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Today you will find me over at Tina’s wonderful blog, The Enchanted Home. That girl makes me so HAPPY! She shares tons of excellent design inspiration (yep she is the lady who lives in that fantastic mansion) and she is one of the most upbeat, generous and thoughtful people around. I am proud to call her a good friend.

My guest post is about things that make me Happy This Summer. (A lot!). There you will  learn about a new fancy creme I have invested in!

Hop over and say hello — here.

For those of you who follow Tina, you already know that she has a thriving on-line boutique packed with lovely things for the home and as gifts. Here are a few of her latest additions:

Adorable salt and pepper shakers!

Link to Tina’s lovely store — here. Be prepared to shop!

There are also a couple of brand new things in my store that I am super happy to share!

Firstly, a wrap cardigan from the wonderful Swedish brand Odd Molly. I have purchased two of these cardigans on visits to Sweden (Do you remember, Charlotta!) — and people always want to steal them off my back. They are that lovely.

And secondly – cool European Birthday shirts! For ages 1 to 5. You will only find them at our store in the US!

The other day my kids and I bumped into at Mom and her daughter at Costco. My son William and her adorable daughter Leah used to be in Pre-K together. We chatted a bit and after we had said our goodbyes my son stopped me and gesticulated wildly “why did you not tell her that I had turned five!?!!!”. Yep, the actual birthday year is important at that stage in life (me on the other hand have totally forgotten all about mine..!).

The tees come in many fun color combinations.

And here my own William gets to model.

If you know anybody who turns 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (!) this year – please feel free to share this post with their family & friends!

Enter Splendid Avenue — here.

Now hop over and meet me over at Ms. Tina’s blog – here!

Happy, Happy to you all.

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Store News (Kicking It Up A Notch)

In December 2010 I started my little store. It was more of an experiment than anything and I had no idea where it was going to go. Many loyal customers since have made me trust what I was doing and exactly a year ago I added more products. Now it is time to kick it up a notch! Today I am thrilled to announce that Splendid Willow Avenue will now be known as S P L E N D I D  A V E N U E

Splendid Avenue is now run by two gals — myself and my very close friend Ewa. Ewa is like the sister I never had and I absolutely adore her on all levels. Working with her is pure joy!  (And of course she is a Swedish! Ewa runs a very popular food blog — Delishhh — with a zillion great recipes).

Her family has become close to my family.

And thanks to Ewa and her hubby, David, we now get to hug and spoil a new baby, darling Ella!

Ewa and I have all kinds of plans for our store. It is going to be a fun ride and I hope that you don’t mind coming along!

Hop over to our store and check out the changes and all the new products. Here are just a handful:

I go nuts for this pretty ring by the talented jewelry designer, Asa Daxberg. (People literally want to steal the ring off my finger!)

My very good friend, talented designer Jill Sorensen, (could also be my sister!) has added her stunning, high-quality pillows to our store.

Very excited!

Toys, toys, toys – lots of new, wonderful products (just showing you a few)

A splendid ride. Swedish  of course!

 Danish Royal rabbits! (Now it that adorable or what!)

Wonderful new things for the kitchen and for the dining table

This stunning & classy leather bag by Ilse Jacobsen is coming next week                             

(3 different colors)

This is just a first step. Watch us go. A lot more is coming!

If you feel that you like our store and what we offer — then we have something new for you.

Share the store with people you think might be interested in Splendid Avenue – and you will get a $15 credit to use towards anything in the store, whenever a friend of yours places their first order with Splendid Avenue. You’ll receive a $15 credit to use on the site after your friend’s purchase has shipped. There is no limit to how many friends you can invite nor how many credits you can earn.

So, spread the word – and (YOU) get the credit!

You will learn more about “Spread The Word – Get The Credit” information in our store — here.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our News & Deals store newsletter so you don’t miss out on any fun!

Enter Splendid Avenue — Here

Thank you so much to so many of you for your tremendous support! I would not have dared to venture out like this without you encouraging me!



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Lovely Swedish Home & Lovely NEW Brand In My Store

Did you read the latest issue of Rue? Lots of inspiration, folks! Some time ago Rue’s brilliant Editor In Chief, Crystal reached out looking for a cool home in Sweden to be featured in Rue Magazine. I immediately suggested the home of Ylva Skarp. You might recall that name from before. Yes, she is that ueber talented calligraphist who lives in an old converted school house! I adore her. (Read my previous post here).

Rue sent a wonderful camera team (Woodnote Photography) to the north of Sweden and I think the results are beautiful. (I also want to live in an old, red, Swedish school house!).

Splendid Willow Avenue is the only store in the US to carry Ylva Skarp’s beautiful products with her personal calligraphy writing.

I have just added a new brand to my store — Aspiga. Remember that brand. It just officially arrived it the US and I expect the brand to be as popular here as it already is in Europe. Aspgia is a UK based company selling quality sandals and beachwear — all with a clear and strong commitment to their partners in developing countries. Aspiga’s leather sandals have been featured in Vogue and Marie Clarie as well as many other leading fashion and lifestyle publications.

The founder and owner of Aspiga, Lucy MacNamara, started her business six years ago after spending some time in Kenya and falling in love with the people and their leather craftsmanship. Today she engages local suppliers in Kenya (where the majority of our products are made), who are (not large factories) giving much needed jobs to local men and women in their community.

Aspiga also donates a percentage of their profits to The Brydges centre, a children’s orphanage just outside Nairobi.

I am super happy to now be carrying sandals from Aspiga’s classic collection in my store. Well made and stylish leather sandals. They are all handmade and have a thin non-slip sole. I hope you like them as much as I do. 

For all models and colors go to Splendid Willow Avenue — here.

In a couple of weeks I will announce L.O.T.S of newness to my store.  You will be the first to hear more.

Happy & Long Summer Days!

Images: No. 1, 3-5 via Rue Magazine, no. 2 via Woodnote Photography, no. 6. via Ylva Skarp, no. 7-12 via Aspiga.

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STORE NEWS + Get Your Bicycle & Feet, Summer Ready

It is heating up. Spring is finally here (this is Seattle, folks). Summer is around the corner. Prime time to head outdoors.

In most major cities around the world, walking and public transportation are how you get around. I was fortunate to grow up in beautiful Stockholm where biking is also a big part of the city planning. There are bike lanes everywhere in the city. You bike to the office, you bike to a date with your friends, you bike from bar to bar! When you visit oh-so trendy Stockholm in the summer you will see gorgeous and fashion conscious people everywhere, proudly parading their city bikes.

The concept is harder here in the US where so many cities and towns are built for cars only, it seems. But I have a bike, and I’m dusting it off as we speak. And that is how the kids and I will get to many coffee shops, parks and libraries this season.

A functional bicycle basket is a must for most bike loving Scandinavians and I am glad to see the trend catching up here in the US too.

Orders for trendy Swedish bicycle baskets are just starting to trickle in to my shop – a good seasonal sign!

I carry 3 colors. Black, white and green. (I have the green one myself).

This is also the season to get those feet ready for public display.

Brand NEW in my store are Ilse Jacobsen’s (Danish fashion icon) rubber flip-flops. No bad & unfriendly plastic here.

These well made rubber flip-flops have a braided texture. They are cushioned and very comfortable. I’ve picked 6 muted colors for my store. They all have a touch of sparkle on the straps for some summer glam.

(As you can see from my own picture above, the sole is more substantial than the following pictures, taken with a camera from above, show. Please note that I do not carry the YELLOW color in my store).


Stone Blue

Rose Pink



I will only carry a limited supply. When they are gone, they are gone. The sell for $39/pair.

On their way to my store are also these Danish Princess/Prince, Bride/Groom bunnies. They are so adorable and I can’t wait to push my kids away and play with photograph them!

Fairly new in my store, but I have not mentioned them to you before, are the Cowboy and Native American mice + Tee-pee. Yes I know. Super adorable and guaranteed many hours of imaginative play for the young ones!

Find all the items in my store Splendid Willow Avenue – here.

 Hugs & sunny thoughts to all of you!


Images: no. 1 via Fun Xite, no. 2-4 via Skeppshult Bikes, no. 5 via Posh24, no. 6 via Zimbio, no. 7-18 + 20 via Splendid Willow Avenue, no. 19 via Maileg.

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I Go Nuts For These Lovely Things For The Home

Just glanced through a “special issue” of House & Home (Best Decorating) and I ripped out many pages of goodness. I hope you find them as inspirational as I do!

Make your own driftwood bookends! Well of course! Just find your own beach treasure and attach it (with a screw or with Crazy Glue) to a base that you have painted. Perhaps it will bring good memories to your bookshelf.  Worth a try.

Another “beachy idea”. Put some old twine and rope in clear glass bowls and bottles for a stylish display.

LOVE this wool rug! I can see it in an all white room paired with a white sofa. Classic & timeless with a little Scandinavian folklore vibe. (Can be found here).

I lust for this photo art by the Canadian artist Joshua Jensen-Nagle. Oh my! I immediately went to his website. This piece features the St. Mark’s Square in Venice and you can only see distant dots that must be people. Love the whole composition and the colors. Works in both traditional and modern rooms. Look again – nice, right?

I have my own little miniature portrait collection going on. (Only four portraits so far, so not much to brag about – but all from the 18th c). If you want to add just a little bit of “old world” to your home that is a great way to go. (They do not take up space, they work in all kinds of rooms and there are always collectors out there on the hunt for good miniature portraits).

Before I end today I must say that I was super pleased to learn that two boots from my store, Splendid Willow Avenueare featured in the US Equestrian Federation Magazine. This is the magazine for horse owners and it will also be given to everyone visiting the prestigious three day Rolex Kentucky Equestrian event (this is a qualifying event for the Olympic Games and World Championships) later this month.

My boots were featured as a good thing to wear in style at the Derby. (Sorry for the badly cropped images).


The classy event is sponsored by Rolex.

And yes William Schatner (actor) is on the cover of the magazine and also featured inside). He is apparently a big time horse lover. (Did you ever watch him in Boston Legal? I was such a fan of the series).

Can’t say that I mind the good company!

Warm hugs to you all!

Images: no 1. via Splendid Willow, no. 2-6 scanned via House and Home (special issue Spring 2012), no. 7, 8, 10, 12 + 13 via USEF, no. 9 + 11 via Splendid Willow Avenue.

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