My On-Going And Never Shrinking Wish List

I love Fornasetti. But I am not all that interested in the classic plates by this legendary Italian designer (they are lovely but I must have seen too many of them). However, a table lamp or the wonderful wall paper below, can move in with me any time! They are such classic statement pieces.

Quick background of Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) – the legendary Italian painter, sculptor, engraver etc. He lived most of life in Milan and created more than 11,000 items, many featuring the face of a woman, operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri, as a motif. Fornasetti found her face in a 19th century magazine. “What inspired me to create more than 500 variations on the face of a woman?” asks Italian designer, Piero Fornasetti of himself. “I don’t know,” he admits, “I began to make them and I never stopped.” Other common features in his work include heavy use of black and white, the sun and time. His son, Barnaba Fornasetti, continues to design in his father’s name.

More things on my growing (why is it never shrinking!?) wish list: The very adorable and creative Cape Town girl Lana over at the lovely design blog – Lanalou Style – invited me over to share my wish list as part o her weekly blogger series. What an honor Lana! Thank you so much for having me! Hop over and read my list here. (And find out what I am drinking a lot of right now. No, nothing with pretty, little umbrellas!)

Happy, happy dear friends! Hope your week is going well!

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Guest Post + Jayson Home & Garden

Hello friends! Today, you will find me “Guest Posting” over at Mochatini. My dear friend Manvi, who is behind this fabulous blog, is super busy this week with a really fun design project (I can hardly contain myself, but I will let her spill the beans herself!). Come over and say hello! I will share my post about “Simply Swedish” –  here!

Before I let you go, I glanced through the Jayson Home & Garden catalog (while waiting in the car for an adorable 8 year old ballerina!) that arrived the other day. Lots of lovely things in it.

Here are a few accessories that caught my attention:

Shagreen Trays – $95-$395.

Decoupaged glass silhouette plates – $65/each

Suzani Sun pillow – $250

Eyeglass case – $24

Have a wonderful day lovely friends – all over the world!

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I Am Guest Posting Here Today + Some Lovelies

Happy new week, friends! Today you will find me guest posting over at From The Right Bank.

Ally is a former “Seattleite” who I met in my early blog days and who has turned into a loyal and most wonderful friend. Her blog is top class and it is such an honor for me to to be invited by her and to share my thoughts on design on her spectacular blog. Go over and visit & say hello!

My guest post is about “Things I Go Nuts For”.

Here are a couple of other things that I just found and also go nuts for. For example this Kepler hanging lantern by Gregorius Pineo. Stunning! I would love for a very large size of this to hang in my foyer. It is both classy, edgy & artsy. My good friend Alyssa’s husband is a light fixture sales manager and has said several times, “Monika when you find the right fixture call me and I will get it for you (wholesale)”. I think this might be the one I will be calling about. What do you think?

This image I had saved for a rainy day (can’t remember the source, sorry!). I simply adore that mirror and I am putting out a lot of energy to see if that mirror somehow finds me! And what do both things have in common? Round! I love the circular shape. And I did not even realize it until a relative who recently visited us in Seattle said – “Monika, you have so many round things”? Huhhh??? He is right! I am not Mrs. square – I am Mrs. round!!

Check in with me tomorrow. I  can really need your help regarding an antique chest that I am thinking of painting. And my Huz  (who never usually cares about what I do in the house with regards to design) all of a sudden has an opinion – and right now he is saying no! Horror!

Cyber hug to you all! Monika.

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Ms. Gray, Ms. Turquoise, Ms. Sizzle & Ms. Happy

I have introduced you to all kinds of blogs of different styles, focuses and origins, but did you know that there are also several color specialized blogs? (This is not new to my blog friends – but maybe it is to the majority of my wonderful readers). And if there are more color focused blogs for me to discover – please step forward!

First up is A Perfect Gray. You might recall my post about her sunburst mirror project. Well, I  have since gotten to know wonderful Donna even more and she is totally obsessed with the color gray (my kind of girl!).  She constantly introduces us to the most gorgeous images and there is so much inspiration here with mostly the color gray in mind.  Like myself she also used to collect antiques and she showcases a good mix of old and new. Look and drool! Donna just recently presented me with a blog award (thank you dear friend) – more about the award at the end.

Next in line is The House of Turquoise. A must read blog for everyone who needs splashes of “The color of the year” in their home. Ms. Erin finds the most amazing images that can easily convert the must have “white colors everywhere” purist to a strong believer in ocean colors. I absolutely adore her fresh blog and her design eye.

Ms. Kelly over at Color Sizzle has a very special place in my heart. She was the very first in the blog world to say “I am adding your blog to my blog roll”, when I barely knew what a blog roll was! This wonderful lady knows and likes color and her blog is the first I go to if I want a color specific answer. Kelly is also a very creative designer and puts together the most terrific table top decorations.

And finally Ms. Maria over at Colour Me Happy. This talented lady has more energy than almost anyone I know. I seriously doubt that she gets any sleep at all! Talk about color galore here! And her posts are always so informative and inspirational. (Be prepared to have your printer work overtime). She and her blog rock!

In my opinion, you do not need any design magazines anymore! Just go to any – or all – of these blogs and your color specific questions will be answered!

And with regards to the blog award given to me by lovely Donna, I would like to pass it on to 15 other fabulous & creative design blogs that so inspire & charm me (and that I have not recognized before with awards or write-ups)! No obligation (just feel loved!), but if you are up for it, you are supposed to tell your readers 7 things about yourselves that they don’t already know, and pass the blog baton to 15 other blogs. If you don’t mind, I am going to link back to things about myself here and here.

In no particular order:

1) Hello Gorgeous

2) Belle Vivir

3) Solid Frog

4) The Zhush

5) Laura Casey Interiors

6) A Life More Fabulous

7) Lovely Velo

8. Hemmariket

9) La Dolfina

10)  L Kae Interiors

11) Postcards from Colorado

12) KMD Atelier

13) Green & Pretty

14) Vintage House Sweden

15) The Lighthouse


But as always – all my blog friends mean the world to me! I must say that there are some creative, fun, warm, talented and good hearted people (and blog friends turned blog sisters) that I follow in the US,  Sweden, Canada, Italy, UK, Belgium and all the way to Australia. You are all over the top good. Simply the best!

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Happy + Award

Sorry I have not been so blog alert lately. Spring break is here and we popped up to Vancouver Island, Canada for a few days to visit Grandma. (I am back with even more energy and a big smile on my face!)

Before we left my lovely blog friend Theresa over at the La Dolfina blog gave me a Happy Award. Thank you Dear! Your beautiful attitude and your creativity is oh-so contagious!

With this award I am supposed to share 10 thing that make me happy – so here goes:

1) My wonderful husband (I insists I have the best!) and our 3 happy, beautiful and good hearted kids. (I took these images yesterday in Canada).

Ok, friends – I just have to say a couple of words about my Grandma Beverly (Peter’s Mom). She is a truly remarkable and happy lady. She has 9 (!) kids, my husband being the youngest. She is turning 89 years this year, folks!. She walks to coffee and bridge clubs on a daily basis. E-mails or talks with her children every day. Reads a ton, travels and entertains people all the time. She never sweats the small things, is incredibly generous and has the most upbeat attitude.  I love her.

2) My friends. I am so lucky in that department. I am surrounded by really loyal, smart, beautiful and generous people who are more like family than friends.

3) Life. I love living and I live life happily and to its fullest. I love exploring and learning. I am one of those (painful people) who always start chatting with the person next to me at the coffee shop. There are still so many things to learn & I don’t want to miss anything!

4) Kindness.

5) Me giving back. With zero strings attached.

6) Sun-rain. I run out of the house everytime trying to catch the rainbow!

7) Champagne. Only slightly ahead of chocolate!

8. Walking in towns & cities. Big and small. I can get lost for hours. And I can never get enough of people watching.

9) Interior design & furnishings. My true lifelong passion.

10) Blogging. Well, of course! I am having so fun doing this from my little corner of the world. I have met so many wonderful, smart and creative people. I find it incredibly fulfilling!

Now I’m supposed to send this to 10 other blogs that make me happy. But to me that is impossible.

All the ones I follow make me happy. Every single one! From all corners of the world. Big & small. You inspire me every day & you warm my heart.

My Happy Award goes to ALL OF YOU.

Thank you for being there and for sharing and bringing so much joy. You are the best!

Image 1. via Flickr . Last image via We Heart It

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