I just received a Kreativ Award from the talented and lovely Trish over at Trouvais.  I met Trish months ago and I was immediately drawn to her exquisite images and her always interesting blog posts about antiques and French Interiors & Gardens. I learn a lot from her. And she always ends her personal comments with “Merci”!. I like that too! So dear Trish, Merci! It is an honor to get your lovely recogniton!

Here are some images from her blog. Lovely, n’est-ce pas?!

Here I am supposed to say 7 things about myself. But this time I am not going to tire you with more facts about me. Instead I refer to an earlier post here.

I enjoy every single blog I follow, they are all special and very close to my heart. This time I have decided to pass this award forward to 7 creative blogs that I just recently started to get to know (or know better!) . They are all amazing & lovely. They all cover different areas (which I like – I love to learn new things!) and they are all genuine & friendly! Love them!

Dandelion & Grey

EMD Design Journal

Beadboard UpCountry

The Clueless Crafter

The Design File

Sogni e Sorrisi

Lilla Huset på Prärien

Happy Kreativ Blog Award to you! Share 7 things about yourselves (that we all should know) and pass on the baton to 7 other blogs that you like!

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10 Things About Myself

First of all, I am so sorry I have not been very alert and active lately but the family was hit hard by the flu (5 out of 5 family members!) but we are all up and running in happy circles again!

While I was under the covers lovely Greet at the blog Belgian Pearls sent me this Honest Scrap Award. Belgian Pearls is a must read blog for anybody who gravitate towards truly elegant interiors with a Belgian Twist. Greet is an accomplished interior designer and her blog offers a wealth of design information & inspiration. Visit her often! 

With this award I am supposed to share 10 things about myself that my readers may not know about me. And then send this award to 7 other lovely blogs.  (But I really should have sent this to all the blogs I read and comment on. They are all WONDERFUL! And so are the people behind those blogs!) Here goes!:

1) I have no sense of orientation. None, zip, nada. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten totally lost in major cities and somehow managed to apper on the complete opposite side of the city, without any understanding of time and place. On a positive note: I thrive on meeting people and seeing places, so getting lost is nothing I fear. On the contrary!

2) Every night before I head for bed I drink a jumbo cup of silver tea. That is a fancy name for hot water with nothing in it! It probably sounds terribly boring to you but I crave it with such intensity that my whole family gets nervous if they don’t hear water boiling late in the evening.

3) I married a really good man. He is a super hero in my eyes. Intelligent, kind, generous, accomplished, an out of this world great dad, loving and witty. He has oodles of hidden talents that I still after 10 years of marriage am discovering. It took me years to figure out that he is brilliant saxophone player, scratch golfer, a great skier, he’s a human dictionary, and he is a really good cook. And he puts up with me!

4) My favorite cities in the world: Stockholm and New York. We have permanently put down our anchor in Seattle which is a beautiful & fun city with incredible people. But Stockholm and New York make my heart race extra fast.

5) I’d rather put my money on something for the home, than something to wear.

6) I love black, salty (really salty) liqurice. The first thing I buy when I land in Stockholm is to get a bag before I even reach the passport control. It is also the last thing I buy before I board a plane on route to the US. You can actually buy containers of vanilla ice cream with swirls of salt liquirice at just about any ordinary grocery store in Sweden.

7) I consider myself happy & content. I laugh often! To me life is beautiful! But I don’t take if for granted.

8) I crave really good and well written suspense novels.

9) When I travel I always try to find good local restaurants off the beaten path. In Taiwan I once ended up in small local hangout (think hole in the wall) where only snake was served in different concoctions. I love dining adventures like that. And yes, it tasted pretty much like chicken!


10) I love peonies and dark bing cherries. I always tend to go a little crazy when they are in season. 

That was my contribution! I am now sending this award to the following 7 blogs (in no particular order). Let’s find out more about them!

1) Mochatini

2) Belle Vivir

3) Design Fragment

4) Space for Inspiration

5) Vintage Simple

6) Otis & Frank

7) Swedish Antiques 

Images by: 1.  Gak’s , 2. flickr, 3. Desiree Swanson, 4. Olof S , 5. Nicoatridge,  6-8. Domino, 10. tamaki, 11. flickr, 12. pieter, 13. rabbee, 14. flickr, 15. superhoop, 16. Shortcake scraps

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Blog Award

What a wonderful way to start the day. Splendid Willow received a blog award!

I am very honored to be recognized by Julia at the fab blog  Belle Vivir. Check out her blog!

The rules to receive this award are:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award.

2. Pass the award to any number of blogs that you’ve newly discovered – and enjoy.

I pass this award to these great-read blogs:



Eye Spy

Villa Anna

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