I Spy In Stockholm — Scandinavian Eyewear

One more week in Stockholm — not a non-busy second in sight… You will get a full report of my personal Scandinavian must-buys when I return, but here is something I am taking some time to shop for this week — a pair of lovely eyeglass frames (I will add the prescription glasses at home).

All of you following my blog already know that people in Stockholm are mighty fashion conscious and into the latest trends. So no surprise here that trendy eyewear is also found everywhere. (I have never seen an entire city with so many people equipped with unique and fashionable eyeglasses!).

And of course I am extra interested in the Scandinavian brands. There are quite a few.

I intend to come home with a statement piece this time. No, nothing that blends in with my face. Nope, something funky and chic is what I am going for. Something over-sized, unisex, that stands out.

I’ve tried these aviator ones on (below) and they are high up on my list.

Skaga recently launched a retro version of, Swedish fashion trendsetter, Sighsten Herrgård’s famous glasses from the sixties. Very trendy, very Swedish.

Go to Scandinavian Eyeware to find these models and many more.

Warm hugs to you all! (And thank you so much for your wonderful support regarding the Rue Magazine segment. More (and proper!) thank you´s are coming when I get home).

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A Must Have For Most Swedes

No, I am not talking about Swedish crispbread “knaeckebroed” (by the way the ones Swedes prefer to eat nowadays are made the old fashioned way and come in cool  packaging. I have not even seem those versions in the US).

Another thing that a Swede will start missing as soon as she/he leaves motherland is the Wettex sponge cloths. Yep, the ones for the kitchen.

A Swede, Curt Lindquist, developed the iconic Wettex back in 1949 and leave it to the loyal Swedes to still hang on to the brand (now owned by a large German company).

You use them to wipe off your counters, and tables and spills. They are perfect for removing dust, oil, grease and dirt. You use them to clean sinks and dirty boots and everything in between — leaving surfaces dry and streak free. They are the best. I throw mine into either the washing machine or dish washer when they need to be cleaned. (But I avoid using them with raw meat etc.).

And of course they come in all kinds of fun designs. The Wettex cloth needs to look good in that lovely Swedish kitchen!

Happy Easter!

You can even subscribe to these cleaning cloths in Sweden! A set of new, designer ones will appear in the mail box every month.

The Swedes are so attached to their Wettex cloths that they even send them as postcards. Or Holiday cards! (Happy face on the receiving end!).

Ok, this is funny. I just now realize that I know the designer behind so many of these lovely Wettex designs – Anna Agger! She was together with my older brother Erik for years and was part of the family! Hello/hi Anna — I found your images and then I found YOU! What a small world! (Let us know if anyone carries them in the US!) “Bamsekram!”

For the environmentally concious Swedes, using rolls and of rolls of bleached paper towels (and they don’t event do the job) is mind boggling. The Wettex sponge cloths are 100% biogradable.

I found a couple of sources where they sell them in the US. But I aways make sure to bring a few back with me in my suitcase when I come back from Stockholm.

Happy new week friends! (I must have some serious Spring cleaning on my mind).

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Images: No. 1 via Olof Viktors, no. 2 via Ikea, no. 3 via Koolinar no. 4 via Proforma, no. 5 and 7 via Kitch, no. 6 via Pia F Design , no. 8-10 + 12 via Ornahusen, no. 11 via Disktrasa.

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Garbo Interiors and “Ebba & Jag” – Two Stores To Visit

Hello friends! I could go on and on about my trip to Stockholm and virtually drag you to every interesting street and shop but I don’t want to bore you with too much Stockholm talk. Ok, just one one more post….!

There are literally a zillion fun stores in Stockholm but today I am going to share two of my “secret” shops that are must visits for me whenever I go back to my old hometown — Garbo Interiors and Ebba & Jag (“Ebba and I”). None of them are painfully flashy, overly trendy, nor intimidating stores. I just find them interesting, tasteful, inviting and filled with unique things.

Garbo Interiors is located in my Mom’s neighborhood, Ostermalm, a lovely and classy downtown neighborhood filled with many nice design destinations.

Garbo Interiors offers classic high-end Swedish antiques and vintage furniture mixed with lovely accessories for the home. This store has many followers among interior designers and stylists. And rightfully so. It is just a gorgeous store!

Ebba & Jag is situated in Sodermalm, the neighboord where I was staying on my recent trip. I love this happening area which is filled with vibrant and funky stores and good places to eat.

Ebba & Jag is more of a lifestyle store and the lovely owner Mona and I have connected over the years and always give each other warm hugs when I pay a visit. (And we both just learned that one of Mona’s close friend’s happens to be one of my big brother Erik’s old girlfriend’s who we loved and viewed as part of our family! A crazy small world!).

Mona mixes Swedish antiques and vintage furniture with fashion from young Swedish designers and a bunch of other things she likes from around the world. I buy something every single time I visit this store and I always bring back a fashion item as a gift to my dear girlfriend Stacey in Seattle.

On my last trip I came home with several pieces of clothing by the Swedish brand Melmelli. These thin, high quality long cotton tunics are super comfortable and and look fabulous on. I have been wearing these tunics a lot this summer.

So, when you visit Stockholm — please don’t miss these two lovely stores. And if you meet Mona with “Ebba & Jag”, make sure to say hi from me!

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I Am Off To Sweden


Hello friends, hope you had a fun weekend! I have been puttering around my house, enjoying my family & friends and shopping and packing for my trip to Sweden (sans family!). When you read this I will already/almost be on my way to beautiful Stockholm!

Some wonderful & talented blog friends will be covering for me on the two different trips I am making this summer. They will send you personal blog postcards from some of their favorite places and share some great tips that you do not want to miss! 

Meanwhile, I will be busy stomping and hopping (or spinning as my husband would say!) around in three areas in Stockholm (and everything in between).

No. 1Ostermalm, a neighborhood in the very heart of Stockholm and where my dear mother lives. This area is beautiful, quaint and filled with wonderful parks, great shopping and fabulous restaurants and cafes. This is also the district for some of the best antique stores in Stockholm.

No. 2Lidingo. A beautiful island right outside of Stockholm (connected by a bridge) and where I grew up. This was a wonderful place to spend childhood. Country living at its best and yet only minutes away from the city. Several of my closest friends still live (or have moved back) to Lidingo (and I would do the same if we ever decided to move back to Sweden!). I know every rock on this green island.

There is a beautiful world renowned sculpture museum on Lidingo, well worth a visit, called Millesgarden. I pay a visit almost every time I/we go on vacation to Sweden.

No. 3Sodermalm. Yet another great neighborhood in the city. And this is where I will be staying, in an attic apartment belonging to my x-boyfriend of many years, one of my closest friends, and now also a close friend of Peter’s! (Yes, try to figure that one out if you can. Haha!).

Sodermalm is one of the more vibrant and happening neighborhoods in Stockholm and with the relatively new “SoFo”, this area now has a NY-feel atmosphere, packed with great shops by Swedish designers and tons of fun bars and restaurants.

This is also the area where my dear and very close girlfriend Gunilla, who is expecting her first baby any day now, lives! She is one of the key reasons why I decided to book my trip at this time. Gunilla, I am so looking forward to seeing you as the proud and most loving Mom, I know you will be!

I can’t begin to tell you about my hectic schedule and all the things (and family & friends!) that I have managed to cram into 9 days. But rest assured, I will be coming back loaded with photos, many new memories, a big smile on my face, and some fun things to share with you!

I will miss you all. I will be back again August 6th.

But do know that you will be well entertained by some of my talented blog friends while I am gone. Stop by and say hello.

Images: 1. via Weheartit, 2. Unknown, 3. Flickr, 4. Via Älvsjö Mässan, 5. Via Flickr, 6. Via Flickr, 7. Via Millegarden, 8, Via Flickr, 9. Via here, 10. Via here, 11. Via Flickr, 12. Via Weheartit

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Gotland – My Paradise Island

Hello friends all over the world. Hope your week is going great. Thank you so much for all the lovely messages and the understanding for my slower-summer-blogging-plan. You are one incredibly supportive and generous crowd!

Peter and I went to a really fun 4th of July party (actually a couple of them) and met some very lovely and interesting people. One of them was Alex, Bianca’s architect. He is in charge of rebuilding her new home. It turns out that Alex is also the head architect for the new quaint “European feeling village” my town is putting in as the heart of  our community and within walking distance from my home. (I am so excited! But more about that some other time).

Alex and his lovely fiancee are in the process of buying a super sleek, modern 65 foot sailboat to take trips around the world in. They want to spend some serious time sailing in the waters around Sweden which off course got me all talking about the island where I spent nineteen beautiful summers and where I was baptized – Gotland. To me, Gotland is the most stunning island in the world.

Right in between Finland and Sweden, in the Baltic sea, is this old Viking island with its rural and most spectacular scenery. I have so many great memories from this piece of paradise and I can’t wait to bring my own family there one day. I hear the name, Gotland – and my entire body just lights up!

Alex & Christina, when you head for Gotland, you will most likely sail into to the harbor of Visby – Gotland’s main city. It is referred to as the city of roses and it is the most quaint little town with so much still intact from the Viking period some one thousand years ago! Ruins and a serious fortress wall protecting the city are just some of the stunning monuments from that age. St. Mary’s Cathedral, with its 3 black towers was built by means collected from trade by the Germans in the 12th century.

Gotland is not very large. Only 1,225 sq mi. But everywhere you go and turn you are met by beauty and a truly unique warmth.

Alex, I told you about a very different hotel that you might want to check out (especially in light of our conversation about putting tall industrial looking book shelves with a ladder in Bianca’s house. Yes, that is going to happen! (: The hotel is called Fabriken (Factory) Furillen and is built in an abandoned limestone quarry. The hotel has largely kept elements from its mining days but inside the rooms, guests can find the latest and most upscale modern desing. Pretty different!

Below is the hotel lobby.

At Furillen, like so many places all oll over the island, you will find these very typcial, gorgeous pelts from Gotland sheep. These sheep are world renowned for their shiny and silky coats and, with a few exceptions, you will find them only on Gotland. Swedes love these often gray pelts, and put them on floors (nice to land on when you roll out of bed), on furniture and in strollers to keep young ones warm.

Oh, Gotland! You have played  a major role in some of the best summers in my life. (Including the summer when I got to experince my very first kiss! Yep!). One day I will share a more extensive post on Gotland. Hopefully this gives Alex and Christina and the rest of you a good taste and wanting more!

Images 1 via here, 2 unknown, 6-10 & 18 via Flickr, 3 via here, 4 via here, 5 via here, 11 unknown, 12 via here, 13 + 14 via here 15 via here, 16 via here, 17 via here

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