Minimial Holiday Decor At My Home

Busy season folks! How are you all holding up? Not much new happening at my house (the store is taking all my time) but I managed to get some simple holiday decor up this weekend. Perhaps nothing to write home about. And not too much glitter and glam. I am a simple Swede after all….

Last week I found a gray vintage door that I dragged home (Hubby shook his head…) and leaned against a wall. That is where all the holiday cards are going up! (If I only can get mine out in time…). Note: The lighing is pretty bad in these pictures. Trust me, the door looks better in real.

I am using simple green moss balls (from my store) which I added some silver thread to and placed in our stocking pot holders. It took me a whole 4 minutes to put together…

The tree looks pretty much like last year’s. (Forest/wood themed for this animal loving family).

The Winter village is up again. My kids love this simple Holiday display! The wooden house is vintage.

(Only our traditional “Swedish Candy Store” is left to tackle. I will show you soon).

Before I sign off, I want to send some extra big hugs to these talented ladies, bloggers, designers and friends who all plugged my store, Splendid Avenue. Thank you ladies! What unexpected and lovely treats!

Thank you to my dear & mega talented friend, Greet with Belgian Pearls (everybody’s best friend!). She highligted some of my Swedish finds in her blog post, jam packed with holiday inpiration. Don’t forget to check out her brand new business website. Can we all say Magnificent!

Thank you to the lovely Leslie with Trouver Le Soleil.

Leslie hung some of our Boxwood wreaths in her window.  Your holiday decor looks fabulous, girlie! (Read her entire post).

Thank you to Phyllis with Henhurst Interiors (who we all pin like crazy because she is sooo good!). She also featured a wreath from us in a recent blog post.


Thank you to my dear friend-sis Charlotta (“Hej Lilla Loppan”!) with Space For Inspiration (who I did not get to see in Stockholm this time around. Bohhoo! But this summer you can count on me knocking on your door!).  Charlotta highligted Ylva Skarp’s popular artwork which we are the only US store to carry. Charlotta’s post/blog is jam packed with lots of Scandi-design inspiration.

And finally, Linda Merrill with Surroundings who is a really good and loyal friend and who is mega busy with her high-flying design business. She featured our reindeer candlesticks in her latest issue of Surroundings Holiday Style Guide.

Hop over here and read her magazine here!

Make sure you follow all these ladies. I already do. And you know how picky I am! (:

There you have it. Some Decor & Blog Shout-outs. “Gott och Blandat” as we say in Swedish. Happy & Mixed.

Ta Ta!

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Thank You Homes & Antiques + Gone Fishing

I just found out yesterday that my blog is listed in the very popular and nice UK magazine, Homes & Antiques (August issue), as one of the 50 best blogs in cyberland to follow in 2012! (Click on the link for the full list).

I almost fell off my chair. Wait, what me!? With all these international blog superstars! What an incredible honor. Thank you, thank you Homes & Antiques!

The feature even made the front cover!

I regularly pick up Homes & Antiques at Barnes & Nobles, when I have a craving for real good European style. (The August issue is out on July 22nd in the US).

I love going back to my European roots. As many of you know, I have always been a real sucker for old Swedish antiques — and more so when old Swedish furnishings are mixed with contemporary pieces. I just love that unexpected contrast. (A modern, edgy painting is going up above my old, Gustavian sideboard since my pretty plaque fell down and broke in way too many pieces. Still so sad, so sad).

I hope to share tons more design inspiration in the fall — but for now, this gal needs a break from the computer (and you —  from me!). 

I will step away for 2-3 weeks (Euro style!) and come back refreshed, energized and with many new projects & ideas up my sleeve.

In the fall I will also be starting a new series called:

I often get very nice e-mails and photos from creative readers sharing their homes/rooms and fun projects. Now it is time to share those with all of my readers. We want to see! If you have a room or a design project you are very proud of (or you know a good friend who does) — then please send a mail my way. We are all looking forward to peeking into talented readers’ personal & livable homes (and yours might be selected!).

So on that note — Live Well & Warm Summer Hugs to all of you!



P.S The store will remain open — and Ewa and I will be stocking up for the fall! A lot of things is happening over there. Welcome over to our store Splendid Avenue, when you have a spare moment.

Images: no. 1 via Homes & Antiques, no. 2 via Bright Bazaar, no. 3 + 5 via Splendid Willow, no. 4 via Coach House Antiques

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Brick Led Me To This Fabulous Architect

I love brick. Always have, always will. This weekend I was in “cyberland” for more brick inspiration when I came across this home. Holy Cannoli! This home has my name on it! Two fab houses connected into one! One white more modern main house and one “newtrad” brick house to host cars and perhaps a work loft. And both buildings are connected! I am vibrating at the spot over here.

And would you believe that another image I have saved on a stunning brick wall I just realized comes from the very same architect – Hugh Jefferson Randolph. I love a brilliant man who talks brick!

A little bit of exposed brick in the foyer.

Another stunning home by Mr. Randolph. I sure would like to see more of that kitchen I spy to the right.

For all of you following my blog you know that gray kitchens always get my attention but I also have to say that I have seen zillions of gray kitchens that are just plain cold. You can’t fool me with just color, people. A kitchen (or any room for that matter) must be foremost inviting (and functional).

This kitchen has made its rounds in blogosphere — and rightfully so. What a nice & inviting room! And what do I see in the very back? White brick… I am just saying..!

Designer: Nam Dang-Mitchell, Photographer: Colin Way

I read that Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects of Austin, TX received Houzz’s 2012 ‘Best Of Remodeling’ Award.

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Houzz, a while ago and learned that I had received Houzz’ 2012 “Best Makeover” Award – for “creative, beautiful and intelligent residential spaces.” It was William’s big boy bedroom makeover that apparently had gotten some attention. Who would have thought!

I am deeply honored, judges over at Houzz! Thank you for the nice recognition.

Houzz ( is the leading online platform for home remodeling. Houzz features the largest residential design database in the world and has 3.5 million monthly unique users.

What else? Well I have to say (and it always comes with so much guilt) that I have had to step away from blog land (or at least the networking) for a while because I am busy, busy with so many things right now. So to all my blog friends — don’t for a second think that you are not special. You are. I have absolutely not forgotten you — I just need a little time to focus right now. I will check in as soon as I can.

Hugs to you all and Hi & Welcome to all new subscribers!

Images: 1-4 via Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects, no. 5 via House & Home., 6-7 via Splendid Willow.

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Swedish Antiques Splendor

Busy, busy over here. Sorry for the lack of blog visits this week. I have some serious blog catching up to do.

My lovely, local blog sis, Marianne, recently gave me an article from Architectural Digest. As some of you know, I had fun for a couple of years importing high-quality Swedish antiques to the US. I stopped when the economy tanked and then started my blog instead.

But I have not ruled out doing it again. I love Swedish antiques. I grew up with them and they never get boring to me.

Swedes like to keep things simple, soothing and “quiet” and that is why so many of the old Swedish pieces still work centuries later. Swedish antiques are beautiful on their own but, because of the simple lines and neutral color palette, they can easily be mixed with other styles & eras. There are very few antique “styles” you can say that about.

The article Marianne gave me was about Jill Dienst moving her antiques gallery (Dienst + Dotter Antikviteter) from Sag Harbor to Manhattan. I have mentioned Ms. Dienst on my blog before but the Manhattan store is all news to me.

When I saw the pictures of her new store, I almost started to hyperventilate. Man oh Man. Swedish antiques are, in my opinion, out of this world gorgeous. And see how lovely they blend with Danish mid-century furniture. I am so visiting this gallery on my planned spring trip to NY.

Jill’s good friend Martha Stewart (via Kevin Sharkey) showed some pictures of the store opening on her blog.

Martha will have to fight me for this column cabinet. (In the old days, secret liquor was often stored in them!).

I also want a silver vessel to store my store business cards in…

Speaking of store. A big thank you to two dear blog friends for their unexpected shout-outs for my store. What a treat! And this coming from you — two ladies with tremendous style and taste! It means a lot.

Thank you Laura (Laura Casey Interiors)!

Thank you Teresa (Splendid Sass)!

I follow both blogs loyally. You should too.

Happy rest of the week, friends.

Images: No. 1, 6-9 via Martha Stewart/Kevin Sharkey, no. 2-5 via AD.

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Snowed In = Coming Up With Ideas For My Brother’s Pad

Seattle is looking more and more like Sweden! Lots of snow here and I expect the kids will be home for the next few days since the school buses won’t run. You will find me outside throwing snow balls with the neighbors!

My Stockholm based brother (Mr. handsome E), e-mailed me regarding my upcoming trip to old homeland and asked for some design tips of his downtown bachelor’s pad. He wants it to look grand. And now he asks his sis. Now that is heart warming! (: Two images have been floating around in my head lately — I thought I would off-load.

Love absolutely everything about this room. The look, the feel, the colors, the book & art and the brick wall (which my brother does not have). Very, very nice. Both masculine and feminine. Do you agree?

Right before Christmas, Steve from An Urban Cottage stopped by (we were both part of a link party). Why I had not paid attention to his fabulous blog is beyond me. He is very creative and has excellent taste. Look what he did with his empty and sad looking closet space in his dining room.




Yep, he turned it into a permanent wet bar! How smart and chic! And what a conversation piece for guests.  Brilliant, Steve!

Before I end for today, some Thank Yous are in order:

Out of the blue, these fabulous ladies/designers/friends gave my shop some very nice kudos (click on the links). Thank you all! What totally unexpected and heart warming treats. You are something extra, I tell ya! Thank you, again.

Isabella & Max Rooms

Postcards from Colorado

Design Addict MomHello Lovely Inc.

Multi-talented & lovely Michele, who I consider a close friend, also shared that she had added a segment (she is a sought-after writer) about me in Chic Mom Magazine

Chic Mom – wait, Moi!!?! Now that made me blush! Thank you dear, but YOU are really the ultra chic Mama who should be featured here and everywhere. You can read her article here.

Ok, off to crank up the heat and line up the snow suits!

Happy, happy to you all.


Image credits: No. 1 via Reasons For Loving Seasons, n0.2 via Two Ellie, no. 3-5 via An Urban Cottage.

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