Latest Additions To My Store

I am slowly adding more things I go nuts for to my store, Splendid Willow Avenue. Every single item is hand picked and making me very happy and proud.

NEW for the kids:

A 24 pocket garland to count the days to Christmas. Kids love it! Fill each pocket with a personal note, a treat, or tangerine and the kids will think you are the best!

COMING LATER THIS WEEK. A Danish wooden cheese house for the mice boxes (sold separately). You know how much I dislike plastic. This one is so witty and adorable! Pay attention to the Swiss cheese roof! (The house comes with the table, “thread spool” chairs, kettle, mugs, table cloth and small rug).

Note: I only have a few of these and probably some of the last in the US (and no more will be made). Let me know if you want to reserve one.

ALSO coming this week – the Vanilla colored Danish Reindeer. 100% cotton. How irresistibly handsome is he!

NEW for the home. This stunning oversized wool blanket, hand-vowen in Finland. Well made and gorgeous. Landing in my store in the next few days. (You bet I am getting one myself!).

NEW jewelry by the Swedish jewelry designer “Asa”.

Chunky bead necklace with a silver cross.

Now pay attention – who is my model if not my dear blog friend Michele with Hello Lovely Inc.! It is a fun family business, people – all with good energy. Doesn’t she look stunning! I adore her!

Also new from “Asa” is this Earthy Necklace with three pendants (sterling silver cross, a piece of bamboo coral and Asa’s sterling silver tag).

You can see most of the new items in my store now (and more will come later this week).

Enter my store, Splendid Willow Avenue, here, if you want to learn more.

Thank you’s are in order.

EXTRA BIG HUGS to my close blog friends Paula (Two Ellie)

And Ally (From The Right Bank)

Out of the blue came their shout-outs for my little store. Amazing ladies. Amazing friends. What unexpected treats. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hugs to everyone.



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Cognac On My Mind – And Thank You’s

As you can see from my previous post about “leather postcards”, I really gravitate to that beautiful cognac color. It is not the first time I have written about it. I think it makes the most perfect addition to black and white. So when my close friend Pernilla in Stockholm (move back to Seattle soon, my friend!) sent me these pictures from a grand Stockholm apartment, I started purring all over again. What a fun eclectic design mix!

Read the quote on the wall… (Everything is ok in the end. If it’s not – it’s not the end).

Gray and cognac together is one of my favorite color combinations right now.


After some good cognac Thank You’s are in order. I would be absolutely nothing without my supportive, fun and loyal blog friends (yes, all of you!).

Extra big hugs to these amazing ladies who just recently gave my store very generous shout-outs.

If you don’t already know them (which would shock me!) — you need to follow them.

They are top notch bloggers and good friends.

 Willow Decor

 Velvet & Linen

 Hello Lovely Inc.


 Live Like You

Thank you again, friends!

If you are interested in my favorite Ikea things (Yes, I know a thing or two about Ikea – and I am picky, picky!) – then meet me at Houzz – here.

Finally I want to put the spotlight on my good friend Piper, of 1.5 years (yep, just checked!). Piper is behind the wonderful blog One Sydney Road and she has invited a few wonderful bloggers and artists to share their favorite spots in the cities they reside in. You get to pick up a passport (to have access to store deals!) and travel along in 60 Days Of Wanderlust. But first let me say how incredibly talented this girl is. She whips up layouts and designs like very few I know. I mean hello!

Hop over and read what I have to say about Seattle – here.

Piper also has a wonderful store, that I have mentioned a few times in the past. And yes, of course I have shopped there! The girl is good!

Here are a few of her latest store additions.

Visit Piper’s store here.

After a busy, busy week, I am ready for a relaxing weekend.

Happy, Happy To All Of You!

Images: no. 1 via Gear Culture, no, 2-5 via Skeppsholmen.

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Welcome Fall Into Your Home – Via Houzz

Meet me over at Houzz for another of my monthly contributions. This time I will list 20 Furnishings To Welcome Fall Into Your Home. See the article here.

In my Houzz segment I also highlight these felted acorn ornaments from the Etsy store, Angel Dog Designs. I am actually ordering a whole bunch to hang on branches indoors. Simple and so precious.

Now a warm, GIGANTIC fall hug is in order to all of these wonderful friends who unexpectedly decided to highlight my “recharged” store, Splendid Willow Avenue. I am incredibly touched by your support for my little business. I am honored that all of you, with such great styles!, felt that I had something worth mentioning to your own readers.

Love is coming back to these lovely friends with must read blogs! (In no particular order).

Two Ellie

Belgian Pearls

A Perfect Gray

Space For Inspiration

Providence Ltd. Interior Design

Velvet & Linen

Style For Living

Simple Blueprint

Hello Lovely Inc.

Little Blue Deer

Postcards From Colorado

Haute Design

From The Right Bank

Live Like You

Belle Vivir

Little Moth

PLEASE, scream if I am forgetting someone! My brain is smoking right now!

A big thank you to ALL of my blog friends/readers who always leave me the nicest comments/e-mails and whose love I feel all the time!

NEW in my store, to complement the popular mouse matchboxes, are Mama and Papa cotton mice who come in a wooden cigar box!! Ha! Scandinavian design, of course. Go to Splendid Willow Avenue for more information.

This is the last week of summer for my kids so I will step away from the computer for a few days and just focus on them. See you very soon!

Warm hugs to you all.


Images: No. 1 via Jayson Home. Last image (mice in cigar boxes) via Splendid Willow Avenue.

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Artsy Loveliness & Sharing

My good and artsy blog friend Joanna in Stockholm had her home featured in the latest issue of the fabulous Rue Magazine! The Rue founders were looking for a lovely home to feature in my old home town and I suggested Joanna’s — and here it is! What is not to like! Very Scandinavian chic and lovely. Just like the owner herself! I am so proud of her! Go here to read the entire article. (Page 124+).

Last week I received not one but TWO unexpected packages in the mail from two very lovely friends. You know how much I love art and I could not believe what I saw when I opened these packages. These ladies had taken the time to sit down and create something meaningful, beautiful and personal for my home. I stared and stared and took everything in. What amazing pieces! 

My long-term, loyal, creative and so generous blog Musketeer Charlotta has left Australia and moved back with her family to Sweden. I know that she was overwhelmed with emotions and hard work packing up an entire house, keeping her kids happy and saying goodbye to all her close, local friends and to a country she loves so much.

I can’t even tell you how touched I am that she took the time to send this precious art piece by her for Prince William’s room — in the midst of her hectic move! How generous is that!

Many of you already know that Charlotta is a very accomplished children’s artist/designer (I have mentioned her work in  the past) and I highly recommend that you visit her art blog/store — here. She ships all over the world and I can assure you that you will love her whimsical, colorful and joyful kids art pieces as much as I do!

In the second package was this stunning piece by my dear friend Michele. She wrote me the sweetest note about how certain birds are attracted to each other via their songs and how beautiful friendships are formed, just like in blog land! She used the book spine from “Familiar Garden Birds of America” and created a stunning assemblage with beautiful bird images mixed with heart warming and meaningful life statements and wisdom. How incredibly creative and personal. 

I immediately had it framed and I am now looking for that perfect spot for it  in my house.

Michele is also an accomplished artist/designer (yes, I have mentioned her too in the past!) and I highly recommend that you visit her Etsy store — here.

Also A Big Thank You to my close blog friend Greet, who recently presented me with a Natural Sharing award. That girl has so many things going on with her lovely home, her business and many design projects, yet she always takes time for her friends. Amazing and very inspirational she is.

I pass on this award to ALL of my readers and followers! I insist that I have the best readers and I get to talk and meet with so many of you. I am incredibly blessed.

My days as a busy summer Mom are flying fast. Only a few more weeks and then my young ones are ready to go to the bus stop with new backpacks and legs a few inches longer! I am savoring every precious moment with them this summer.

Warm hugs to you all!


Images: No. 1-4 via Simple Blueprint, 6-10 via Splendid Willow.

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Count Your Blessings

Last weekend I went to spend some quality time with my dear sister-friend Kendra. Kendra and got to know each other when we both lived in LA and became part of the best little Moms’ group together with the “The Beautiful” – Krissy, Christy, Tracy, Holly and Katie. That was 9 years ago and after that several of us re-located (but the bond is still strong). Kendra moved to Portland with her family and every year our families try to spend New Year’s together. This past December however, out of the blue, Kendra was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. What, wait, Kendra!!!?? The most happy, healthy and fit lady I know. How could that even be????

Kendra knew something was wrong. But the doctors did not believe her. She is young and very healthy and doesn’t fit the picture. After talking with several doctors Kendra put her foot down and demanded a colonoscopy. And sure enough. There it was. An ugly disease. We were all in total chock.

Kendra has since undergone tough chemo treatments and on June 24 (on my visit) she graduated. My beautiful friend took that disease and mushed it at its core. And now it is all gone. Kendra is cancer free! With the best attitude and tons of great determination and some serious focus on herself and her body, she is now moving forward with a big smile on her face. Words can’t even describe how proud of her I am. This girl has my absolute fullest admiration. I love her to pieces.

We had the best weekend together. We laughed a lot and talked about everything under the sun. Of course a lot of conversations had to do with big life questions and about what really matters. It was a weekend of celebration, inspiration, and a big dose of reality.

You have to be really kind to your body”, Kendra told me. As an accomplished physical therapist Kendra forced me to be more respectful of my body. One thing she noticed was my slouched back. I call it my “blog posture”. It is bad. I walk like a hunched over old lady nowadays. Kendra shared all kinds of tricks from the book on how to strengthen my back muscles and get the posture back but nothing really grabbed me until she showed me the airplane trick. And now, every morning, I put my arms straight out, tighten the muscles in the back (really tight) and make slow arm circles (1oo back and 100 forward like back strokes). I have already noticed a difference. I stand up straighter!  I call it “Flying high with Kendra” and I think of her every morning and hear her telling me to take better care of myself and to count my blessings.

On my last day in Portland, Kendra and her family drove me to the train station. I don’t know if we had miscalculated the time or if it was all because of that Starbuck’s coffee I had to have before I got to the station but when we got there the train (My train!) was getting ready to leave. Not one single person was left on the platform, not a train staff member in sight, the whistle was blowing and the cars were starting to move. “What do I do!!?”, I scream. “Push the button!, Kendra’s husband Rick hollers, which I do and one door opens. While the train is moving, I reach for a long handle along the wall and swing myself up on the train. Rick gallops alongside the train and throws, with a might heave, my duffel bag in through the door opening where I am standing while Kendra runs even faster alongside the moving train. It was like a scene from a movie. 

“You are brave!”, Kendra shouts. No, you are my dear friend. And this image will be forever etched in my memory of Kendra running fast in the sunshine on an empty train station platform with the wind blowing her hair and laughing hard all the way.

A few weeks ago my dear blog friend Michele with Hello Lovely Inc. asked me if she could interview me for her fabulous series An Inspired Life. At first I hesitated, I told her I am not not sure I have much to contribute. But she convinced me and today you can read our little conversation on her blog. I feel very honored.

Michele is another wonderful person in blog land who I feel so blessed to have met (and would love to meet in real life one day). Not only is she very talented, creative and inspirational (and an excellent writer). But she is also a very wise and calm person (and she is quite witty!). Her blog is nothing frou-frou. It is just genuine and lovely and I so enjoy visiting because of its great vibe. Her images are very inspirational (she has a great design eye) and I love how I feel very time I leave her blog — calm, inspired and very content.

I encourage you to visit her blog Hello Lovely Inc. If you want to read her interview with me — go here.

The sun is shining and I am ready to celebrate a long and lovely weekend with family and friends. Happy 4th to all my American friends! Don’t forget to count all your many blessings.

Images; No. 1 via Melissa Loves, no. 2 via Splendid Willow, no. 3 via Popular Mechanics, no. 4 via Kulpreeth, no 5 + 6 via Hello Lovely Inc.

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