NEWS! Adding Chic Jarbo Wear To My Store

It is interesting how things come together in life. About a year ago my close friend Bianca introduced me to a chic boutique, Design 10301, in Bellevue (near Seattle) and my very first reaction was “the clothes feel so European” — simple, current with a little bit of an edge and made with really great fabrics. I have since purchased several lovely items from the store and its fashion collection Jarbo — all designed, and in some cases even made, locally in Seattle.


 Some time ago, when all the stars were lined up, the talented designer behind these great fashion items, Sharon, and I happened to be in the store at the same time (I was just a loyal customer looking for a fancy skirt!). A fun conversation ignited and from there several meetings and photo shoots followed. Today I am so very pleased to announce that I am now representing several of Jarbo’s signature pieces in my store, Splendid Willow Avenue.


Meet Sharon Roth, the super talented designer behind Jarbo Collection. She has been driving this brand for seven years and it has become immensely popular. Her designs have been featured in Vogue and InStyle Magazine and Jarbo Collection can be found in many upscale boutiques an department stores in the US and Canada carrying European product.


 “I won’t compromise on quality. That is where I draw the line”, says Sharon. “My designs are for the sophisticated customer who seeks luxurious comfort and timeless fashion.”

Jarbo is a lifestyle collection with European designer sensibility. Sharon employs local seamstresses but the materials are sourced globally. Pima cotton from Peru, tulle and synthetic blends from Portugal, leather from Italy, fine fully fashioned knits from Hong Kong + yarns from Italy, silk from Shanghai, techno fabrics from Japan and the finest cashmere from Nepal. Only the best will do.

Sharon is well known for her unique design sensibility and her many interesting design techniques such as draping. She is a strong believer in visual art.

So what it the story behind the name, Jarbo? “My first sales associate listened to an amazing Parisian vocalist with the name Jarbo. We talked so much about Jarbo that day that the name stuck with us when it was time to chose a brand name! I like that it has a European connection”, says Sharon.

Sharon flies to Europe several times a year for inspiration and fabrics. “I am really drawn to European design. Perhaps because of my own European roots but I also admire the  aesthetics — the subtleness in the colors and textures. Europe has always produced beautiful clothing. Understated elegance where luxe quality is always a key component.”

The Latte colored Chic Duster (below) can be worn in two different ways – like so many of Sharon’s designs.

In addition to a showroom in NY, Sharon has two physical stores, Design 10301 in Bellevue and a brand new boutique in Madison Valley, Seattle (with the same name) which opens its doors this week!

Early next year a new store will be opened in Brentwood, CA. And soon after a store in Boston will follow. 

With my store, Splendid Willow Avenue, more people now have access to Jarbo Collection. I ship nationwide (and upon request, internationally).

Don’t be surprised if you see some collaborations between Sharon and me in the future.

To see a few pieces of Jarbo loveliness in my store! Enter here.

Don’t forget to take advantage of my 15% off coupon in House Of Fifty’s Magazine.  (See my previous post!).

P.S Thank you everyone for having been so patient with my lack of blog hopping lately. I owe all my blog friends big!

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Craving Chanterelles


Like any true Swede I go extra nutty this time of the year and just want to spend hours of valuable time hunting for yellow, heavenly tasting chanterelle mushrooms. I used to pick baskets full of them in Sweden. Here — not so much. Not for lack of trying. For three years in a row I have bribed (forced) the family into the deep forests with the goal to find our own secret chanterelle spot.

We always come home empty handed. Instead I have had to humiliate myself and walk into the nearest, local fine food market and buy a good amount so we can save the day and have that CHANTERELLE TOAST I have been craving since the previous season!

1. Clean mushrooms with a dry brush. Do NOT wash them.

(If the chanterelles are large, slice them; otherwise leave them whole).

2. Finely chop some Shallots and a garlic clove (1/2). And a little bit of parsley for garnish.

4. In a pan heat olive oil and butter.

5. Sauté the mushrooms over high heat until browned (3-4 minutes).

6. Add the onions and garlic and cook for another minute or two.

7. Remove from heat and season well with salt and pepper (I like them salty).

3. Grill bread slices (in pan) on both sides lightly, rub one side with garlic, drizzle with olive oil.

8. Top the grilled bread/bruschetta a with the warm chanterelles, sprinkle some parsley on top and serve immediately.

 (Serve with a glass of good white wine!)


In celebration of fall, I now carry Ilse Jacobsen’s fabulous rubber boots in orange (with black laces) in my store. They stick out (just like all chanterelles should – ha!!) and I personally love that about them.


Happy new week friends!

P.S I went to a fun and wild Swedish craw fish party this past weekend (imagine 100+ ABBA grooving Swedes). Thank you Ulrika, Sofia + the entire gang – you are the best! So many friends I had not seen all summer. Very fun!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56.

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Welcome Fall Into Your Home – Via Houzz

Meet me over at Houzz for another of my monthly contributions. This time I will list 20 Furnishings To Welcome Fall Into Your Home. See the article here.

In my Houzz segment I also highlight these felted acorn ornaments from the Etsy store, Angel Dog Designs. I am actually ordering a whole bunch to hang on branches indoors. Simple and so precious.

Now a warm, GIGANTIC fall hug is in order to all of these wonderful friends who unexpectedly decided to highlight my “recharged” store, Splendid Willow Avenue. I am incredibly touched by your support for my little business. I am honored that all of you, with such great styles!, felt that I had something worth mentioning to your own readers.

Love is coming back to these lovely friends with must read blogs! (In no particular order).

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PLEASE, scream if I am forgetting someone! My brain is smoking right now!

A big thank you to ALL of my blog friends/readers who always leave me the nicest comments/e-mails and whose love I feel all the time!

NEW in my store, to complement the popular mouse matchboxes, are Mama and Papa cotton mice who come in a wooden cigar box!! Ha! Scandinavian design, of course. Go to Splendid Willow Avenue for more information.

This is the last week of summer for my kids so I will step away from the computer for a few days and just focus on them. See you very soon!

Warm hugs to you all.


Images: No. 1 via Jayson Home. Last image (mice in cigar boxes) via Splendid Willow Avenue.

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A Haute, Right & Splendid Giveaway


Earlier in the week I announced my recharged store, Splendid Willow Avenue. And today we’re having a celebration!

I have teamed up with two of my close blog/personal friends — the wonderful Sarah with Haute Design and the equally wonderful Ally with From The Right Bank.

(I have known these talented ladies from my very early blog days and if you are not following them, you are missing out!)

Together we are celebrating  with, not one, but TWO store giveaways open to all of our readers!

(Bloggers, none-bloggers, NY, Sweden, Belgium, Iceland — anyone from anywhere can enter!)

Over at From The Right Bank one person will be able to win a pair of high-end rubber boots from my store by the Danish fashion icon Ilse Jacobsen. The winner gets to pick any model, size and color! (Valued at up to$170).

Hop over to From The Right Bank and enter the giveaway for the Ilse Jacobsen boots — here.

And over at Haute Design one person will be able to enter to win a gorgeous necklace by the very talented Swedish native jewelry designer, Asa Daxberg. The winner gets to pick any of  Asa’s necklaces from my store. (Valued at up to $175).

Go to Haute Design to enter the giveaway for the Asa Daxberg necklace — here.

I am very excited about this giveaway and can’t wait to announce the happy winners. It could be you!

The giveaways are open to ALL readers and will close on Friday August 26th at midnight PST.

Giving is fun. And giving together with friends is even more fun!

Good luck to all of you!

Now go to Haute Design and From The Right Bank and enter!

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Announcement: Taking My Store To The Next Level

I am back from our wonderful & lazy family vacation on the Oregon coast. I have not forgotten any of you and I am looking forward to checking in with all of my friends to see what you have been up to!

For the last little while I have been a busy summer Mom and I have also been preparing to take my little store to the next level.

Today I am proud to announce: 


NEW: Store makeover, its own separate domain name, more product categories and still staying true to my mission of:

 Offering Unique, Well-Made Products With A Scandinavian Twist


I now offer even more colors and models from Ilse Jacobsen’s sophisticated line of high-end rain gear.

I now also carry some unique and lovely things for the young ones. Scandinavian design, of course.

I am very proud to be the first on-line store to carry Swedish native, Asa’s, fantastic jewelry.

And I could not have a store, offering the best I know from Scandinavia, without also carrying pelts from Gotland sheep –- desirable sheep skins from sheep from a rural Swedish Viking island in the Baltic Sea, where I used to spend all my childhood summers.

Not a jam packed store, just a few things that I am personally very attached to and very proud to represent. More to be added as I go along.

Welcome in! Enter Splendid Willow Avenue here.

I hope you like what you see.  If you do, perhaps you will help me spread the word by telling a few of your friends.

This coming Friday I am celebrating the launch of my recharged store with a fun and unique event with two very dear blog friends. I will remind you later in the week. You won’t want to miss it!

Warm hugs to you all and thank you for all your support. YOU are the ones who gave me the courage and wings to fly (and I am flying!). I am grateful to every single one of my friends/readers/supporters and Splendid Willow Avenue team/partners. Thank you all very much!

Warm hugs!

All images belong to Splendid Willow/Splendid Willow Avenue.

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