are so many interior designers that I admire and follow but for years I have had a soft spot for the very talented design group Heiberg & Cummings Design (hcd3) in NY. Their design work revolves around Scandinavian contemporary design with a focus on blending the old with the new. Mr. Heiberg is a native Scandinavian, just like myself, and it is easy to see that he is very loyal to his roots.  A wonderful example is this gorgeous beach retreat in the Hamptons.

If this is not relaxing for the soul – then I do not know what possibly could be!

One day (I have promised myself in my lovely dreams) I will team up with them so they can drive the design of our future kitchen… and dining room… and library and… I can’t wait to see them in action! For more of their portfolio go to: hcd3.

And look at some of their own furniture designs. Simply marvellous.

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